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					                                CURRICULUM                                             MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR
                                The Programme consists of the following seven (7)
                                modules:                                               The pass rate is 50% for each of the modules.
                                1st Registration Period: (Part 1)
   Centre for Public             DLGM01B: Local Government Management                 WHO SHOULD ENROL?
                                 DLGM02C: Project Management for Sustainable
  Administration and                Development
                                                                                       All  local    government      sphere role-players,
                                                                                       councillors, officials, NGOs, CBOs, communities
 Management (CePAM)              DLGM03D: Introduction to Disaster
                                                                                       and other interested clients.
                                 DLGM04E: Ethics and Professionalism                  EVALUATION
Programme in Local Government   2nd Registration Period: (Part 2)                       Two (2) compulsory assignments for each
        Management               DLGM05F: Introduction to Law and Community             module must be submitted and count 10% of the
                                    Policing                                             final mark
             2012                DLGM06G Local Government Finance                      One compulsory portfolio of evidence for each
                                 DLGM07H: Human Resource Management                     module to be submitted for assessment purposes
  Qualification code: 76082                                                              which counts 90% of the final mark (no sitting for
                                ENROLMENT INFORMATION                                    exams, portfolio counts as exam)
                                 Please submit your registration form, a copy of
                                  your ID and a copy of your Senior Certificate, N4    FEES
                                  or equivalent qualification in order to obtain a      Please note that you need your student number
                                  student number                                         BEFORE you can deposit/transfer any fees.
                                                                                        Module fees are R1 080.00 for each module,
                                 First registration period: 28 November 2011 to 23      which amounts to R4 320.00 for first 4 module
                                  January 2012 (Closed for recess between 24             which form Part 1 (1st Registration period) and
                                  December 2011 and 03 January 2012)                     R3 240.00 for next 3 modules which form Part 2
                                                                                         (2nd Registration period)
                                 Second registration period: 18 June 2012 to           Minimum of R800.00 per module is payable
                                  13 July 2012                                           upon registration BUT NOT LATER than
                                Please note:                                             1 February 2012 for 1st registration period
                                                                                         and 1 August 2012 for 2nd registration period.
                                Students need to register for the first four modules    The balance (R1 120.00 for the Part 1 or
                                of Part 1 first and must pass two or more modules        R840.00 for Part 2) for the 1st registration period
                                before they can register for Part 2. A new               is payable before 29 March 2012 and for the 2nd
                                registration form needs to be completed for Part 2.      registration period before 26 October 2012
                                                                                        Total fees for the 7 modules amounts to
                                DURATION                                                 R7 560.00 (Fees are subject to an annual
                                The duration of the programme is 12 months open         Payment modes are cash deposits at Standard
                                distance learning.                                       bank and/or Internet transfers
  Cancellation fees will amount to R800.00 per          ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFERS                                      This programme is benchmarked against NQF
   module                                                 UNISA is a prepaid beneficiary (select from your bank’s         level 5 and carries 84 credits.
                                                          list of preapproved beneficiaries)
  For student registrations outside RSA:                 REFERENCE             STUDENTNR(space) 3830X74764
    In Africa, an additional fee of R390.00 per                                                                         Short Learning Programmes are not registered
       module will be payable (subject to possible       CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS                                            with SAQA on the National Qualifications
       increase)                                          Please refer to the following link for online credit card       Framework.
    International students, an additional fee of         payments
                                                          https://registration.unisa.ac.za                            Contact Information:
       R780.00 per module, will be payable (subject       REFERENCE             STUDENTNR(space) 3830X74764
       to possible increase)
                                                                                                                      Contact any of the following persons for more
  Certificates will only be issued upon full            CORPORATE CLIENTS/BULK PAYMENTS
   settlement of outstanding accounts                     Please contact us for banking details
                                                                                                                      Administrative support:
 BANK PARTICULARS (Please note that you                  FOREIGN STUDENTS
                                                          Please contact us for banking details
 need your student number BEFORE you can                                                                                     Ms Kobie Rossouw, Tel.: (011) 471-3044
 deposit/transfer any fees)                           The onus is on the student to ensure that the correct                   krossouw@unisa.ac.za
                                                      student and deposit reference number is used, as your
 Bank              : Standard Bank                    registration may be transferred to the next registration        Project Leader:
 Account name      : Unisa Student Deposits           period upon failure to do so                                         Mr Barry Nkgabe, Tel.: (012) 429-6467
 Account No.       : 096R                                                                                                     bnkgabe@unisa.ac.za
 Branch code       : 010645                                      Fax a copy of the deposit slip to:
 Deposit Ref       : student number,3830X74764                   Kobie Rossouw +27 11 471 3568                        Academic support:
                   (NB: Leave one space open
                   between stud. no and ref. no.)     IMPORTANT INFORMATION PERTAINING                                       Mr Buti Lekonyane, Tel.: (012) 429-6116
 Example:                                             TO THIS PROGRAMME                                                       lekonbc@unisa.ac.za
 Student no.    space          Ref no.                                                                                       Mr Barry Hanyane, Tel.: (012) 429-6921
                                                         Students need to register for the first four                        bhanyane@unisa.ac.za
0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0           3 8 3 0 X 7 4 7 6 4
                                                          modules of Semester 1 (part 1) and must pass                       Prof Mike van Heerden, Tel.: (012) 429-6749
                                                          two or more modules before they can register                        vheerm@unisa.ac.za
                                                          for Semester 2 (part 2). A new registration                        Mr Lekgolo Phosa, Tel.: (012) 429-6422
       THE ONE MENTIONED ABOVE                                                                                                lphosa@unisa.ac.za
                 Example of deposit slip                  form needs to be completed for Part 2.
                                                                                                                             Prof Gera Ferreira, Tel. (012) 429 6618
                                                         Twelve (12) months open distance learning in
                                                                                                                             Ms Emelda Pimentel, Tel no 082 964 6714
                                                          which a student must complete two (2)
                                                          assignments and one (1) portfolio for each
                                                          module for assessment                                                      Fax: (011) 471-3021/3568

                                                         Candidates who successfully complete this                   Website: http://www.unisa.ac.za/cepam
                                                          programme will be awarded with a UNISA
                                                          competency certificate

                                                         All modules are outcomes-based to ensure
                                                          maximisation of skills and application

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