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					    Exporting NICE/NT to other
     Institutes: Bologna, INFN,

Gian Piero Siroli, Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Bologna and INFN
                HEPNT Days, CERN, Geneva
        Porting - phase I (LAN)
   Physics Department at University of
    Bologna and local INFN branch
       total of about 200PCs installed and managed
       More heterogeneous environment than CERN, different
        services, different language for O.S. and applications
   Replica of NICE application server
       Hard disk shipped and then resynchronized over the net
       ~8GB compressed (~11GB total) on NTFS (being tested
        also at CERN, currently Netware based)
   Local installation of NICE (source)
       5 nodes dedicated domain, 10BaseT Ethernet LAN
       Site specific code dependencies resolved on 6 projects
HEPNT Days, CERN             Gian Piero Siroli
        Phase I (LAN)
 Site configuration
   Security related issues (pair SiteKey/MagicKey)
   User creation and configuration

   NICE services
       Replicated: Application Support, Scheduled Job
        Service, Extensions to “System Policies”, Broadcast
        Message Service, Server Replication Service,
        Accounting Service
       Not replicated (because of no immediate interest or
        CERN specific): Automated Client Installation (Netware),
        User Registration (private version), Printing Support

HEPNT Days, CERN              Gian Piero Siroli
       Phase I (LAN)
 Post installation
   Integration into NICE running 2 executables (remote
    maintenance, NICE desktop installation)
   Update shortcuts, some applications removed
   Accounting Service reconfigured
   W/95 PC reinstalled with Italian version of O.S. (for
    administrative staff)
   Logo modification
   Applications starting correctly
   Fail-over test PDC-BDC and back
   Byproduct: some CERN related services immediately
    available (mail, CERN phonebook, news)
HEPNT Days, CERN           Gian Piero Siroli
        Phase II (WAN)
   INFN Computing Committee Working
       Feasibility project of porting and extending NICE
        infrastructure within INFN (26 sites and 4 labs)
       Possibility to manage PCs in remote sites with very little
        or no local manpower
       Possible mechanism for collaborative work and
        integration of computing tools within HEP
   INFN-NICE test domain
       One single 18 nodes domain over WAN (<2Mb lines) + 1
        resynchronization node on a dedicated domain
       3 BDCs, 3 NICE Application Servers, 2 Home Servers
HEPNT Days, CERN               Gian Piero Siroli
       INFN-NICE test domain
HEPNT Days, CERN   Gian Piero Siroli
        Phase II (WAN)
   Tests, problems and evolution:
       Remote authentication over WAN (even with only one
       Correct behavior if PDC temporarily unavailable
       Very slow remote application execution => application
        servers installed at remote sites
       Home servers installed at remote sites
       Centralized accounting over WAN after reconfiguration
       Site random load balancing and temporary fail-over to
        remote application servers (if needed)
       Complete resynchronizations (3 times) of applications
        and NICE source over the net

HEPNT Days, CERN             Gian Piero Siroli
       Domain architecture
 Goal: minimize overall management load
   Personal desktop should follow users on any INFN site
   Sites must be independent for low level management
      1 single domain: centralized management for high level
        functions (synchronization, homogeneity of services,
        security) and better optimization of resources
      N domains: complete site independence, trust
        relationships, security
      Models: Single Domain, Single Master Domain, Multiple
        Master Domains, Independent Domains with trust rel.
   Consequences on synchronization procedures

HEPNT Days, CERN            Gian Piero Siroli
 Periodic resynchronization with CERN
   Applications (reference server)
   NICE source (recompile and reconfigure)
   Scheme depends on domain architecture
   Semi-automatic procedure under development

HEPNT Days, CERN       Gian Piero Siroli
            INFN-NICE Architecture
                                                       Appl. Server

                                                                                Site 1


                                                         Home Server
                      INFN Reference Server
                                                        Appl. Server 1


                        Administrator                   Home Server              Site 2
                                                        Appl. Server 2
INFN Synch. Server

   HEPNT Days, CERN                       Gian Piero Siroli
        More topics
 Accounting and license control
   Important for heterogeneous environments and different
   Printers configuration
       Printer Wizard or native W/NT printing tools
   Generic NICE configuration for sites or
    institutions outside CERN
       Servers, accounting, synchronization, application menu
 Installation       disk

HEPNT Days, CERN              Gian Piero Siroli
        CIEMAT / CENIT (I)
        CENTRO de Investigaciones Energéticas Medioambientales y Tecnológicas

 Under        deployment
       Currently running on 60 PCs; 100 to 120 by next week,
        more will be integrated later
       Switched Ethernet LAN; maybe another site in the future
 NICE installation disk generated for 3
  models of 3COM network cards
 TCP/IP protocol, NTFS file system
 Printer Wizard: UNIX server running
HEPNT Days, CERN                   Gian Piero Siroli
 Computación en un ENtorno
    Integrado de Trabajo

HEPNT Days, CERN        Gian Piero Siroli
       CIEMAT / CENIT (II)
 Roaming   profiles
 Spanish version of W95 and some
 Developed Visual C++ application for user
 Automatic procedure to integrate PCs
  running Win3.1

HEPNT Days, CERN   Gian Piero Siroli
        Summary (I)
   NICE ported to 2 different environments:
    Phys. Dept. and Research Center
       Relatively easy porting and configuration (few days)
       Little new code development for non ported services
       “Development/Test” systems in production with
        satisfactory results
   Extension to WAN
       “Stretching” of original CERN-NICE architecture
       Positive tests
       Domain architecture: Single Domain
       INFN W/G proposal: endorsement of CNTC, decision in a
        short time by CC
HEPNT Days, CERN             Gian Piero Siroli
       Summary (II)
 Overall positive experience
   Very flexible original NICE architecture
   Robustness
   Easily exportable: tools and procedures under
    development to automate installation of NICE in a non-
    CERN environment

HEPNT Days, CERN           Gian Piero Siroli
 Report  on phase I, CERN-IT/97/10
 CHEP98 Proceedings:
  c_90.doc (slides: siroli.ppt)
 CIEMAT: Enrique Avila e.avila@ciemat.es,
  Fernando Blanco blanco@ciemat.es

HEPNT Days, CERN   Gian Piero Siroli

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