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					Preview of Timeline for Facebook Pages

It’s official at last. Facebook is bring the much awaited and highly anticipated Timeline
for pages on March 30 of this year 2012. With still nearly a month on, Facebook has
enabled the quick preview of the Timeline for pages. If you are the owner of a particular
fan page you can enable the Timeline for your page right now and get familiar with
things. On the other hand, you can wait till March 30 just to see Facebook pushing that
Timeline feature down your page’s throat.

If you are the admin of a particular fan page you will be really surprised to see a big box
at the top of your page, quoting the message “Coming Soon: New Facebook Pages. On
March 30 2012, all Facebook Pages will get a new design. Preview your page now to see
what it looks like and try out the new features.”

Once you hit the Preview button available nearby in that big banner, your page will be
transformed to the Timeline format, looking similar to that of Timeline for users. As
usual, it’s time for you to review all the posts in your page and arrange them. Once you
are quite done, you can hit the Publish Now button available at the top and the new view
goes live to all the fans.
Based on my observations, the Timeline for Pages shows a info section below the profile
picture, and four tabs lying nearby. The first tab features the photos section while the
second one shows the Likes count. The third one shows the videos and as for the last one,
it features a third party application used for that particular page.

While the Timeline features a two columns layout, the right side shows the posts in which
an user has mentioned the particular page. Next comes the Recent Posts by Others on
Page. And finally, there comes the Likes section. And later on, the posts fill the entire

And when it comes to controlling the page, there lies a button named Admin Panel at the
top right of the page. Clicking on it will bring a big box down, showing the Notifications,
New Likes, Insights and the Messages section for your page. Do check that out. And
finally don’t forget to add a big 852 x 315 pixels Cover photo at the top of your fan page.
Here are pretty cool geeky covers for your Timeline page.

Haven’t got the Timeline for your page yet? Make sure to grab this ultra cool preview for
your fan page and get familiarized with it. Feel like a rockstar on March 30. Hurry fan
page owners!

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