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LIGHT fantastic by wangnianwu


									                                                                                                                                                              ExprEss Bi-FoLding doors
Light fantastic From style and Building regulations to materials and energy efficiency,
                there’s plenty to consider when designing and building a glazed extension.
                Sophie Hoyland helps you to get on top of the decision-making process

                            one are the days when an            Choosing an extension                            the upheaval of moving to a bigger house.
                            extension consisted of a cold       Adding space to your home by building a          selecting what type of glazed extension to
                            and damp flat-roofed box            conservatory or a glazed extension has           build depends entirely on your existing
                            attached to the back of a house.    become a popular route for self builders         house. You’ll want to design something that
                Modern developments mean there’s an             and renovators to follow. “it’s a fantastic      is going to look right alongside it. it needs to
                enormous range of styles on offer – from        option for adding value to your property,”       follow the same language so that your
                traditional conservatories to contemporary      says Hugo Tugman of Architect your Home.         extension flows through to the main house.”
                fully glazed structures. But what exactly       “And if you like where you’re already living,       However, that doesn’t mean they should
                should you consider when selecting the          but are in need of more room, it’s a great       look exactly the same. “it can be really
                right addition for your house?                  way to include more space, without having        strikingto build an addition in a contrasting

    CASE STUDY 1                                       pleasing marriage of period detail, cutting         glazed and filled with argon gas and
                                                       edge design and high-end craftsmanship.             measures 4mm thick. The glazing used is
    orangery                                              Apropos prepared CAd drawings for the            self-cleaning and toughened. it took eight
                                                       clients to give them a clear idea of what their     weeks for the materials to be delivered to
    When Ted and Bettany Hughes’ timber-
                                                       addition would look like once complete. The         site and one week to erect.
    framed conservatory showed signs of rot,
                                                       new space now houses the kitchen area.                  The system’s calculated U-value is
    the couple decided to build an orangery in
                                                          The structure features an aluminium frame        1.1 W/m²K, far exceeding the demands of
    its place. The result is an extension that acts
                                                       coated in a matt quartz-grey toned polyester        Building regulations and minimising heat loss.
    as a focal point for the home.
                                                       powder. The aluminium was thermally broken          For more information about Apropos
       The addition allows for a better link
                                                       to help increase the thermal efficiency of the      Tectonic call 0845 434 8901 or visit
    with the exterior and offers an aesthetically
                                                       extension. All the glazing is dual-sealed, double

86 Build it | JULY 2011
   Design options:                                              Folding/sliding doors                                             Glazed box
                                                                including these in your glazed addition is the                    As its name suggests, a glazed box is simply
   Traditional English conservatory                             perfect way to extend your living space out                       a toughened glass structure with minimal
   A conservatory, in it’s typical form, consists                                                                                 aluminum framing. This type of extension
                                                                to a patio or decking area. They’ll produce a
   primarily of glazed walls and a translucent                                                                                    creates a sweeping, floor-to-ceiling, frameless
                                                                continued flow throughout your extension to
   roof glazed with either polycarbonate sheets                                                                                   expansion, which effortlessly unifies the home
                                                                create that inside/outside feel – so they’re a
   or double glazed glass units.                                                                                                  with the extension and outdoor space.
                                                                must-have for contemporary homes. Folding
      They’ve had a raw deal over the last decade,
                                                                sliding doors can open left or right, inside or
   often seen as dissused space that becomes
                                                                outside and can even fold around corners.
   too cold in the winter and too hot during the
   summer. Whilst this shouldn’t be the case,
   you need to be careful that it doesn’t look like
   you’ve just attached an off-the-shelf design to
   your house with no thought or consideration.

   With innovations in glass technology and quality
   of materials – such as Anglians’s solaroof
   system, which reduces the sun’s heat and glare

                                                                 sUn pArAdisE
   to help you control temperatures and reduces
   ultra-violet rays that can fade the colour of your
                                                                                                                                  These have a chunkier structure than glazed
   furniture – you can easily find something to suit
                                                                                                                                  boxes and conservatories, and usually include
   your style of your home and your family’s needs.
                                                                                                                                  brick (you’ll find architects try to blend the
                                                                Lean-to                                                           structure in with the house by sourcing the same
                                                                Also known as a ‘Mediterranean’ or sunroom,                       bricks). The classic orangery uses a parapet wall
                                                                this is a simple design, with a single-sloped roof                and solid corner construction. This can provide a
                                                                and one wall (usually the longest) adjoining the                  more traditional design teamed with the benefits
                                                                house. it’s great for fitting into a corner space.                of a modern conservatory.


but complementary style – setting a modern              be what you need.” First up, ask yourself               to produce a steady circulation through the
extension against a traditional property, for           what you’ll use your extra space for and how            home and out to the garden,” says Hugo
example,” says Hugo.                                    you’ll make the most of it. Write down your
                                                        essential criteria, such as whether you need            Things to consider
Where to begin                                          a one or two-storey extension. Consider                 Conservatories and other glazed extensions
There are no set rules to designing an                  what materials you want to use – such as                are often considered to be permitted
extension, but there are some simple                    aluminium, brick and block, steel or timber             development – but it’s a good idea to check
questions you can ask yourself before you               frame. Think about whether the extension                with your local planning officer as to exactly
start. “Always begin by thinking about what             will be south facing or north facing. if south          what you can build without making an
internal space you need and how it will work            facing a glazed box or orangery might make              application. in some cases, you may need
with the other spaces in your home,” says               the most of theabundance of natural                     listed building or conservation area consent.
Hugo. “never start with an exact picture of             sunlight on offer. “The best extensions are                When it comes to Building regulations,
what you want, as what you want may not                 those that have unlocked previous layouts               if you adhere to certain rules you can avoid g

    GLAZING OPTIONS                                       bonded together using interlayering, and is
                                                          often used for overhead glazing. The significant
    glass technology has advanced significantly in        benefit of laminated glass is that if it fractures,
    terms of safety, insulation and innovation over       the fragments will remain bonded to the
    the past five years. Building regulations require     interlayer rather than falling and causing
    a per window U-value for new builds of 2.0 W/         possible injury. it also offers UV protection
    m²K or less (including the frame and glazing).        and noise reduction.
    Krypton or argon filled panes – which                    other options include self-cleaning glass,
    companies such as Vale garden Houses use in           as offered by Mumford & Wood, which helps to
    their conservatories and orangeries – are great       reduce maintenance. For privacy, traditional
    for achieving high levels of thermal efficiency,      solutions include textured or stained glass and
                                                                                                                 MUMFord & Wood

    Windows will also usually need to be made             glass blocks. More contemporary alternatives
    from safety glass (toughened or laminated).           include acid-etched, sand-blasted and
       Toughened glass is modified using thermal          tinted glass in grey, green or bronze.
    treatment to make it stronger and heat                For details on glazing options contact the
    resistant. Laminated glass consists of two or         Glass and Glazing Federation on 0207 939
    more sheets of ordinary or heat-treated glass         9101 or visit the website at

                                                                                                                                                            JULY 2011 | Build it 87
practical building | glazed extensions

                                                       CASE STUDY 2                                                                         making an application, too. “As long as
                                                                                                                                            certain conditions are met – for example, the
                                                       Kitchen extension                                                                    proposed conservatory is shut off by
                                                       Helen Bowden wanted to add more space and light to                                   external-quality doors and has separate
                                                       her renovated Victorian ground floor flat in north West                              heating to the main house – you’re not
                                                       London. Andris Berzins of Architect Your Home came                                   subject to Building regulations,” says Hugo.
                                                       up with a design to create a third bedroom, second                                      glazed extensions do have to comply with
                                                       bathroom and a expand the existing kitchen diner,                                    part L of the Building regulations, designed
                                                       which would suit Helen’s growing family. This involved                               to prevent heat loss. “With carbon emission
                                                       extending the rear end of the building in a part brick,                              standards tightening, you have to be careful
                                                       part glass construction, offering a contemporary                                     as to how much glass – which isn’t a very
                                                       extension to the period property.                                                    thermally efficient building material – is used
                                                          The existing rear wall of the main house has largely                              in the design,” says Hugo. “You’re required
                                                       been left as it was. The original windows and door                                   to calculate the energy efficiency of the
                                                       openings have been replaced with a white plastered                                   property prior to extension and compare it
                                                       screen, acting as a filter between the inner living room                             with a predicted calculation of what it would
                                                       and the new extension of the kitchen/dining zone.                                    be with the glass extension. For the local
                                                          As the extension was north facing, a two-step roof                                authority to approve your plans, you’ll have
                                                       with a subtly-integrated clerestory strip window was                                 to show an improvement on thermal
                                                       installed to bring natural light into the heart of the                               efficiency with the extension. of course
                                                       home. External folding sliding doors have been                                       there, are ways around this. You can pack
                                                       incorporated into the design in order to easily connect                              your roof, walls and floors with better
                                                       and separate the extension with the garden. There is no                              insulation, or install a more efficient boiler
                                                       corner post, so both sides of the glass wall can open up                             to get a better predicted reading.”
                                                       to bring the outdoor perceptually into the room and
                                                       vice-versa. The internal floor of large panels are at a                              What will it cost?
                                                       level platform and match the tiling outdoors, again                                  This will be dependant on the size of the
                                                       achieving continuity between home and garden.                                        addition and level of specification you
                                                       For more details about Architect Your Home call                                      choose for your extension. As a rule, Hugo
                                                       0800 849 8505 or visit                                    suggests you could build one for as little as
                                                                                                                                            £30,000 and at the highest end look to pay
                                                                                                                                            up to £200,000. z

               ESSENTIAL ITEMS                                                                                                                Contacts
               SHADING                                                  HEATING                                                               Apropos 0845 434 8901
               Blinds offer a cool, contemporary way to create          Traditional ‘trench-                                        
               privacy, enhancing comfort in the winter and             heating’, with a grille                                               Architect Your Home 0800 849 8505
               increasing enjoyment of your glazed extension in         set into the floor
                                                                                                                                              Clearspan 0844 800 4406
                                                                                                VALE gArdEn HoUsEs

               the summer by helping to reduce over heating.            around the perimeter
               Velux has recently launched a stylish range of           of the room, is an
               black out blinds, while Thomas sanderson’s               elegant solution (try                                                 Eurocell 0800 988 3047
               designs use a special solarTex fabric. it reflects the   Vale garden Houses)
               sun’s rays and provides insulation during winter.        and a great way to                                                    Express Bi-folding doors 0800 121 4503
                                                                        provide heat during
                                                                                                                                              Glass Glazing Federation 020 7939 9101
                                                                        the winter without                                          
                                                                        losing valuable wall space. Alternatives include
                                                                                                                                              ID Systems 01603 408804
                                                                        underfloor heating or electric radiators.                   
                                                                                                                                              Kershaws Door Warehouse 0845 126 0270
                                                                        The more windows                                                      Mumford & Wood 01621 818155
                                                                        or doors you can                                            
                                                                        open, the more                                                        Olsen Doors & Windows 0844 826 7766
                                                                        comfortable your                                            
                                                                        additional space will                                                 Solarlux Systems 01707 339970
                                                                        be during the                                               
                                                                        summer. Look out                                                      Sunfold Systems 01953 423423
                                                                                                                       VALE gArdEn HoUsEs

                                                                        for electric and                                            
                                                                        thermostatically                                                      Sun Paradise 020 8538 9585
                                                                        controlled vents with                                       
                                                                        built in rain sensors                                                 Thomas Sanderson 0800 051 5404
                                                                        and automatic                                               
                THoMAs sAndErson

                                                                        locking systems (try                                                  Velfac Windows 01223 897100
                                                                        olsen doors and                                             
                                                                        Windows). opt for                                                     Velux 01592 778225
                                                                        folding or sliding doors leading outside if                           Vale Garden Houses 01476 564433
                                                                        possible. This will create an airy and generously           
                                                                        spaced garden room.                                                   Vufold 01625 442899

88 Build it | JULY 2011

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