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                                    Pet Peeve: Dogs Doing Business Where Not Wanted
                                                                 By Alyice Edrich

  Pet Peeve: Dogs Doing Business Where Not Wanted
 by: Alyice Edrich

We’ve recently moved into a new apartment complex that really is much like a resort. We don’t have to
maintain the lawn, handle any maintenance problems, or deal with unruly neighbors. We can use the
pool without having to clean and maintain it, we can work out in a gym without the added monthly
expense, we can play pool without going to a bar, and we can enjoy many sports such as racquetball,
tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

So why with all this “luxury” surrounding us would I already be in a tiff? Dogs! That’s why. Many of the
renters own dogs and instead of taking them for a walk on the “pet walks” which were meant for their
feces. These pet owners think its okay to walk their pets around the apartment complex, let them do
their “business,” and then walk away without cleaning it up!

I’ve learned that not cleaning up after their dogs is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. First, I consider it rude
to let your dog use the bathroom on someone else’s property. Okay, so we don’t own the lawn in front
of our apartment, but we sure do pay a lease for it as well as the public areas! Second, I think it is
inconsiderate and shows a lack of respect for others. Third, I think it makes the property look bad.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go up to a dog owner as the dog is doing his/her
business and give the owner a piece of my mind. But instead, I bite my tongue and say to myself, “As
long as they aren’t doing it on my property I have no right to say anything. I just hope if they do it on
my property I find the right words to say without letting all my frustration out on one person.”

I’ve even considered going up to management and making a fuss, but what can they do? They can’t
“police” every pet owner as they leave the house. There are signs posted through out the complex,
they’ve mentioned this area of concern in the monthly newsletter, and it’s in the apartment rental

If you’re a pet owner who lets your pet “do business” on someone else’s property, think about this:

How would you feel if you woke up one morning and stepped on something squishy as you walked to

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your car? Doesn’t sound bad? What if you looked down to find that squishy mess was actually a pile of
dog poop? Would you be angry, irritated, or disgusted? Or would you think it was okay and just walk
back in the hose to change your shoes?

Now take that stop a step further, what if your little one was playing outside on his/her front lawn and
thought that pile of dog poop was mud and put it in his/her mouth? Would you still be okay with
someone else letting their pet “do business” on your property?

Final Thought

Take the time to respect your neighbor today. You just never know when that respect will come back
to you ten-fold.

Alyice Edrich is a freelance writer specializing in helping small businesses succeed—on the web. Visit
her at for free business-related articles and information on how she can
help you succeed, today. Don't forget to join her free e-zine!

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                                                                      Pet Peeves
                                                              By Brook Kavanugh

As a child, I never had a pet. Even though we longed for a dog to snuggle up to at night or a bird to
chirp to us in the morning, it never happened. My parents did not want the responsibility, the
inconvenience, and the added headache of caring for another individual in the house. I guess you
could say it was a pet peeve of theirs.

 As I grew older and let go of the resentment I held toward my parents, I acquired a fascination for
animals and let go of the “no pet” rule. I no longer had to long for a pet – I was an adult and could take
on the responsibility, the perceived inconvenience, and the temporary headache of training a puppy or
building the vocabulary of a parakeet.

 I guess you could say that pets have never been a pet peeve of mine. However, as time goes on, I’m
growing an extensive list of pet peeves that have nothing to do with pets. In fact, my pet peeves
primarily surround the land that animals used to roam, free from harm, free from pollution, and free
from blinding lights and commercialized buildings.

 My pet peeve is the lack of nature and the lack of beauty in society. My pet peeve surrounds the lack
of effort that big business puts forth when designing buildings, parking lots, and strip mall centers. I
have no problem with “big business” and no problem with industrialized cities. However, I just don’t
understand why nature cannot be a part of it all.

 For instance, the expense to add parking lots and concrete walkways is astronomical. It does nothing
for curb appeal and eliminates existing nature that could be developed. Imagine if businesses invested
more in landscaping, water fountains, colorful plants, and bird baths. Imagine the beauty and curb
appeal that would accompany these efforts.

 As a consumer, I look for the small efforts that ultimately produce more respect for the businesses I
invest with. When I walk into an office and see a tiered indoor fountain or a wall fountain, I am
impressed. When I pull up to a commercial business and see a bronze statue that has been installed
and maintained, I am impressed.

Ironically, I don’t think that I am alone. People want to see natural beauty, not commercialized stone
walkways and lifeless retaining walls. Adding a little color, a little life, and a little glamour goes a long
way for everyone’s pocketbook.

 Just as my parents did not want the hassle and the responsibility of caring for a pet, it seems that
many business owners do not want the hassle and responsibility of caring for nature. How can we, as
consumers, ensure that they want to take care of our needs as well?

 Children and teens across the world will undoubtedly resent their parents for one reason or another,
just as I did for missing out on the experience of having a childhood pet. However, businesses cannot
risk customers resenting their lack of attention to the beauty of nature. If so, the end result may leave
many CEOs peeved.

Brooke is an avid writer and outdoor enthusiast dedicated to educating consumers about the benefits

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