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					    Tim & Ginger Hock-C.A.R.                                         February 2010
    Grace Brethren International Missions

In This Issue

  Medical/Surgical Team   Yes, I know, this is still
  GAGA School
  Truck & Trip Problems   our Christmas photo, but
  Dental Work             the dog looks so good in
                          this photo that we
Sign Up                   decided to use it again
                          this month.
                          We hope you take the
                          time to read all the good
                          things God is doing in
                          Bangui, C.A.R. and
Quick Links               rejoice with us because
                          of His goodness.

                          Medical/Surgical Team

                                                                               For one quick, intense
                                                                               and incredible week the
                                                                               Bangui team hosted a
                                                                               U.S. medical team with
                                                                               doctors, surgeons, a
                                                                               physician assistant and
                                                                               an anesthesiologist. The
                                                                               team was able to do
                                                                               surgery at one of the
                                                                               local hospitals in Bangui.
                                                                               Here are a few
                                                                               AMAZING statistics for
                                                                               the week:
                                                                               43 Ophthlmology
                                                                               consults were done (with
                                                                               the help of one of our
                          local doctors)
                          340 Medical consults
                          56 Surgeries performed
                          In addition to this many medicines were distributed and many exams were done
                          away from the hospital. Over 500 people were helped!
                          It was an exhausting but exciting week to be able to help so many people. We
                          thank God for the sacrifice of the doctors and helpers and the leadership and
                          direction of Mike Taylor
                          Many lives were saved and hearts touched for the glory of God.

GAGA School
                                  Ginger and Emmanuel (Hand in Hand Coordinator)
                                  were able to make a trip to the small village of Gaga
                                  to visit one of our newest Hand in Hand schools. As I
                                  sat observing the class I noticed one boy in the back
                                  of the room who seemed so excited and anxious to
                                  answer any question. He was bigger than many of the
                                  other students. I called him outside and began to
                                  question him. His name was ABOUR Kassali and he
                                  is 12 years old. He is Mu**lim and lives in the village
                                  with his mother, grandmother and 2 siblings. He has
                                  never had the opportunity to attend school before and
                                  he loves coming each day. He said his favorite thing
                                  about school is he knows he will have a full stomache
                                  each day. Our Hand in Hand schools provide a lunch
                                  for every student Monday through Friday. Thanks to
                                  the West Kittanning, PA church for their partnership
                                  with Gaga. Who knows what spiritual influence our
                                  school will have on this young Mu**lim boy and
                                  extended family.
                                  Pray for Kassali and his family!

Truck & Trip Problems

                        Tim and Wilfried headed to the forest to work with the Bayaka
                        Pygmy in the village of Moale. Two medical students who spent
                        a month in C.A.R. were traveling with them and really looking
                        forward to helping some of the Bayaka children. The trip is about
                        225 kilometers through very rough "roads". After 4 hours of
                        travel and within 30 kilometers of Moale the truck broke down.
                        Fortunately Tim was able to use the satellite phone and call for
                        Janet Varner, who was teaching at the Mbaiki Bible Institute.
                        She was able to drive to meet them and tow them back to
                        Mbaiki and then the following day to tow the truck back to
                        Bangui. So much for the visit and experience for the two medical
                        students. As you can see in the photo, Tim has his work cut out
                        for him. Praise God no one was hurt and the truck is repairable.
                        As we always say, "This is Africa", things don't always go as

Dental Work

                                  While Dr. Rick was here visiting his sponsor child on
                                  an Orphan Team he also took the time to do some
                                  work at our dental clinic. Rick has been here many
                                  times and I always enjoy assisting him with
                                  translation, holding a flashlight or just holding the
                                  hand of a patient. I LOVE doing dentistry! It was great
                                  to see Rick, his wife Jo'el and son Eric and also fun
                                  for me to be able to be a "pretend dentist" for a day.
Thank you for your faithful prayers!

Serving HIM in the C.A.R.

Tim and Ginger Hock
Grace Brethren Intl Missions


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