Leap year of Google's Doodle by krish.hari0610


									Leap Year and Gioachino Rossini 200th
Anniversary of New Google’s Doodle
 With two big events on today, the Google site is now sporting a brand new doodle
highlighting the presence of these two events two. One is the Leap Day which normally
makes it mark in the calendar once in four years while the other event is the 200th birth
anniversary of the Italian music composer Gioachino Rossini.

This greenish doodle from Google sports four frogs on the front, having fun. While
one is busy at the piano composing great tunes for this great day, his mate is found
leaping high with great fun. On the other hand two other frogs are busy at the right side
of the doodle which serves as a barber shop. While the customer frog gets a clean shave,
the owner of the shop shows a mirror from the back.

Unlike the animated doodles that Google brings, this one is static. Clicking on the doodle
will take you to the search page with the query Gioachino Rossini quoting the biography
of the great composer and albums of his life. Though the great man is no longer in this
giant world, he lies in the hearts of his fans and Google.

While the music composer is the proud owner of lots of musics that he composed, none
can match his most played Opera play titled The Barber of Seville. This comic was
played in the year 1816 and is yet popular. If you might have noticed, it is that play that
got featured in this doodle.

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