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					Partnership Tasking
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 Publication Scheme: Suitable for Publication
 File Name: Safer Lambeth Presentation 10.06.10. ppt
 Purpose: This will be used to inform the Safer Lambeth
 PTAC meeting and aid decision making with regards to
 resource allocation over the next 2 weeks. The period
 covered in this report is as below. The report is based on
 recorded crime, partnership databases, Information and
 Intelligence Reports and analytical & intelligence
 Branch: Lambeth Partnership Information Unit
 Date created 08 June 2010
 Review Date:      Title and Version:      Safer Lambeth
 Partnership Tasking and Co-ordination: 10 June 2010
 Authors: Russell Taylor, Anne Hayes and Oliver Murray
       Vulnerable Victim Referral

Identifying persons who are vulnerable victims of
anti social behaviour

Using and linking multi agency information and
resources to offer support

For more information contact:
Lauren Ward
Phone: 020 7926 2197
         Test Purchase Results

            Test Purchasing Operation School Half Term

Police and Trading Standards in Partnership recently delivered 3 days test
purchasing age restricted products from Lambeth Shops: alcohol, tobacco,
knives and cigarettes

25 shops were test purchased for alcohol resulting in 3 under age sales 12%
sale rate 3 x £80 Fixed Penalty Tickets issued by Police

50 shops were test purchased for cigarette resulting in 2 under age
Sales, 4% sale rate, 2 adult cautions issued by Trading Standards.

31 shops were test purchased for knife resulting in no under age sales.

Over 100 shops were tested, with an overall sale rate of 4.7%.
    Free Micro Chipping Day
            Micro-chipping will be done free of charge
           (All donations gratefully received by RSPCA)
                      No appointment required
Contact 07952 680 522 if you have any queries about micro-chipping

    North Lambeth Housing            Where: Clapham Area Housing
            Office                              Office
      91 Kennington Lane                 Worsopp Drive London
                                               SW4 9QU
      London SE11 4 HQ
                                   When: Thursday, 17 June 2010, from
    On Tuesday 27 July 2010                  4 pm to 6 pm
         4 pm to 6 pm
Any information relating to this presentation
   should be passed to Russell Taylor at

Lambeth Burglary Performance
         Lambeth Residential Burglary Performance
 Week 1 – 46
 Week 2 – 49

                    Secondary Location:
                    Clapham High Street

                          Priority Location:
                          Herne Hill

                Secondary Location:
                St Leonards
              Distraction Burglaries

A male knocked at a door of an elderly resident in Valley Road SW16 at
about 5.30 pm claiming to be investigating an allegation of anti social
behaviour by local youths. The male was let in to the house and went in to
the garden. He was then joined by a second male who stayed in the
hallway. On this occasions no property was taken.

The first male was described as white approx 19 years old, 5' 03" slim with
short light brown hair, wearing a black suit with a badge saying police.

The second male was wearing similar clothing but was of larger / fatter build
5' 09" approx 30 years.

A burglary under similar circumstances was committed in the same street a
few weeks ago.

Information to Adult Social Care.
Information passed to NHW coordinators.
                        Burglary: Herne Hill
                                         2 week Hotspot Crime Profile

                                   Offences 12 residential burglaries
                                            (10 day, 2 night)
                                   Days:     Throughout the week
                                   Ward(s): Herne Hill
                                   Times: 7 offences between 0800 - 1830

                                   MO:      Rear window or Front door point
                                            of entry

                                   •The area north of Brockwell Park to
                                   start new NHWs

                                   •Park Rangers to patrol the high
                                   lighted area when going to and from
                                   Brockwell Park.

 Week 1 – 9 offences
 Week 2 – 3 offences
                            Robberies Streatham
                                                   Fortnightly Crime Pattern Analysis
                                          5 personal robberies all occurred on weekdays
                                          All occurred between 1630 - 1930
                                          All aged between 14 – 18
                                          On 5 occasions victims were schoolboys,

                                          •Problems Solving analysis started regarding
                                          robberies along A23 in Streatham, initial findings
                                          will be ready by the next PTAC.
                                          •Identify what schools the victims come from and
                                          give advice to the schools.
                                          •Visit the estate to identify if there are youth anti
                                          social be behaviour issues.
                                          •Information passed to estate manager.
                                          •Are any suspects suitable for ASBOs.

Week 1 – 3 offences Week 2 – 3 offences
                      Robberies Vassall

                                  Fortnightly Crime Pattern Analysis

                          10 personal robberies

                          Sat (2), Sun (3), Mon (2), Thur (3),

                          5 offences between 1700 – 2000 hours
                          5 offences between 0030 – 0600 hours

                          •Park Rangers to focus patrols between 1700
                          and 2000 hrs in Kennington Park.

                          •Street pastors to deploy on this area.

Week 1 – 4 offences
Week 2 – 6 offences
        196 offences with youth suspects/ accused
        between 24/05/2010 to 06/06/2010.
        There has been no change when compared to the
        previous two weeks.
        Compared to last year, there has been a decrease
        of 24offences (10.9%).
        Biggest ward contributors: Coldharbour (21),
        Stockwell (18), St Leonard’s (14), Vassall (14) and
        Herne Hill (13).
        Main offence was: Robbery of the Person (50),
        ABH and Malicious Wounding (21),) and
        Possession of Cannabis (17)
        Peak days for offending were Wednesday and
        The peak time for offending was between 1500 and
        2200 hours (114) Offences.
                                                              Priority Area
                                                             Stockwell Ward
                                                 Serious offences within this area include:
                                               Attempted Murder, GBH/Wounding, GBH/ W/I,
                                                  ABH and Malicious wounding, Robbery
                                                      person and Common assault.

                                               The peak days for offending are: Wednesday
                                               (7) and Saturday (5).
                                               The peak time for offending was between
                                               2000 - 2200 hours and between 0200 – 0300

•Targeted deployment for detached youth workers.
•Young and Safe staff to deploy to this area
•Street Pastors to patrol the area.
•Park Rangers to have patrols in Larkhall Park between 2000 to 2200.

    The Antisocial Behaviour
         Reporting Line
   Reports can be anonymous
         0207 9264 000

  Anti Social Behaviour Action Team

     The new Anti Social Behaviour Action Team start on
                  Monday the 14th of June
The team will be based in the south of the borough and be
managed by Inspector Nick Fallowfield

The team will consist of 1 Police Sergeant, 2 Police Constables
and 5 Police Community Support Officers. They will focus on anti
social and crime issues they can be tasked by PTAC and the
police borough tasking meeting.

Due to the increase in Street Drinkers in the St Leonards area and generally
in the south of the borough the team will be tasked to deal with these issues
for the next 2 weeks.

Consider secondary tasks
                Anti Social Behaviour

Kennington Park
Over recent weekends there have been a group of up to 200 people are
attending the park. They set up tables, tents and un licensed
barbeques, they sell food and alcohol illegally in the park. They make
a lot of noise disturbing other park users, producing rubbish and block
surrounding streets.

Action To support Park Rangers

Street Care

Sunday the 13th June at 11am is the Day of Portugal in Kennington Park
                  Anti Social Behaviour

Numerous council flats in the blocks LESSAR COURT and BARRY COURT
located in LESSAR Avenue and SOUTHVIEW Court located on Clapham Common
Southside have been bought by a hotel. They are being used as accommodation
for it's guests.
The owner of the hotel has been knocking on other residents doors within the
blocks wanting to buy their council flats. He is very persistent and intimidating.
Guests from the hotel who stay in these flats have been seen loitering around the
blocks drinking alcohol, taking drugs and intimidating residents. Prostitutes have
been seen entering the flats.


             Anti Social Behaviour

After school a group of young males and females have been acting in an Anti
social manner

These pupils are entering a Café on Kennington Lane and making homophobic
comments towards customers and staff inside.

When challenged about their behaviour they become verbally abusive and steal
items from the counter and run out the shop before leaving


            CAUGHT on CAMERA

                 Edition 181                           Edition 185
             Ref 2205 and 2206                         Ref 22548
                  Robbery                               Robbery

Any identifications call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or Russell Taylor
                             on 07766776046

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