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					Faction skis 2012/13 General Press Release / Product Info.
Date: January 15 1012
Subject: Faction Skis 2012-13 news and product information.

Faction was established in 2003 with a clear ethos: to build the best products possible, whilst
ensuring their versatility and affordability. To skiers around the world our products represent
the best designed & built freeride and freestyle skis you can buy, with a world class
manufacturing base in the heart of the European alps and a strong commitment to social and
environmental sustainability.

That initial spark has never wavered in its intensity - we still ski over 100 days a year,
developing and testing new products and ideas to make skiers lives better.

What’s new this year?
PET cores: Faction skis have partnered with Swiss core manufacturers Bcomp who have
developed a core manufactured from recycled PET and flax composites. Faction will be the
first company to commercially apply this innovative technology in two of our models. The new
PET cores leads to a reduction in weight around 30% when compared to a traditional wood
core, whilst retaining all of wood’s excellent on-snow feel.
The combination of Faction’s design skills and Bcomps core technologies has resulted in a
high-performance freeride and freestyle ski that have exceptional performance, light weight
and strong environmental sensibilities. We believe this is the future of ski design – a
sustainable material that actually increases the product performance.

Kids Skis: Finally a kids ski for kids who ski. Using the same bomber construction as our
adult skis, the Dillinger has a full-length wood core and sandwich construction, while the
generous 79mm waist width, deep sidecut and firm flex will help younger skiers develop over
the whole mountain.

Overall: We continue to expand and develop our current range to ensure that it remains at
the cutting edge of ski design and technology. STP Technology which we introduced last
year has been received with an overwhelmingly positive response, so we continue to utilize
this technology in the Prodigy, Agent 100 and 90 to create skis that are up to 30% lighter, with
equivalent or better torsion than a traditionally built ski, resulting in increased edge grip,
easier turn initiation and less fatigue.
In the ski line up we have introduced the Soma, the Wednesday but on Steroids, as one of
our most popular skis we wanted to bring new technology to the Wednesday’s dimensions so
we developed the Soma. With traditional camber under foot, rocker in the tip and tail and a
stiffer core to negate the softness created by the rocker, the Soma is perfect for taking over
the whole mountain.

After just one year in the market the Agent 90 with our STP Technology is proving to be an
award-winning ski. For this reason we have introduced the Agent 90W, specifically for
women with a female specific core creating an extremely versatile ski for women who like
excellent performance on or off the piste.

As we expected our helmets have proved incredibly popular and this year we are introducing
two new models the Kennedy and the Area. Following the designs of the Agent and Royale
these helmets use the best materials, manufacturing and design techniques available to give
unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and freedom of movement. All our helmets are
laboratory tested and certified to European CE EN 1077 and North American ASTM 2040
standards to the rider 100% confidence in their performance.

As we have developed as a brand so our team has developed with us, with many of our
younger riders moving from National competitions to the International level. Our riders have
the dedication and talent that will take them to the top.

Junior rippers, Drew Petersen and Ian Borgeson, at just 17 competed in the World Heli
                                           rd       th
Challenge in New Zealand taking home 3 and 4 position respectively. Simon D’Artois has
                                                             rd                         th
moved from the Gatorade tour into the Dew Tour placing 3 in Superpipe qualifiers and 17
overall, Simon is going to be a rider to watch this season. Andy Matthew (UK) after
sustaining a terrible head injury at the World Championships is back training hard in
Breckenridge already regaining his doubles and taking 2 place at Battle of the Brits at
Freeze in London.

Also putting there mark in the movies, Faction riders PC Fosse and Oskar Pedersen featured
in Chaoz Productions, Broken Record, the world’s highest distributed ski movie with 90,000
copies produced. PC also featured in the successful TV series Oppdrag Sognefjorden with a
second series scheduled for this winter. Arnaud Rougier continues to put out excellent
segments with PVS and will be working with them again this winter. Sam Cohen will be out
shooting with the boys from Nimbus after his successful segment in Warren Miller’s Like
There’s No Tomorrow, last year. Simon D’Artois is back filming with Voleurz in Whistler and
we look forward to seeing Corey Vanular’s return with Level 1.

For the ladies we have quietly been gathering a great team from around the world, with new
additions in park, Alexi Micinski and Natalia Slepcka whilst the big mountain is taken care of
by Anja Gardli and Sarah Martinais all coming together under our female ambassador Kristi

A busy season ahead for the team and a mere segment of them mentioned above, we look
forward to supporting them as they develop and succeed and appreciate their representation
and assistance in growing Faction as a brand.

INTERNATIONAL: Andrew Matthew (UK), Arnaud Rougier (FR), Corey Vanular (CAN), Kristi
Leskinen (USA), PC Fosse (NOR), Sam Cohen (USA), Yvan Metrailler (CH).
Our 2012/13 lineup represents the ultimate in freeride and freestyle skis. From our Kennedy
and Area park/pipe skis to our big-mountain charger the Thirteen, we now have a lineup that
works for everyone, whether you’re just starting to head off-piste or are a confirmed snow-

With varying degrees of rocker on nine of our models this year, from full flat-camber/rockered
tip and tail Backcountry Freestyle skis to subtle combinations of tip rocker and traditional
camber underfoot, our designs are all painstakingly targeted at specific rider types and still all
done in-house. Our new Patent-Pending STP technology has been applied to four models in
its launch year, providing more versatility and better performance.

Our production facility still builds skis by hand, using the best raw materials you can get in the
heart of the European Alps. All our skis feature sandwich construction, full-length wood cores,
die-cut ptex-4000 bases, silkscreen printed topsheet graphics and anti-chip sidewalls.

2011/12 Ski Model Matrix:


Dillinger – Legendary Faction quality and design, finally for kids.

Finally a kids ski for kids who ski. Using the same bomber construction as our adult skis, the
Dillinger has a full-length wood core and sandwich construction, while the generous 79mm
waist width, deep sidecut and firm flex will help younger skiers develop over the whole

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 113/79/105
Lengths (cm): 125/135/145
Sidecut/Radius: 12m @ 135cm

Park-bias Skis:
Kennedy – The go-to ski for our freestyle team riders.
A perfectly balaced, fully-centred sidecut park and pipe ski. A little stiffer than most, for those
guys that want ultimate control and responsiveness. Suprisingly light for a full wood-core,
sandwich construction ski. Our freestyle team riders' ski of choice.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 114/82/110
Lengths (cm): 153, 163, 168, 173, 181
Sidecut/Radius: 18m @ 173cm

Area – The perfect slopestyle ski. Designed by Kristi Leskinen.

Based on the same platform as the Kennedy and designed by Kristi Leskinen, the Area is a
more playful sibling to the Kennedy. Perfect for lighter guys and girls the Area has a smooth
overall flex pattern that makes it ideal for slopestyle. Rockwell-treated steel edges to handle
sustained abuse.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 114/82/106
Lengths (cm): 143, 153, 163, 168, 173
Sidecut/Radius: 17m @ 168cm

All-Mountain Twins:

Wednesday – A twin tip that does everything with traditional camber and a versatile
90mm waist.

For a traditional camber, 90mm waisted twin-tip ski, the Wednesday is the perfect all-
mountain, all-condition ski. Which, will happily take you from the back bowls in the morning to
lapping the park in the afternoon. Durable wood-core construction with a smooth, repsonsive
flex and progressive sidecut.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 126/92/116
Lengths (cm): 168, 174, 178, 184
Sidecut/Radius: 19m @ 178cm

Heroine – A women’s ski to perform in all conditions anywhere on the mountain.
Take the Wednesday, reprofile the core and soften the flex a little and you get the Heroine, an
-award winning all-mountain twin tip for girls. Your go-to ski if you are looking for one ski to
do everything on. Featuring art by Rosalind Monk.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 125/92/116
Lengths (cm): 158, 168, 174, 178
Sidecut/Radius: 19m @ 174

Soma – The Soma, taking new technology to create an exceptional ski.

Taking the platform of the Wednesday and adding tup and tail rocker, then stiffening up the
flex a little has created the ultimate do-it-all machine. Like a Wednesday on steroids. Same
full-length wood-core and versatile side-cut.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 126/92/116
Lengths (cm): 168, 174, 178, 184
Sidecut/Radius: 19m @ 174
Tip Rocker: 8/150mm
Traditional Camber Underfoot: 5mm
Tail Rocker: 5/100mm

Fat Twins - Rockered

Prodigy – STP Technology. Twin Rocker. 98mm Waist. Versatility Personified .

The Prodigy fills the gap for those who are attracted to the 3.Zero's width but want a little
more versatility. STP technology lets us build a light torsionally strong ski with exceptional
edge-hold, while a 98mm waist, deep sidecut and tip and tail rocker respond to everything
you want to throw at it.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 136/98/126
Lengths (cm): 168/174/178/184
Sidecut/Radius: 19.5m @ 178
Tip Rocker: 8/150mm
Traditional Camber: 5mm
Tail Rocker: 5/100mm

Rocker Technology – BC Freestyle
Royale – Flat Camber, 300mm rocker tip and tail with a 120mm waist and stiff enough
to charge.
Another multi-award-winning ski, the Royales fat 120mm waist coupled with long (300mm)
tip/tail rocker and flat camber underfoot give instant edge to edge response and phenomenal
float in all conditions. Full length sidecut and stiff flex give unparalleled levels of control and
versatility for a backcountry freestyle ski. The 190cm length is more directional than the
175cm and 183cm, influenced by backcountry over freestyle.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 150/122/140
Lengths (cm): 175/183/190
Sidecut/Radius: 25m @ 183
Tip Rocker: 15/300mm
Flat Camber: 0mm
Tail Rocker: 15/300mm

Rocker Technology – Big Mountain
Thirteen – with Big Mountain Rocker. 194cm. 46m radius sidecut. Not to be treated

When it is serious out, this is the ski that all our riders reach for. Length? 194cm only. Flex?
Stiff. Sidecut? Big. Long tip rocker (300mm) combined with flat camber through the ski
provides float yet is suprisingly responsive for a big ski. Be warned, the Thirteen doesn't like
to hang around. Art by Taka Sudo.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 135/112/132
Lengths (cm): 194
Sidecut/Radius: 46m
Tip Rocker: 10/300mm
Flat Camber: 0mm

Rocker Technology – Freeride/Touring

Agent 90 - Lightweight with excellent edge-hold the Agent 90 excels in-and-out of
A versatile 90mm waist, deep sidecut, tip rocker and traditional camber underfoot plus STP
technology thrown into the mix creates a versatile freeride/touring ski, light with good edge
grip that means it excels in and out of bounds.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 126/92/116
Lengths (cm): 169/174/179/186
Sidecut/Radius: 20m @ 179
Tip Rocker: 8/150mm
Traditional Camber: 5mm

Agent 100 - STP Technology for light-weight and exceptional edge hold, the guide's ski
of choice.

A bigger-waisted brother to the Agent 90 with a slightly stiffer flex, the Agent 100 shares the
same tip rocker/traditional camber and STP technology as its smaller sibling, creating a
versatile ski with a bias towards exploring. The guides/patrollers choice.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 132/102/122
Lengths (cm): 169/174/179/188
Sidecut/Radius: 22m @ 179
Tip Rocker: 8/150mm
Traditional Camber: 5mm

Agent 90 W- The combination of cutting edge ski technology and a female specific
core creates an extremely versatile ski for women.

The Agent 90W, uses the same STP technology as the Agent 90, creating a lightweight ski
with excellent edge-hold. Early ride top and traditional camber combined with a women’s
specific core means that the Agent 90W is the perfect ski for women who like excellent
performance on and off the piste.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm):
Lengths (cm):

Rocker Technology – Limited Edition

Le Mono - The only mono ski with rocker, flat camber and STP technology.
Truly one of a kind, this surprise best-seller of last year created a category all of its own. The
only Mono ski ever to feature tip rocker, flat camber and STP technology and a progressive
sidecut. Find your flares and mount on up.

Tip/Tail/Waist Ratio (mm): 200/188/198
Lengths (cm): 190
Sidecut/Radius: 26
Tip Rocker: 10/300mm
Camber: 0mm

Faction Protection – Helmets – Fully ASTM 2040 / CE EN 1077 certified

The Agent and Kennedy Helmets will be your partner in every condition. Our Flex-tech EPS
inserts shape themselves to fit your head, whilst increasing air circulation and heat
dispersion. Fully removable earpads and washable interior pads provide ultimate versatility
from winter all the way through to summer riding.

Flex-tech EPS inserts automatically adapts itself to the wearers head shape. High density
injected ABS shell, Lightweight EPS impact foam. Low fit for increased protection.
Anatomically shaped mold. 14 Screen vents. Interior Ventilation Channels. Washable
Interior Pads. Removable soft earpads. Neck gaiter. 3-point adjustable strap. Goggle clip.
Snap Chin Buckle. ASTM 2040/CE EN 1077 certified. 598g.

The Royale and Area has the same shell shape as the Agent and Kennedy, but features a
brim for those sunny days, an anatomically shaped mold and interior pads so you can
customise the helmet for your perfect fit. Like both our helmets, the Royale is fully certified to
EU and American standards for your safety and comfort.

High density injected ABS shell with brim. Lightweight EPS impact foam. Low fit for increased
protection. Anatomically shaped mold. 14 screen vents. Interior ventilation channels.
Washable interior pads. Removeable soft earpads. Neck Gaiter. 3-point adjustable strap.
Goggle clip. snap Chin buckle. ASTM 2040/ CE EN 1077 certified. 560g.

 Royale                 Agent           Area            Kennedy

Aircraft Grade 5083 Aluminium poles. Quality Italian made. Ergo grip for all day comfort and
security. Each pair comes with hot-swappable powder and park/piste baskets for ultimate

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