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									  Marketing Through a
Global Melt Down Seminar
            Recession ..
       A Part of Business Cycle




            The Expansion Phase
         The Expansion Phase

The     demand for credit
The interest rates increase
Rising demand results in
rise in prices for goods &
Real estate prices rise
Inflation may result
           The Reversal

             Stops Borrowing
             Stops Spending

Consumer                           Business

           The Contraction Phase
         The Contraction Phase

Both    consumer      and
business spending falls
Borrowings decline

Production  and income
Economy     begins     to
Recession may result
           The India Impact

Robust growth in GDP
at 7% for 2008-09
Agriculture   grew by
Rural    Economy was
also buoyant
Services sector grew at

a healthy rate
Industrial    production
was impacted
The Good Thing About Recession
  Is That It Eventually Ends......
“Recession : Crises”- Which side are
          we looking at?

The Pessimist, The Optimist
and the Marketing View

When the Going Gets
Tough, The Tough Innovate
The Great Depression
Telling Business Stories

                Every Fortune
                 Tells a Story
"Salad Miracles with Miracle Whip
        Salad Dressing"
     The Great Depression

No depression
when you look
good !!!
What's your motto?
Inspiration in Depression
Understanding Recession Psychology
Clarify Strategy: Choose Where and How to

   Source: Harvard Business Digital 02/11/09 by James Allen and Darrel Rigby
Marketing Strategy- Ready for
Soap Opera – Godrej Consumer
                   “Our philosophy has been to win
                   brand loyalty during hard times”

                        Focus on a Few Key Brands,
                        improve market share
                        Launch variants

                        Double      advertising    and
                        promotional spends
                        Expand in Rural India

                        Capture the lower price points

Dalip Sehgal, MD        Acquisitions
 Creating Income Rivers – Indusind Bank

                             “ We adopted a theme
                             of         Productivity,
                             Profitability      and

                             Used the tecnology
                             platform to deepen it's
                             customer relationships
Romesh Sobti, MD & CEO       Repositioned   Indusind
                             as a Tech-Savvy Bank
 Revamped the branches      with a new Brand
 Crossselling               Campaign “Makes you
 Concentrated more on low   feel richer”
 cost deposits
  Focusing on long term goals- Maruti Suzuki
                     “We did not lose focus on our
                     long-term goals during the

                      No slashing sticker prices
                      Increasing market share by tapping

                      newer segments
Ajay Seth, CFO        Strengthened      the already strong
                      distribution network
                      Driving growth through fuel efficient

                      No cost cutting on R&D and sales &

                      Increasing it's focus on exports
     Markets & Margins - Infosys

                          “Our model has proved
                          to be resolute”

                            Focused       on      higher
S. Kris Gopalakrishnan      productivity and margins
                            businesses such as systems
                            integration, consulting and
New Markets because of     enterprise solutions
the wave of M&As across     Entry    into    non   BFSI
the industry                segments such as retail,
                            energy and utilities
                 Spark of Life - Exide

                                 “Greater     focus          on
                                 replacement market”

                                 Distribution    centres   were
                                 increased from 30 locations in
                                 2008 to over 200 today
 A.K.Muherjee, CFO               Cut    costs by reducing it's
     & Director                  dependence on lead imports
                                 New opportunity in the form of

Made new friends in the          general power shortage
                                 Focused      on BTL publicity
rural India and entered
the tier II and tier III towns   activities
Some More Strategies – Launching
        New Products
Creating New Segments
Reinforcing Best Selling Brands
              Merry in Hinterland

   Buy more to save
   Tactical promotions
   Bundled offers
   Right pack sizes at
    the right price points
   Brands for rural India
        Jet Airways – Soaring High

"We are bleeding. Everybody is bleeding. Giving a
helping hand to the airline industry is done all over
the world,"
 Naresh Goyal of Jet Airways, while asking the government for
                                    a ‘rationalization of taxes’.
What happens to advertising....?

Advertising as an anti-
recession tool
Digital   &     Internet
Leveraging        Social
networking sites
Vodafone: Go the “Zoo-Zoo” Way
              The Last Word.....
   Listen to the customer
   Offer more    value      to   your
   Look out for new opportunities
   Increase communication with
    your customer
   Maintain good costs, prune
    bad costs

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