make money from adsense for feeds by documentor007


									Understanding AdSense for feeds

Google AdSense program offers more than one way of earning revenue from
serving Google AdSense Ads. Though ‘AdSense for Feeds’ is one of the more
recent ways of advertising using Google AdSense Ads, it’s in no way less
effective than the others. Here, Google places the Ads of the advertisers
in the relevant feed articles (again, note the most important
characteristic of the Google AdSense program comes into play here too
i.e. ‘relevant feed’ not just any feed).

The feeds are in the form of articles, headlines or summaries. These
content formats allow the users to easily access the content from several
publishers (content owners) at one place. This is achieved through feed
aggregators like Bloglines etc. Again, Google uses its technology to
determine what advertisements would be contextually suited for a
particular feed. You get paid as the publisher of original content and
hence make easy money. As for the readers, they as such get a rich
experience because they can see the relevant advertisements with the
content that they are interested in. Moreover, they can also choose the
feeds that they want. Users can click the advertisements to visit the
advertiser’s website and check if their products and/ or services are of
any use to them. Of course, the Advertisers benefit too. They get
targeted advertising which means only the really interested people get to
know about their products and services (and hence there are more chances
of a better conversion rate for sales).

So, the prime concept for ‘AdSense for feeds’ remains the same as the
Google AdSense program; only the orientation changes a bit. But note that
Google is currently beta testing ‘AdSense for feeds’. Beta test for the
program quickly got fully subscribed, so Google is not accepting any more
applications for AdSense for feeds.

It’s only a matter of time before Google AdSense for feeds hits the
internet and opens another revenue earning opportunity for website

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