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Staff Solutions is a fully integrated suite of software, specially designed for the eldercare environment. Each module can
be used independently or in combination with the others to help automate and streamline your organization’s overall HR
and Payroll processes.


MDI Achieve Human Resource Center is a valuable software tool designed to assist
management personnel in the hiring and development of employees. Human Resource Center
efficiently manages employee data and offers a wide range of reporting options to quickly and
easily provide accurate information and avoid costly oversights. Human Resource Center is
fully integrated with all of MDI Achieve’s Staff Solutions modules. This allows for single data-
entry which saves valuable staff time and ensures accurate and consistent data throughout
the system.

Applicant Tracking
Application information can be entered quickly and efficiently. Applicant Manager features
screening capabilities and a user-defined pre-employment checklist to be                               Human Resources Master File
completed before an applicant is hired. Once an applicant is hired, the information
automatically becomes available in the employee database.                                              Other Key Features
                                                                                                       • Employee Summary displays a snapshot of
Comprehensive Personnel Management                                                                       basic employee information to provide the
Human Resource Center is designed to store and track basic employee information.                         answers to the most frequently asked questions
   •   Benefits Manager tracks eligibility, enrollment and change dates, based on user-                  in HR.
       defined classifications.                                                                        • Personnel information is password protected for
   •   Asset Manager helps decrease losses by allowing easy access to type, model and
                                                                                                       • Report generator provides an array of pre-
       serial numbers of assets assigned to employees.                                                   defined and customizable reports.
   •   Performance Review Manager allows for user-defined review dates, and stores                     • Imports/stores employee photos and prints
                                                                                                         photo ID badges.
       completion dates and evaluation results.
                                                                                                       • Quick Search function locates basic employee
   •   Disciplinary Action Manager provides a complete history of employee misconduct                    information by entering Social Security number
       and disciplinary action.                                                                          or any portion of an employee’s name.
   •   Staff development is streamlined as education and training history is stored to create          • Audit trails track all changes to critical fields by
       reports regarding in-service or off-site training.
   •   OSHA Reporting records employee injuries/illnesses and generates the OSHA 301,
       300 and 300A reports.


MDI Achieve Payroll is an effective and easy-to-use system, designed to accommodate
multiple departments, multiple pay rates and multiple shifts per employee. This program
adapts to your unique payroll environment and can effectively reduce expenses by eliminating
outside payroll services. Payroll is fully integrated with all other Staff Solutions modules and
our General Ledger.

Unlimited deductions and departments in facility-defined libraries
The system features specific facility-defined libraries that can accommodate an unlimited
number of deduction designations and departments. Adding departments or deductions in
the system is simple, and the program can handle any changes that may be mandated by
                                                                                                       Payroll Department File
regulatory organizations. This flexibility ensures that your facility will not outgrow the software.
                                                                                                       Other Key Features
Automatic posting and snapshot capabilities
                                                                                                       • Direct Deposit capabilities
Since Payroll is fully integrated with General Ledger, transactions are posted automatically.
                                                                                                       • Wage review and statistics reports
This allows for reports that provide a unique snapshot of real-time balances in your payroll
                                                                                                       • Payroll earnings reports
cash accounts.
                                                                                                       • Tax tables updated and maintained by
                                                                                                         MDI Achieve


MDI Achieve’s SchedulePro is a comprehensive staff scheduling program that allows
supervisors to create rolling schedules for each shift and discipline in their
department. They can also record the actual shift activity to track employee days off.

SchedulePro is fully integrated with all of MDI Achieve’s Staff Solutions modules for maximum
efficiency and consistent employee information throughout the system.

Adaptable & Easy-To-Use
Building a schedule has never been so simple. The quick and easy set-up feature provides
unlimited user-defined shifts, locations and assignments for customized shifts. You can also
create user-defined department classes and groups. SchedulePro adapts to fit your scheduling
needs with the capability to handle split shifts, double shifts and shift changes whenever
necessary. Like all other MDI Achieve modules, this program is “multi-user”, allowing your        SchedulePro
supervisors to work on scheduling simultaneously.                                                 Other Key Features
                                                                                                  • Multi-user capable
Schedule Tracking
                                                                                                  • User-defined shifts, locations and assignments
SchedulePro provides user-defined shift codes (i.e. Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave,
                                                                                                  • Unlimited user-defined shift codes
Unauthorized Absence, etc.) to allow you to track scheduled and unscheduled time off. The
                                                                                                  • Schedule patterns feature
program also allows you to view the rolling schedule by Location, Department, Department
                                                                                                  • Easy-to-use Schedule Time Off function
Class or Group. You can also view the entire schedule and sort by Department or Employee
Name. Daily shift detail is available for each employee, including name, department, location,    • User-defined background colors on viewed
assignment and shift. Pre-programmed reports can be printed for posting with a click of the         schedule
mouse.                                                                                            • No call/no show, on-call shift and notes
Integration & Budgeting                                                                           • Report generator wizard for customized reports
SchedulePro is designed for full integration with all other MDI Achieve Staff Solutions modules   • Various pre-programmed reports that can be
to provide for maximum efficiency, through single data-entry and a variety of comparison            viewed or printed
reports; however, it can be used as a stand-alone product. SchedulePro provides summary           • Customizable password security for access to
reports of hours or employees by shift, by location, and by department to help you calculate        specific groups of employees
the cost of the weekly schedule for budgeting purposes. Know the costs of a schedule in
advance and you can make adjustments to keep your budget on track!


MDI Achieve’s Touch Time is a unique time and attendance software system that accurately
tracks employee hours and helps streamline the payroll process. With Touch Time, employee
work time is recorded and totaled automatically, saving your accounting staff valuable time.

Employees can easily clock in and out through the Touch Time program using a touch screen
monitor. The system even allows employees to transfer to other departments during their shift
through a simple, one-step process.

Streamlines Payroll
Touch Time is fully integrated with our Payroll module, allowing for single data-entry of new
employees. Once employees are set up in Payroll, they are automatically installed in Touch
Time. Employee hours are recorded in Touch Time and seamlessly downloaded into our                Touch Time
Payroll system at the end of the pay period. Employee records can be accessed from either
                                                                                                  Other Key Features
Touch Time or Payroll.
                                                                                                  • Message Manager feature to communicate
Efficient Tracking System                                                                           messages to employees at the time of clock
Touch Time features a variety of reports that can be accessed at any time, including Employee       in/out
Activity, Departmental Detail, Departmental Activity, Departmental Summary, Employee Payroll      • User-defined rules for time clock parameters
Summary, Overtime Approval Required, and On The Clock reports.                                    • Access to historical pay periods
                                                                                                  • Secure manager access to review or edit hours
Optional Biometric Login                                                                          • No additional licensing fees for multiple
Using our biometric option, your staff can clock in/out simply by pressing their fingertip into     workstations within the facility
a special fingerprint reader and then touching the appropriate button on your touch screen
monitor. No need to remember another ID or PIN! Plus, the secure biometric input helps
prevent fraud and login errors. Setup is quick and easy as the software is specially designed
to convert the fingerprint into a unique code that is matched to a specific employee.

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