Cat Toilet Training Techniques

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    Potty training can take 3-6 months. Do not force it. Babies are smarter than you know. Babies are born with the
        biological urge not to soil themselves. That is why they fuss or cry when their diaper is wet or poopy.
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                                     10 Ways to Make Toilet Training Fun & Exciting
                                                         By Danna Henderson

  10 Ways to Make Toilet Training Fun & Exciting
 by: Danna Henderson

Blue & Yellow Make Green - Put a few drops of blue food coloring in the toilet and show your child that
the color turns green when he or she pees in the potty!

Toilet Targets - Purchase or make toilet targets to teach your child to aim.

Musical Potty Chair - Musical potty chairs, such as the Tinkle Toonz, play a tune when your child uses
the potty!

Potty training Doll - Anatomically correct drink & wet dolls, such as the Corolle or Aquini dolls, help
make toilet training fun and easy. This method is recommended by Dr. Phil.

Potty training Watch - Make potty time reminders fun and exciting with the VibraLite toilet training
watch. The VibraLite watch, which comes in purple or blue, can be set to vibrate every 30 minutes as a
fun reminder that it's potty time!

Books, Videos, & DVDs - toilet training bedtime stories,videos and DVDs are a fun educational way to
introduce toilet training to your child.

Charts & Stickers - toilet training charts and stickers are great motivational tools. Start by giving
stickers for sitting on the potty. After a while, give stickers only when your child uses the potty. Finally,
offer a small toy as a reward for 3 accident free days.

Fun toilet training Pants - toilet training pants and liners come in fantastic colors. Let your child choose
the color of training pants or underwear to wear.

Phone Call From Superhero - Reward your child for using the potty with a phone call from his or her
superhero. Enlist friends or neighbors to play the part.

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            Imagine Your Cat Using The Toilet - Successful Cat Toilet Training Techniques
                                                             By Birgit Hulsing

This may sound ridiculous or like a near-impossible feat, but you'll find life is a pleasant new world
when you finish potty training your cat. You'll have a very low-maintenance cat and she will also make
a great conversation starter. And, you even save money on cat litter when you are done with potty
training. If you want more detailed information than you'll find here on potty training, try a library or
book store. In the mean time, I'll give you enough of a basic overview of cat toilet training that you
probably won't need one of these books to successfully undertake potty training. The main thing you
need to keep in mind as you go about cat toilet training is that cats require a lot of patience, with
punishments being a very ineffective training method.

 You will need to have a litter box, flushable cat litter, a bowl that fits inside your toilet,and a stool that
stands approximately even with toilet. You will want to have your current litter box next to the toilet
where you want your cat to potty for several days before you begin the process. This way she will get
used to the location before you begin with potty training.

 When you notice that your cat is consistently comfortably using the new box location, you can begin
toilet training. To do this, simply move the litter box up about two inches by placing it on a phone book
or other solid object, and start using the flushable litter at this point. After the cat has used the new
location a few times, you can continue toilet training by putting the litter box on the stool up against the
toilet. Make sure it is easy for the cat to get to this location and that the litter box is very firmly placed.
Also, make sure the lid on the toilet seat is down. If the litter box ever dumps the cat during cat toilet
training or she ever falls in the toilet, you may do irreversible damage to your cause.

 After the cat has successfully used the new box location, your are again ready to proceed to the next
step in the cat toilet training process. For this step, you want to place flushable litter in the bowl and put
the bowl in the toilet. This is the trickiest part of the procedure, so be patient with your little friend at this
point. You will want to leave this bowl here until your cat has reached the point in its cat toilet training
that it is comfortable enough to use the bowl without having to step down into it. This will probably take
the longest time of any of the procedures.

 When the cat looks comfortable using the cat bowl inside the toilet, you're ready to proceed with potty
training your cat once again. This time, you will remove the bowl so she will have only two choices:
Continue going in the toilet or find a new place in the house to go. In most cases she will finish the cat
toilet training process successfully by continuing to use the toilet. If not, you may want to put the bowl
back in the toilet for a couple of days. Then, when you again remove the bowl, put the cat on the toilet
five minutes after each meal and lock it in the bathroom for up to ten minutes. This should give your cat
the general idea.

Amazing technics to train your cat and lots of secret information on how to make your cat experience a
huge success. Brigit Hulsing is a cat behaviour researcher and helps cat owners with practical tips and
advice on cat toilet training and general cat questions under

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