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									                                                                           Validation of Generator Excitatio
                                                                                       Related SERC Regional Criteria docu

Please supply the requested data by March 7, 2012.

In October 2011, the SERC Engineering Committee (EC) approved an extension of the deadline for exciter validation from Feb
extension, please provide a scheduled date for the validation.

Company Name:           Southeastern Power Administration
Contact Name:                                                             Contact E-Mail:
Validation complete
by February 1, 2012     <Select>
for all generators?                                                       Comments:

                                                                             Validation Complete by
                                                                               February 1, 2012?
Company Abbreviation                 Plant-Generator Name                          (Yes or No)
       SEPA                                  Barkley-1
       SEPA                                  Barkley-2
       SEPA                                  Barkley-3
       SEPA                                  Barkley-4
       SEPA                               Center Hill-1
       SEPA                               Center Hill-2
       SEPA                               Center Hill-3
       SEPA                                Cheatham-1
       SEPA                                Cheatham-2
       SEPA                                Cheatham-3
       SEPA                               Cordell Hull-1
       SEPA                               Cordell Hull-2
       SEPA                               Cordell Hull-3
       SEPA                              Dale Hollow-1
       SEPA                              Dale Hollow-2
       SEPA                              Dale Hollow-3
       SEPA                                 J P Priest-1
       SEPA                                   Laurel-1
       SEPA                               Old Hickory-1
       SEPA                               Old Hickory-2
       SEPA                               Old Hickory-3
       SEPA                               Old Hickory-4
       SEPA                               Wolf Creek-1
       SEPA                               Wolf Creek-2
       SEPA                               Wolf Creek-3
       SEPA                               Wolf Creek-4
       SEPA                               Wolf Creek-5
SEPA       Wolf Creek-6
SEPA         Allatoona-1
SEPA         Allatoona-2
SEPA         Allatoona-A
SEPA          Buford-1
SEPA          Buford-2
SEPA          Buford-3
SEPA          Carters-1
SEPA          Carters-2
SEPA          Carters-3
SEPA          Carters-4
SEPA        Jones Bluff-1
SEPA        Jones Bluff-2
SEPA        Jones Bluff-3
SEPA        Jones Bluff-4
SEPA       Millers Ferry-1
SEPA       Millers Ferry-2
SEPA       Millers Ferry-3
SEPA    Walter F George-1
SEPA    Walter F George-2
SEPA    Walter F George-3
SEPA    Walter F George-4
SEPA        West Point-1
SEPA        West Point-2
SEPA        West Point-3
SEPA         Hartwell-1
SEPA         Hartwell-2
SEPA         Hartwell-3
SEPA         Hartwell-4
SEPA         Hartwell-5
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-1
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-2
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-3
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-4
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-5
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-6
SEPA   J Strom Thurmond-7
SEPA       John H Kerr-1
SEPA       John H Kerr-2
SEPA       John H Kerr-3
SEPA       John H Kerr-4
SEPA       John H Kerr-5
SEPA       John H Kerr-6
SEPA       John H Kerr-7
SEPA      Philpott Lake-1
SEPA      Philpott Lake-2
SEPA      Philpott Lake-3
SEPA   Richard B Russell-1
SEPA   Richard B Russell-2
SEPA   Richard B Russell-3
SEPA   Richard B Russell-4
SEPA   Richard B Russell-5
SEPA   Richard B Russell-6
SEPA   Richard B Russell-7
SEPA   Richard B Russell-8
of Generator Excitation Systems
ed SERC Regional Criteria document

for exciter validation from February 1, 2012 to February 1, 2013. If you plan to utilize this

             Exempt?         Sister Unit     Scheduled
            (Yes or No)    (If applicable) Validation Date               Comment

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