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									Justin Bieber Ranked Last on Most Charitable Celebrities

         In this word whom greediness and selfishness sometimes overwhelmed man’s desire to help
less fortunate human beings. Others set a good example to others with their altruistic endeavors.

         As we all know, Justin Bieber might be the youngest crooner and one of the top earners in his
generation. His influence amongst teenage girl fans often causes shopping malls stampeded and causes
young girls to faint out of excitement of seeing him. But sadly, no offence meant to his fans, when it
comes to giving a chip of his earnings to charity, he ranked the lowest in a survey of the most generous

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the young singer’s excess money can change lives of these affected individuals.

        A celebrity’s fame has the power to generate income anduse it for good causes. A study
conducted by General Sentiment, Bieber’s publicity had generatednonprofit Pencils of Promise $82,887
or 0.002% of his publicity value. With his earnings as high as $4.2 billion, $82,887 is meager. Indeed he
can do a lot better.

         On other hand, Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi had the recorded highest percentage of his personal
publicity was used for a worthy cause. Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of the band had generated $449,932 for
his pay-what-you-can Soul Kitchen restaurant. That figures amounts to 2% of Bon Jovi’s publicity value.
A far cry from Bieber’s.

         This was followed by Paul McCartney who generated an amount of $1,065,013 on PETA. This is
equals to 1.4% of McCartney’s personal publicity value. It seems that the singer’s older audience is
willing to shell out more money to give to charity than Bieber’s young and boisterous fans.

       Next on the list is the of the formidable U2 band. Publicly donated $1,021,768 that is roughly
0.72% of Bono and the band’s combined publicity value.

        Aside from using the celebrity’s publicity value, other celebrity directly give a large portion of
their personal fortune to charities. One perfect example of this is Oprah Winfrey who is known for her
charitable endeavors all over the world.
        Celebrities like Winfrey, Bieber and Lady Gaga has indeed a higher personal publicity amongst
other celebrities. Making other less-celebrated stars work a little bit harder for charitable purposes
compared to the mentioned stars above.

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