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									-- Hey Lisa,

I have scheduled your BC Spa Escape for September 13 at 6:30 and I cannot wait for our time together.
Your friends and family will thank you for treating them to a day spa experience in the comfort of your

At your spa, you and your guests will experience spa quality facials, manicure & pedicure treatments, and
a relaxation time I guarantee you will not want to end. The great news for you is that as you give the gift
of fun & relaxation to your guests, I will be giving you gifts in return. That’s right, just for opening up
your home & sharing the special ladies in your life with me you will receive a Spa Neck Wrap great for
soothing neck and shoulder tension, as well as, free & discounted products from your wish list. As my
hostess you will also enjoy BeautiControl’s Instant Face Lift including our clinical strength resurfacing
products, Microderm Abrasion and Multi-Acid Chemical Peel. You will absolutely love the results you will
see by the end of the night.

There really is nothing like the BC Spa Escape and I am so glad I have you to partner with as I bring the
Spa2You. There are just a few things I need you to help me with to insure we both have a successful spa:

           1.   Begin making a list of ladies who deserve some pampering and relaxation.

           2.   E-mail me their names & phone numbers within 2 days so I can send out the invitations.

           3.   Call your ladies and ask them to save the date for their spa.

           4.   Make your wish list so you know what you want to get free or at a discount.

           5.   If someone cannot attend the spa, ask them if they would like to order a spa treatment
           set. Outside orders will go towards your total spa sales.

           6. Please remember, this is my business. I will not cancel on you and I trust you not to
           cancel on me.

And finally…Snacks are not necessary but if you do want to serve them please keep snacks simple. Once
I get there, you can sit back, relax and leave the rest up to me. I know you and your guests are going to
have a great time being pampered from head to toe.

Bringing the Spa2you,

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