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									Storing Shoes In
   Your Home
For anyone who has more shoes than
 closet space shoe storage is an ideal
 solution. Whether it is your own
 collection of shoes or shoes belonging to
                                   g g
 your kids, there is nothing more
 frustrating than searching for a missing
Rather than spending your time looking
    d th b d       i
 under the bed or in a j    bl d bi th
                        jumbled bin, these
 racks give you a neat way to store many
 different pairs
acks can come in all shapes and sizes.
 Wood is often a favorite choice but there
 are some things to consider if you are
 going to g for this material:
 g   g    go
- Breed of wood - How many tiers -
 Number of pairs of shoes the rack will
 hold - Can it be easily folded and stored -
 Does it require assembly - Type and
   l    f     d fi i h Cost Length and
 color of wood finish - C t - L    th    d
 height - Warranty period if any
When you begin shopping, you will find
 that there are some types that you will
 need to assemble yourself and others
 that come ready-made.
There are some styles that can fold to
 make storing them when y
             g            you don't need
 them easier. Many brands include a
 warranty from the manufacturer to
               t              f
 ensure you get many years of use.
As you look for a spot in your home to
 use for shoe storage, remember that
 there are styles made for small spaces.

A few ideas to consider are:
- Construction of rack - Quantity of
                            (3 4
 brackets supporting rack (3-4 is best) -
 Length and width - Amount of slots -
 Vertical or horizontal shoe placement
 (horizontal tends to fall out easier when
 door swings open or shut) - Mesh or
                 f                     f
 plastic - Cost of product - Material of
 brackets (metal is more durable than
 plastic) - Does the manufacturer offer a
 warranty on the durability of the product
Another type of shoe storage solution
 that you may want to take into
 consideration would be a metal floor

These racks require a similar amount of
 open space as the before mentioned
 wooden racks, but still have differing
Much like a shower rod is adjustable in
 length due to a lager pipe encompassing
 a slightly smaller pipe of the same
 material, some metal racks can expand
          ,                          p
 or retracts to fit the designated space
 you have available for your shoes.

The benefit you end up with from this
 assortment is the convenience of
 adjustability while maintaining the
 sturdiness of the product
It is important to keep in mind that just
 as the adjustability of a shower rod has a
 minimum length as well as a maximum
 length, so do your adjustable metal
     g ,       y        j

Most metal racks have a set height to
 keep number of tiers at a constant. If
 considering the purchase of a metal shoe
 rack you will want to note:
- Is it adjustable or set in size -
 Maximum or standard length - How many
 pairs will it hold - Price - Assembly
 requirements - Does the manufacturer
 offer a warranty on the durability of the
There are many types of shoe racks on
 the market today The type that is right
 for the needs of a person will depend on
 a number of the before mentioned
                 g your decision it is best
Before finalizing y
 to count how many pairs you need to
 take care of, then begin looking online
                 d    h    i      t il
 even if you end up shopping retail.
There's tons of information related to
               online      it's
 shoe storage online, but it s all scattered
 and not very well organized. For well put
 together information shoe storage
   g                               g
 solutions, then please visit us today.


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