HAPPY EASTER today andfor the next 49 days_ by wangnianwu


TRIANGLE, VIRGINIA                                                                                            APRIL 4, 2010

                     After a Friday that was far from                        Today we welcome to our parish family
                     “good”: Mary Magdalene,                                 those who have completed their preparation
                     heartbroken, went to the tomb and                       and been received into the Catholic Church
                     there she met a “gardener”; Two                         through the sacraments of Initiation.
                     unnamed followers, hopes dashed,                        They remind us of who we are and whose we
                     left Jerusalem for the country and                      are; a people of the Resurrection.
                     met a “stranger” on the road; The                           Welcome! and Thank You!
                     Twelve (who were now Eleven),              Santiago Barrero, Olivia Beavers, Brayden Chery, Craig
                     convinced that there was no future,        Drwiega, Allyssa Haymaker, Joshua Heatwole, Neelakshi
 returned to what they knew – fishing – and met a young         Johnson, Justine Meyer, Philip Riley, Thomas Sanderson,
 man on the shore.                                              Jhon Sarikaya, Michael Skelly, Kayla Smith, Frederick
 May you encounter the Risen Lord where you least               Armstrong, Elizabeth Drew, Gregory Guthrie, Mary Anne
 expect Him.                                                    Malstrom, Sarah McDaniel, Chanel Sanderson, Olaun
                                                                Simmons, Melissa Tomes, Brian Eustaquio, Jordan
 Frs. Charley, Bob, and John.                                   Eustaquio, Amanda Gorman, Mark McDaniel, David Padilla,
                                                                Andrew Sotelo.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to                                         The Easter Season—50 days of GRACE
Denise Eves and MSYM and some wonderful
volunteers for giving of themselves and their                   Eastertime is the 50-day
time to assemble Easter baskets. A big "thank                   celebration that flows from the
you" also to our wonderful parishioners for their               Triduum. [Holy Thursday, Good
kindness and generosity in donating a mountain                  Friday, Easter Vigil] It is the
of Easter goodies. Because of you, 211 Easter baskets           church’s most ancient and most
were filled for the clients at Francis House, the handicapped   beautiful season. These are
at two local group homes, elderly in our community and in       springtime days of blossoming
the poorest and most rural areas of our Diocese. Just           orchards, of open windows, of the
knowing that, how could we not have a very blessed and          great gladness of the awakening
Happy Easter! God Bless You!                                    earth
                                                                Fifty days are a “week of weeks,”
                                                                seven times seven, with a day added so Eastertime has
                            Calling all New Parishioners
                                                                eight Sundays —- a mystical sign of eternity. Each year we
                            Please join us on April 11th
                                                                have Eastertime—50 days to sing ALLELUIA, 50 days to
                            following the 9:30 am Mass in
                                                                live as if God’s rule of justice and peace were fully with us.
                            the Br. Juniper Room to learn
more about our parish and our many ministries. Contact          In times past another word for Eastertime was “Pentecost.”
Chris for more information 703-221-4044 ext 225.                Now we use that word to mean the last day of Eastertime,
                                                                but “Pentecost” can mean “Fifty days” or Fiftieth day.” The
                                                                ascension of the Lord and the sending of the Holy Spirit are
                    We have a Coordinator for VBS!!             celebrated on two solemnities of the season, but they also
                     Join the “Baobab Blast” Safari             are celebrated throughout Eastertime. We can’t really
                                                                separate these wonders. The Lord’s incarnation, epiphany,
                           Vacation Bible School
                                                                passion, death, burial, resurrection, ascension, and the gift
                         June 21st – 25th, 2010                 of the Spirit are one mystery, called the “paschal mystery,”
                          9:00 am until 12:00 pm                mystery of the Passover of the Lord.
                Pre-K (must be 4 by Aug.) thru 5th grade,       During the Eastertime the church reads through the Acts of
               $20.00 per child includes CD and Iron-On.        the Apostles, which is the sequel to Luke’s Gospel. This
               Registration begins the weekend of April         book is a kind of family history of the first Christians. John’s
               18. Forms will be available in the church        Gospel is also read during Eastertime. In this gospel Jesus
                                                                calls himself the Good Shepherd, the Gateway, the Vine,
               vestibule, in the Faith Formation Office         the Way, the Truth and the Life.
               and on-line. Please return forms with fees
               to the Faith Formation Office or in the
                                                                 HAPPY EASTER today andfor the next 49 days!
                                                                          From the Faith Formation Ministry Team
”catch all” box located in the church vestibule. Please
consider joining our Team of Volunteers!!
No experience necessary. Contact Sharon Gardner at               Please Note:
gardners.psg@bww.com for more information.                           There is no morning Mass on Monday, April 5th;
                                                                 the Parish Office will be closed on Monday, April 5th.

           Religious Education Calendar
        Holiday Break for Holy Week and Easter
                                                                                      CYM                           GO F
                   March 27-April 8                                    A place for ALL high school teens.           K
        Classes resume Saturday, April 10, 2010                   No prerequisites, no special skills needed.
                                                                  Bring a friend. A place to connect your life
                                                                                                                        Luke 5:
Registration forms for Religious Education for the                and your faith.
            school year 2010-2011 will be mailed mid-April        April 4 No CYM HAPPY EASTER!!!!
            to currently registered RE families. Registrations    April 11 CYM Easter Egg Hunt
            will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.                    Work Camp registration has started.
            Open registration will begin the weekend of                            We are sending 40 teens and 8 adults to
            May 2nd. You must be a registered member of                            Kearny, NJ, August 1-7, 2010. We have 16
the parish and registration fees must accompany the                                teen spots left and 1 Adult spot open.
registration forms. If you wish to serve as a catechist or co-                     We will be doing fund raising to help offset
catechists in the program, you have a priority for scheduling.                     the total cost. Get your registration and
Please call the RE office to speak with Marianne to find out      deposit in to hold your spot. If you need more time with the
more about serving as a catechists. Training and                  deposit $ please speak to me personally.
background investigations are required.
                                                                           Questions, please contact Mindi Bartosch,
      The OCIA (Order of Christian Initiation of Adults)                   703-221-4978 x235, email ym@stfrncis.org.
is a process by which interested adults can find out more
                                                                                           The Angels of God-
about the Catholic faith and choose to be initiated into the
                                                                               A Threshold Bible Study by Fr. Stephen Binz.
faith. For more information and to schedule an initial
interview please call Margaret at 703-221-4978.                               The Monday Night Bible Study Group will begin a
                   OCIA Schedule                                              new study, The Angels of God, on Monday, April
  Mystagogia for the Newly Received, our Neophytes                            18th at 7PM. This study enhances today's
                  April 7 at 7:30 PM                                          fascination with angels with an overview of the
                                                                  Bible's presentation of God's angels as guardians and
 Middle School Youth Ministry Events                              messengers. Understanding their presence throughout
                                                                  biblical history will enhance your awareness of their
April 18—MSYM Night-More Info to                                  invisible presence with us today. To register for this study,
                        follow                                    please call 703-221-4978 before April 12th.
May 2 - MSYM End of the Year Family
                Gathering 6:30 PM.
                                                                              Sacramental Prep Upcoming Dates:
MSYM is open to all parish middle school students. For
more info contact, Denise Eves at evesrus@verizon.net.                              First Communion Retreat
                                                                                    Sat. April 17th 10 AM-3PM
                                                                                        in the Parish Center
                           Volunteer Corner
                                                                        For all 2nd graders preparing for 1st Communion.
               There’s still time for you to sign up! If              Questions contact Sharon in the Faith Formation office.
               you have carpentry or painting skills and
               are available on April 10th or 17th, we’d          The Easter flowers were donated in memory of the
               love your help. Through our partnership                           following: John, Mary, and Paul Ferenschak;
 with the Fuller Center for Housing and in conjunction                           Clifford, Sophie and Anna Betz; Kevin Stumm;
 with Project Mend A House and Catholics for Housing,                            Stanley and Josephine France; Jean Jurick;
 we are assisting with two local projects on these days.                         Vernon and Gloria Unger; Trudy Unger; Frank
 We will be renovating or improving properties for                and Laura McNierney; Joseph and Virginia Wohlers;
 homeowners on extremely low incomes. This is a                   Lawrence Dreis; Rosemary and John Wenzel; Dorothy and
 wonderful opportunity for parents, teens, whole families.        Arthur Peitler; Peggy Irons Woynicz; Bryan Richardson; Mr.
     If you are interested, please contact Chris at               and Mrs. John Tiano; Helen Baron; Jennie Fenton; Lorenzo
    cabbott@stfrncis.org or 703-221-4044 ext 233.                 Manno; Candida Imbarlina; Marco Imbarlina.

Baptismal Preparation Class—Our next class will be held Sunday, April 11, 2010, from 1:30—2:30 p.m. in the Br.
Juniper Room. This class is for all those who are expecting a baby or have a child who has not been baptized.
Charlas Bautismales
La próxima reunion es el domingo 18 de abril. Ambos padres, con los padrinos (si ellos viven en esta área) tienen que asistir
a estas dos charlas. Serán en la sala Júniper Room después de la misa dominical a la 1:30 p.m. Cada charla dura dos
horas. Como su atención es esencial, será mejor que otras personas responsables cuiden a sus niños. Les esperamos,
estimados amigos. El próximo domingo de Bautismos es le 16 de mayo. Elegimos la fecha de bautismo durante la primera
TRIANGLE, VIRGINIA                                                                                           APRIL 4, 2010
                  Thank you for participating in                              76 bags of food were distributed at Francis
                  Operation Rice Bowl. By walking in                          House last week. We are in constant need of:
                  solidarity with our global family this Lent,                cereal, peanut butter, jelly tuna, canned
                  you are helping to transform the world.                     fruits and vegetables, pasta and sauce,
Please place Rice Bowl contributions in a zip-lock bag and                    rice (in 1lb boxes only), boxed dinners.
place them in the Catch-all. Checks may be written to St.         Please help by donating food in unbreakable containers.
Francis with Operation Rice Bowl in the memo.
                                                                  Many Members, One Body, our parish support
A couple spots are still available for the Sister Parish          group for Catholics who are gay and lesbian and
Mission Team trip to Lima scheduled for July 6-15th.              their families will hold their monthly meeting this
Check the bulletin board for details and to pick up an            Thursday, April 8th at 7 pm in the St. Catherine
application or contact the Outreach office.

           Calling Seniors of All Ages!
Join us for a Spring Adventure on April 15th
as we visit Chatham, a Civil War historical home                             WE ARE ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD
on the banks of the Rappahannock. Bring a                        Postcards for the US Conference of Catholic Bishop’s
brown bag lunch to the St Catherine Room at                      postcard campaign for immigration reform are still available
noon. Dessert and beverages will be provided. Please             in the vestibule. 518 postcards have been delivered by our
RSVP at 703-221-4312 so transportation can be made               parishioners so far!
                                                                                 A JOURNEY of HOPE
Come Home is our annual program for inactive or                  Thank you again to all who took part in the Rally to
            alienated Catholics. This three session              Support Immigration Reform last month. Check out the
            series provides an opportunity to reconnect          photos on the parish website!
            with your Church in a confidential,
            nonjudgmental setting. The program will be            The Winter Shelter Program has ended and our parish
            offered May 17 & 24 and June 7th at                   has agreed to be responsible for
            7:30pm in the Brother Juniper Room. For               brunch at the Drop In Shelter on
more information or to register, please contact Joe Mitcho        Saturday mornings. There is a
at jmitcho@comcast.net or 703-670-8039.                           complete list of needs as well as
                                                                  directions and sign up sheets
Spring Yoga Back by Poplar Demand!                                available on the Outreach bulletin board.
A 6 week series of Christian yoga will be
offered beginning April 20th. Registration                       The 2010 Census questionnaire should take only a few
are available on the parish website and on                       minutes to complete. When you receive you questionnaire
the table in the vestibule.                                      in the mail, please fill it out and send it back right away.
                                                                 The 2010 Census questionnaire is not only simple, it’s
                                                                 safe. It does not ask immigration status, and by law, the
                                                                 Census Bureau cannot share an individual’s answers with
               "I came for the cookies, but I found love and     anyone, including welfare and immigration agencies.
               Jesus."                                           In Prince William County, for each person not counted, the
               Be a part of the flame that draws souls to        community may not receive approximately $1300 per year
               Christ. Bake cookies for the KAIROS prison        or more than $13,000 over a 10-year period. The federal
 retreat beginning April 22. This gift of love requires a lot    government will distribute more than $400 billion annually
 of cookies! Bake Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Peanut                to states and communities based on the results of the
 Butter, Molasses, or Sugar, 2" in diameter. To be sure          2010 Census . Data collected from the Census will
 cookies are soft but not crumbly, please cool                   determine redistricting on the state and local level, as well
 completely before packaging 12 to a quart-size Ziploc           as determine how many seats each state will have in
 bag. Please follow specific prison rules: No candy,             Congress.
 dried fruit or raisins inside, no sugar or sprinkles on

 top. Please label each bag. You may leave the cookies                    AR RAFFLE—We have only two weeks left to
 at the parish office. Last pickup will be on Tuesday, April              purchase Car Raffle tickets. All tickets must be
 21, at 3:00 p.m. Thank you for remembering "the least of                 returned by Monday, April 12th at 4:00 p.m.
 these, His brethren."                                                    Remember the price of a ticket is $5.00. Please
                                                                 return your tickets as soon as possible. Many thanks to all
       Open AA Step Study Group Friday night                     who have participated in this fund raiser for our parish. If
   Group meets 7-8:00 p.m. in the St. Catherine Room.            you would like to purchase tickets please call the parish
         Come study the 12 Steps to Recovery.                    office at 703-221-4044.

                                                         Parish Office Hours - Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
                                                         Phone 703-221-4044 Fax 703-221-3246
                                                         Emergency Number - 703-447-3686
                                                         The Sacraments
                                                         Saturday Vigil—5:30 PM;
SUNDAY,       April 4—Easter                             Sunday—8:00, 9:30 AM 12:00 PM, 1:30 PM Espanol,
 8:00 PM      People of the Parish, Vigil                         5:30 PM
 7:00 AM      Aurora Ilagan                              Monday—Saturday      8:45 AM
              Francisco Buot
  8:30 AM     Hazel Turner                              RECONCILIATION
              Stephen Pishock                            Saturday:  4:00—5:00 PM and by appointment
              Elvira Faiella                            Franciscan Friars                 703-221-4044
 10:30 AM     Mary Mancuso                                Fr. Charles, Miller, O.F.M., Pastor
              Michael Slade                             x227
 10:45 AM     Bryan Richardson                            Fr. Bob Menard, O.F.M., Associate Pastor
 12:30 PM                                                x226
 12:30 PM     Misa en español (Gym)                        Fr. John Heffernan, O.F.M., Associate Pastor
MONDAY,       April 5—Easter Monday
  8:45 AM     No Mass                                    Parish Staff                      703-221-4044
TUESDAY,      April 6—Easter Tuesday                       Maureen Britt, Secretary
  8:45 AM                                                x222
WEDNESDAY, April 7—Easter Wednesday                        Marcia Connolly, Receptionist
  8:45 AM
                                                           Edward Knapp, Business Manager
THURSDAY, April 8—Easter Thursday                        x223
  8:45 AM                                                  Barbara Stouffer, Finance Asst/PGC Coordinator
FRIDAY,       April 9—Easter Friday                      x232
  8:45 AM
SATURDAY, April 10—Easter Saturday                       Faith Formation Ministry          703-221-4978
                                                           Margaret Bruni, Director
  8:45 AM                                                x237
  4:00 PM     Sacrament of Reconciliation                  Sharon Slavinski, Sacramental Prep
        Mass Intentions on Sunday, April 11th            x238
  5:30 PM                                                  Elizabeth Brack, Secretary
  8:00 AM                                                x234
  9:30 AM     Jeff Bachman                                Marianne Hayes, RE Coordinator
 12:00 PM     Kathleen Garland                          x236
              Rodolfo R. Cruz                             Mindi Bartosch, Youth Ministry Coordinator
  1:30 PM     Misa en español
  5:30 PM     People of the Parish                       Parish Outreach
        Readings for the Week of April 4, 2010             Anne Tunney, MSW, Director          703-221-4312
Monday:       Acts 2:14, 22-33; Matthew 28:8-15            Francia Salguero, Asst. (Habla Español) 703-221-4044
Tuesday:      Acts 2:36-41; John 20:11-18                x225
Wednesday: Acts 3:1-10; Luke 24:13-35                    Francis House                           703-221-6344
                                                           Eileen Bolen, Coordinator, Emergency Assistance
Thursday:     Acts 3:11-26; Luke 24:35-48
Friday:       Acts 4:1-12; John 21:1-14                  Music Ministry                    703-221-4044
Saturday:     Acts 4:13-21; Mark 16:9-15                 x231
Sunday:       Acts 5:12-16;
              Revelation 1:9-11a,12-13, 17-19;
              John 20:19-31                                               SPONSOR OF THE WEEK
                                                                            We would like to thank
                                                                     Grow in your Roman Catholic Faith
     Centering Prayer Tuesdays 11:00-12:00 noon
    in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in the church.                for sponsoring an ad in our weekly bulletin.
                   All are welcome.
                                                                             All those who are sick: Karalyn Diaz,
                                                                             Samantha Gudenkauf and James
                                                                             Gudenkauf, Jim Singsank, LaVonne
                                                         Pavlak, Michael Strati, Hellen Dodson, Maria Moore, Bob
                                                         Williams, Amy Wilking, Melissa Massouh.

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