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					     Password Reset, Additional Computer Resources and Other Request Form
                              For Personal Account

Application Procedures

1.   The form should be completed and submitted to ITSC through
     i. In person to HelpDesk (User Area, Room 109A Pi Ch’iu Building). The CU Link card of the applicant must be presented to
          the consultant-on-duty. A photocopy of CU Link Card is accepted.
     ii. Mailing to “User Support Division, Information Technology Services Centre, 2/F Pi Ch’iu Building, CUHK”. A photocopy
          of CU Link Card and a self-address envelop must be attached.
     iii. E-mail to A photocopy of CU Link Card must be attached.
2.   For any enquiries about the status of the application, please write to ITSC Electronic HelpDesk at

Rules to Note

1.   All ITSC computing resources must be used in accordance with the policies and guidelines stated in ITSC User Reference
     RGEN002 Computer Network Policies and Guidelines on Access and Usage. The document can be read on-line at
2.   The computing resources must be used in connection with CUHK student activities only, in an efficient and non-wasteful
     manner, and NEVER for commercial purpose.
3.   Any additional computing resources/quota granted have to be renewed on half-yearly basis.
4.   The password granted to you must be kept CONFIDENTIAL.
5.   The Chairperson shall be the applicant of computing resources, appoint the Coordinator of the student organization, and bear
     ultimate responsibility for the computing resources granted to the student organization. The appointed Coordinator shall be
     responsible for management of the computing resources granted to the student organization, and should work closely with ITSC
     on implementing relevant policies.
6.   Any user who violates the Centre’s rules and regulations will have his/her computing account and privileges revoked.

Notice to Applicants Regarding Personal Data

1.   The personal data provided on this form will be used by
            ITSC to verify your identity in the University to confirm your eligibility for the computing resources and services being
             provided by ITSC
            ITSC to contact you
2.   The provision of personal data on this form is voluntary. If you do not provide sufficient information, however, we may not be
     able to process your application.
3.   Personal data held by us relating to you will be kept confidential and will not be used for other purposes apart from the above.
4.   You have the right to check whether ITSC holds personal data on you. You can submit your request through Electronic
     HelpDesk at or in writing to “User Support Division, Information Technology
     Services Centre”.
5.   Details on the use of personal data by ITSC can be found at

Form No. S01 (Page 1 of 3)                                                                                                   09 2011
Section A: General Information

Staff / Student ID No.                                Prof / Dr / Mr / Ms /     Name in Chinese
                                                      Mrs                       (if applicable)
Name in English


Contact E-mail                                                                  Contact Phone
Address (CUHK)                                                                  No
Personal E-mail                                                                 Fax Number
Address                                                                         (optional)

Section B: Services Required (Please tick as appropriate.)

I.         Reset Password (Password will be generated by the system):

[      ]     ITSC PC LAN
[      ]     Campus Wide E-mail System (Mailserv) / CUHK Community Homepage Server (iHome) / General-purpose UNIX Server

II.        Request Additional Computing Resources and Disk Quota (To be renew on half-yearly basis)

   New                                  System                    Computing Resources                       Disk Quota
                                                     Additional      Additional      Additional    Additional      Additional
                                                     Quota of        Quota of        Quota of      Disk Quota      File Quota
                                                     CPU             Memory (MB      Disk I/O      (MBytes)
                                                     Seconds         Seconds)        (Kbytes)
                                    Campus Wide          ---              ---              ---
       [ ]              [ ]         E-mail System
       [ ]              [ ]         Purpose UNIX
                                    Server (Logic)
                                    CUHK                  ---             ---             ---
       [ ]              [ ]         Homepage

III.       Miscellaneous

Section C: Justification

Applicant requesting password reset can skip this part. Please state the purpose of using the computing account(s) selected in
Section B according to the following information. Otherwise, your application may not be considered and the form will be returned
to you. Please use a separate sheet if necessary.

Form No. S01 (Page 2 of 3)                                                                                               09 2011
Section D: Declaration of the Applicant

I understand that the Centre will not be responsible for any loss or damage of data involved in this request; and it is not the Centre’s
obligation to fulfill my request. The ITSC may terminate any extra resources allocated to me on the specified end date without prior

Endorsed by

______________________________________________________                                    __________________________________
                       Signature                                                                         Date
       (                                          )
                    Name in Print

Section E: Form Submission

1.    To expedite the process of your application, the following information/documents must be supplied/produced/completed.
      [ ] Section A, D                                        [ ] A self-address envelop (if by post)
2.    You can submit the form to the HelpDesk (User Area, Room 109A of Pi Ch’iu Building) in person and present your CU Link
      card to the consultant-on-duty for identification or send the form, with a photocopy of your CU Link card, to “User Support
      Division, Information Technology Services Centre”.
3.    For password reset,
             Staff applicant: The new password will be sent to the applicant via his/her department by intra-departmental mail.
             Student applicant needs to provide a copy of CU Link Card. After receiving and verifying the application form, the new
              password will be sent either by (i) postal mail if a stamped self-address envelope is provided or (ii) by e-mail if personal
              e-mail address is provided by the next working day.
4.    For other application request, you will be notified through e-mail.
5.    For any enquiries about the status of the application, please submit your enquiries through Electronic HelpDesk at

Section F: Office Use Only

Received by _______________________________________________________                              Date _________________________

Authorized by _____________________________________________________                              Date _________________________

Processed by ______________________________________________________                              Date _________________________

Remarks __________________________________________________________________________________________________

Form No. S01 (Page 3 of 3)                                                                                                      09 2011

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