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Public Service Flyer – MS Word Tools Test – Scoring Guide


									Student Name:___________________________________________________________________Hour:_______________

                                  Public Service Flyer – MS Word Tools Test – Scoring Guide

                                                                       Points      Points
                                                                      Available    Earned     Comments
Margins - .5 or .3                                                       4
Page Border: 3D, Color, Style or Custom Art Design                       6
Bulleted List: Customized w/picture                                      8
Textbox with border only with the words: Created by Name                 2
 1-Internet: text wrap & Edge (Picture Style Tools)                      6
 2-Internet or Clip Art, Text wrap & Edge (Picture Style tool) &
 Photo Tools
Drawing Tools
Arrow: Patterned 2 Colors, End Style, and End Size                       8
AutoShape: Star or Explosion, Added Text [Catchy Phrase],
Centered text, 2 Colors from the center [dark outer and lighter          8
inside], line color matches dark color
Word Art: Title of the flyer, text wrap, Preset color, 3D or Shade,
change the color of the 3D or Shade
Fonts: at least 2 Different Styles                                       4
Fonts: at least 3 Different Colors                                       3
Fonts: Big, Bold, Blocky [no scripts or pastels]                         5
Alignment: {Must have 2 of these} Left, Center, or Right Align           4
White Spaced Covered                                                     4
Flyer looks symmetrical and well Balanced (Do a Print Preview)           4
Creative                                                                 4
Good information                                                         6
Class time used wisely                                                   6
File name: publicservice_lastname_hour, in the correct folder            2
Over all opinion of the message of the flyer                             2
Total Points                                                            100

Public Service Flyer – MS Word Tools Test – Scoring Guide                     9-2010

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