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									Information for CBSE as per Ref CBSE/AFF./CIRCULAR/2010
[Circular No 03/10 Dated Oct 18, 2010]


Affiliated to : CBSE, New Delhi

Affiliation Code : 2430015

Year of Affiliation : 1984


Army Public School
Dt Darjeeling
West Bengal
Pin 734424

Phone Nos: 0353 2480238 / 0353 2480297
Email Id:

Details of Infrastructure

Army Public School Bengdubi provides an excellent infrastructure
and environment for study and all round development activities for
its students. The total built up area is 120232 sq m with an
additional 11000 sq m built up area can be added later. The school
has a number of playgrounds for various games as football,
basketball, badminton, volleyball, hockey and also a gym for the
students. There are total 101 rooms out of which 94 are exclusively
used as class rooms, the total built up area for the rooms are 8432 sq
m. The size of class rooms are approx 51sq m. The size of Staff rooms,
various labs are 102 sq m. The school has made sufficient provision
for filtered drinking water and toilets for its students and staff

      Maths & Geography Lab

In keeping with the CBSE's policy of making teaching and learning
of Mathematics at school stage activity-based and experimentation
oriented, school established a Mathematics Laboratory, which has
helped in enhancing teaching - learning process in the subject by
providing opportunities for practical work and hands on activities.
Modern Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that foremost
seeks to understand the Earth and all of its human and natural
complexities-not merely where objects are, but how they have
changed and come to be. Geography lab plays a pivotal role in
enriching geographical base of a student. Learning of geography
involves lot of practical knowledge and the lab is equipped with
various modern geographical apparatus and different 3D models
facilitate the study of this subject. The lab has a rich collection of
models of minerals, metallic ores, rocks and rock forming minerals.
Facility of LCD and projector also contributes to the teaching
learning process. Maps and models provide ample opportunity for
the students to observe and learn concepts and facts easily.

     Science Labs

The school maintains fully-equipped Science laboratories for Physics,
Chemistry and Biology. To give the students hands-on experience,
practical classes are held regularly as per CBSE guidelines. Each lab
is equipped with a computer.

   Biotechnology
With a view to facilitate the students better with latest trends in
education, school has introduced Biotechnology as an additional
optional subject in class XI & XII.

    Computer Lab
Technology plays an important role in the school education. There
are two well-equipped Computer Labs with 40 computers for senior
students. There is a separate Computer Lab for the junior sections as
well. School has also subscribed to the E-learning programme
through V-SAT in class IX and XI (Science). Our classrooms are well
equipped with a video projection system and a high configuration

    Library
To inspire, recreate and develop the students and staff
intellectually, the library has maintained various resource
materials like general books,text-books, reference-books, journals
etc. There are about 9668 books in the school library. Reference
collection consists of Journals, hand-books, atlases and lexicons.
The library subscribes to over 35 journals and newspapers. There is a
vast collection of digital educational material in the library. The
library is fully automated.

    Computer Aided Learning
APS Bengdubi has initiated and implemented CAL as a teaching
aid for the classes VI - XII. The programme used in CAL is user
friendly and is upgraded regularly by experts. CAL is now an
integral feature of classroom activities.

    AHPL
Art of Healthy & Productive Living is taught to students of class I &
II in AHPL Room. Keeping the requirement of development of multi-
faceted personality of these tender souls, great care is taken to
organize a variety of activities, which is also a great source of
enjoyment for the children.

    Music room
The school has 17 types of musical instruments and under the able
guidance of the teacher students can learn the skills to play. The
schools encourage its students through various in-house activities to
display their skills.

Name & designations of teachers and admin staffs

       SNo           Name           Post           Educational
       1.    Mrs Raveen Pande       Principal      MA (Eng), M Ed
       2.    Mrs Shyamalee Roy      V Principal    MA (Geo) B Ed

       3.    Dr Samarjit Ghosh      PGT (Hist)     MA(Hist), B Ed, Ph D
       4.    Mr KK Jha              PGT(Geo)       MA(Geo), B Ed
       5.    Mr Avadhesh Kumar      PGT (Hin)      MA(Hin), B Ed
       6.    Mr PS Bose             PGT (Pol Sc)   MA, B Ed
       7     Mr Apurba Kr Sarkar    PGT (Maths)    MSc(Math), B Ed
       8     Mrs Deepa Rai Rakali   PGT (Bio)      MSc, B Ed
       9     Mr Tinku Saha          PGT (Chem)     MSc, B Ed, CIDTT
       10    Mr Niraj Pradhan       PGT (Eng)      MA, B Ed
11    Ms Priyanka Thami        PGT(Eng)         MA, B Ed
12    Mr Srikant Singh         PGT (P Edn)      BPE, MPE, M Phil
13.   Mr Sachin Gupta          PGT (Biotech)    MSc (Biotech)
14    Mr Santanu Paul          PGT (Com)        M Com, B Ed, M Phil
15    Mr Somnath Paul          PGT(Comptr       MSc (IT)
      Choudhury                Sc)
16.   Mr Arup Kumar Dey        PGT(Comp Sc      B Tech (Comptr Sc)
                               & Informatics)
17.   Mr Abhijit Chakraborty   PGT (Eco)        MA (Eco)
18    Mr Rishi Agarwal         PGT (Phy)        M Sc (Phy)

19    Mr Ganesh Singh          TGT (Hindi)      MA(Sans), B Ed
20    Mr Biswadeb Basu         TGT(SSt)         MA(Hist), B Ed, CITA
21    Mrs Swapna Dey           TGT (SSt)        MA (Geo), B Ed
22.   Mrs Shobha Upadhyay      TGT (SSt)        MSc, (Geo) B Ed
23    MR Sunil Kumar Jha       TGT (Maths)      BSc, B Ed, MCA
24    Md Firoz Akhtar          TGT (Maths)      MSc, B Ed
25.   Mr Naushad Alam          TGT (Maths)      M. Com, B Ed
26.   Ms Poushali Dutta        TGT(Sanskrit)    MA, B Ed
27    Mrs Banani Chakraborty   TGT (Eng)        MA, B Ed
28.   Mrs Sonali Banerjee      TGT (Eng)        BA (H)
29    Mr Abir Choudhury        TGT(English)     MA (Eng) B Ed
30    Mrs Parmita Khastgir     TGT (Sc)         M Sc (Eco & Env),
31.   Ms Rubina Rai            TGT (Bio)        BSc, B Ed
32    Mrs Reena VV             TGT (Sc)         MSc, B Ed
33    Mrs Sushma Pradhan       TGT (Hindi)      MA (Hindi)
34    Mrs Sangita Roy          TGT (Hindi)      MA (Hindi) B Ed

35.   Mrs Suchita Das          PRT              BSc, B Ed
36    Mr MK Laha               PRT              MSc (Zool), B Ed
37    Ms Diba Talukdar         PRT              MSc (Zool), B Ed
38    Mr Dipak Pradhan         PRT              BSc, B Ed
39.   Mrs Happy Ghosh          PRT              MA (Eco), B Ed
40.   Mrs Kulvinder Kaur       PRT              BA, B Ed
41    Mrs Chandrani Neogi      PRT              B Sc, B Ed
42.   Mrs Manju Das            PRT              B.Sc, B Ed
43.   Mrs Chhanda Mazumdar     PRT              MSc M Phil,

                                                B Ed

Ser     Name of Teacher      Post               Educational
44.   Ms Pratibha Singh      PRT                BSc (Bot) , B Ed
45    Mrs Achint Kaur        PRT                BA, B Ed
46    Mrs Sanuja Bajwa       PRT                BSc, B Ed
47    Ms Jyoti Chugh         PRT                BA, (H), B Ed
48    Mrs Himani Mishra      PRT                M.Sc (Phy) B Ed
49    Mrs Mili Choudhury     PRT                BA, JBT, B Ed
50    Mrs Tanu Kumari(Sah)   PRT                M.Sc, B Ed
51    Ms Geetanjali Giri     PRT                MA, B Ed
52.   Mrs Sunita Kumari      PRT                MA, B Ed
53    Mr Sanjeev Srimal      PRT                MSc (Bot), B Ed
54    Ms Kunjuni Prakash     PRT                MA
55.   Namita Pushkarna       PRT                BA, B Ed

56    Mr Bappa Chakraborty   IT Teacher         BSc , PG (Comptr
57    Mr Pradeep Dutta       PET                B Com, BP Ed
58    Mr Devbrata Seal                          BA, BP, Ed
                             PTI (Activity T)
59    Mrs S Dutta Roy        Drawing            M Fine Arts
60    Mr LN Das              Music              MA (Geo), M
61    Mr Pritam Khaswas      Comptr Lab         BA, D NIIT
62    Mr SK Ghosh            Lab Asst (Bio)     BSc
63    Mr Umesh Gurung        Librarian          B.Sc, BLIS
64    Sri Krishna Singh      Lib Attd           HS, Dip in Lib Sc
65    Mr Sushanta Paul       Lib Attd           MSc (Zool)
66    Ms Bidisha Barman      Counselor          MSc

67    Mr N Bhowmik           UDC                HS
68    Mr Debotosh            Accountant         B.Com/Dip in
      Bhattacharya                              Comp
69    Mr Rameshwar Rai       LDC                Matric
70    Mr Sunirmal Paul       LDC                12th
71.   Mr Gautam Sengupta     LDC                B Com
72    Sri Ganesh Mallik      Safaiwala          VI
73    Sri KB Sharma          Night Guard        VI
74    Sri S Choudhury        Mali               VI
75    Sri Srimanta Maity     Mali               Matric
76    Sri Khusru Oraon       Safaiwala          -
77    Sri AP Limbu           Night Guard        -
78    Smt Mandira Chhetri    Attendant          Matric
            79   Sri RK Shah             O/Runner         VIII
            80   Sri Uttam Bishwakarma   Grounds man      IV
            81   Sri Pabitra Basak       Gate Keeper      VIII
            82   Smt Rahima Khatun       Ayah/Attendant   VIII
            83   Smt Kalpana Das         Ayah/Attendant   VIII
            84   Sri Kapil Bagdas        Driver           VIII

(As on 20 May 2011)

CLASS                   STRENGTH


SEC A                   28
SEC B                   38


SEC A                   42
SEC B                   44
SEC C                   42


SEC A                   52
SEC B                   56
SEC C                   51


SEC A                   52
SEC B                   50
SEC C                   48


SEC A                   37
SEC B                   36
SEC C                   37


SEC   A                 37
SEC   B                 46
SEC   C                 43
SEC   D                 39

SEC A         49
SEC B         53
SEC C         51


SEC A         38
SEC B         38
SEC C         36


SEC A         36
SEC B         37
SEC C         45


SEC A         43
SEC B         42
SEC C         41


SEC A1        Admission process not completed
SEC A2        Admission process not completed

SEC B1        Admission process not completed
SEC B2        Admission process not completed
SEC B3        Admission process not completed

SEC C1        Admission process not completed
SEC C2        Admission process not completed


SEC A1        34
SEC A2        28

SEC B1        34
SEC B2        42
SEC B3        34

SEC C1        32
SEC C2        21

Total        1502

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