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									Re: Evolution & Redemption of Demonic Entities Re: VPP
report Posted by: "Sharri Lorraine" lorerainbow
Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:07 am (PST)

Hummm.... Uh-ah. I don't See that happening at all.
Well, it's down to the wire. I'm going to have to Explain
my Concept of "Demon" if we are going to be able to
communicate about this at all. And I don't have Words for
Explaining "Demonic Being", because I don't have any Words
other than "Demon" to Explain the Energy Signature that I've
Encountered, thankfully only a very Few times. Firstly, let me
say that over 90% of the Negative Entities I've Encountered in
the Lower Astral Realms fall into several categories: Imps,
"Ghouls" (the majority & middle class & I don't know what else
to call them), & the Shadows (the ones with the most Power).
They are all Vampiric in Nature. All of these Negative Entities are
Thought Forms, spawned by Humans. None of these Negative
Entities have ever had Physical Bodies, they only Feed off us.
Those Entities I've met that I'd call "Demonic" were actually
"Angelic" in nature. These Entities are not confined to the
Lower Astral Realms. They enjoy being Deceptive & tricking
Human into thinking that they are Good Angels & tricking
Humans into Giving them their Power & Will. They are also
referred to in the Christian Bible as "Powers & Principalities".
These Beings have never been in Physical Bodies, although they
may enjoy Possessing certain people from time to time. They
destain Humans & would like nothing better than to deceive us
unto destroying each other!

As far as "Redeeming" any of these Entities, since the
Negative Lower Astral Entities, are basically our "creations" it
seems to me that their Evolution into Love & Light is our
Responsibility! Demons are a different matter. I don't think they
are our Responsibility at all. There have been numerous times in
my Life when I've discovered a Negative Entity Attached to
me/Auric Field. Sometimes when I tell them to Return to their
Source, some of them beg me not to Send them Away, because
they want to Evolve. So, I talk to them of Love & Kindness &
Doing For Others instead of self. If they are actually Wishing to
Change, then they can stay, but they don't get to use me for
Food anymore! The greatest Protection from this & all types of
Negative Influence, as far as I'm concerned, is to Acknowledge
its Presence & Intent: to Attach, Use, Manipulate & Trick any/all
of us into giving up our Free Will & Personal Power of Love -
Love & Compassion for each other & Love & Compassion for the
World. The Ego/Mind is that which Allows In the Evil Influences.
And the Loving Heart is our Personal Power & Best Protection.
Spells & Intents & Rituals of Protection are Well & Good & very
Helpful, but it is the Condition of our Ego/Mind/Brain or our
Soul/Heart/Mind that is the Determining Factor. We are each
Vulnerable to Evil Influences every moment of every day, but it
is our Heart's Choice Choosing Love anyway, that saves us from
falling victim to it. When we can bring our Mind in line with our
Heart & Live from our Heart, then the Protection Spells, etc,
have a chance of Working. But if our Ego/Mind/Brain is running
the show, then we are wide open to the Evil Influences in the
World & Food for the Negative Lower Astral Entities.

In 1992 I ran into a very powerful psychic, who I thought
was my friend, but was my enemy. Without my knowing it, this
person hypnotized me in about 5 seconds. I suddenly thought
my Soul was Satan. After about 3 days I determined that the
only way to rid the world of the Evil of my Soul was to kill
myself. But since, I'd already tried that 15 years previously, and
gone to the *Cold-Dark-Place* I had NO desire to return there,
no matter what!!! So, I had to come up with a better solution. I
determined to *LOVE* my Soul into the Light. I didn't like
talking to myself and calling my Soul "Satan" so, I started saying
"Coco." Then I began *Loving* my Soul and every other Aspect
of my BEing. It took about 3 months for things to Shift, but,
eventually, Coco started asking questions and actually Learning
about Light and Love instead of dictating to me. This went on for
a while longer. Coco told me finally, that he really wasn't my
Soul, nor is he Satan. He was just your average run of the mill
Lower Astral Entity who got Assigned to me. Then one day Coco
said he wanted to Graduate, to move on to the next Higher
Level. So, we said good-bye, I sent him off in Love and Light,
and he's never been back. And the best part of the whole deal is
that I still Love myself Unconditionally, way more than I did
before Coco came into my Life!

~~~ Namaste & JOY & Illumination ~~
~Sharri Lorraine~

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