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                                          DRAFT 3

                                         NOV 2008

Draft 3 Sept 2008


This Occupation Specific Dispensation (OSD) is a draft document and should be treated
as such. The ad-hoc Committee responsible for developing this is aware that it will need
extensive discussion and deliberation amongst members of the Society of Radiographers
of South Africa (SORSA) and therefore constructive feedback is requested. SORSA is the
only professional association for radiographers in South Africa.

This proposed OSD was developed at the recommendation of SORSA’s National Council
to provide guidance regarding an acceptable salary package for radiographers in South
Africa. Input was obtained from members, lending a consultative nature to this document.
When the consultative process is completed the document will it be submitted for
Council’s deliberation and approval and thereafter members will be able to refer the
proposed OSD structure to their respective unions for negotiations.
This OSD is therefore aimed at establishing a new salary dispensation but also a new
career path for radiographers.

Radiography is a dynamic profession with various challenges not unique to the South
African context. Radiographers are indispensable to health care delivery in South Africa.
Due to the high standards of training and the high level of professional practice,
radiographers are in high demand in the South African private sector as well as abroad.

It is hoped that a new OSD will financially be meaningful to radiographers which should
lead to retention of skills thereby minimizing the exodus of radiographers to the private
sector as well as to health institutions abroad.

The implementation of this new OSD for Radiography focuses on themes which are
reflected in the agreement between organized labour unions and the State 1 namely

      Ideal career pathing for radiographers based on competencies, experience and
      Pay progression in terms of seniority and experience.
      Increasing the competencies amongst radiographers in order to retain and attract
       radiographers from sectors other than the state.
      The creation of a specialist radiography stream.

The state in its negotiations with Unions accepted that professions need to have
career-focused dispensation which will be unique for each profession. In view of this
SORSA is recommending the implementation of a new post structure allowing for areas of
specialization. This consultant / specialist radiographer is envisaged to improve
competencies amongst radiographers and is an ideal opportunity to attract and retain

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                      2
many motivated and hardworking radiographers, who often seek job satisfaction overseas
or elsewhere. Areas proposed for such specialization is in the field of pattern recognition
(reporting) in certain areas of Diagnostic Radiography, and many others.

SORSA recommends the immediate introduction of Deputy-director posts in all provinces
in order to streamline managerial and other radiographic duties and to standardize
conditions of service in the public sector. Adequate radiographic services within each
province are impossible to achieve without supervision and control. It is contended that
radiographic services should improve at all health levels in the provinces as deputy
directors of radiography will be accountable for service provision. The salary level
proposed is that of level 11 which is justified by the huge responsibility of such a high
ranking position.

All regional and districts hospitals should further be provided with a community service

 Proposed salary scales based on rank

Rank                   level                  Old scale              New scales
Supplementary          5                      R 68 955               R 104 955

Senior                 6                      R 85 362               R 121 000
radiographer and

Senior                 7                      R 106335               R 144 837

Chief                  8                      R 132 054              R 178 149

Consultant/            9                      R 157 686              R 213 779

Assistant-director     10                     R 196 815              R 245 846

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                        3
(With Masters)                                                        R 295 036
(With Doctorate)                                                      R 348 143

Deputy-director         11                     R 311 358              R 360 000
(With masters

       Proposed salary scales based on experience.

       The table below stipulates the salary scales based on years experience for
        radiographers at the implementation date of the OSD.
       Years of experience denotes total years worked as a radiographer irrespective
        where the experience was gained, e.g. in the public and/ or private sectors
        nationally and/or internationally .
       It is envisaged that a substantial increase in salary based on experience may result
        in return of radiographers to the public sector.

Service/ experience           Recommended grade            Scale              Notch
profile upon                                               (Rands p.a)        (Rands p.a.)

Grade 1
Less than 2 year service                                   R121 000 min       R 121 000
or experience                                              R144 000 max
 2 year service or                                                            R 126 00
 4 year service or                                                            R 131 000
 6 year service or                                                            R 136 000
 8 year service or                                                            R 144 000
Grade 2
10 year service or                                         R150 000 min       R 150 000
experience.                                                R 173 000 max
12 year service or                                                            R 156 000
 14 year service or                                                           R 161 00
16 year service or                                                            R 167 000
 18 year service or                                                           R 173 000

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                         4
Grade 3
 20 yea service or                             R 180 000 min    R 180 000
experience.                                    R 206 000 max
 22 year service or                                             R 187 000
 24 year service or                                             R 194 000
 26 year service or                                             R 200 000
 28 year service or                                             R 206 000
Grade 4
 30 year service or                            R212 000 min     R 212 000
experience.                                    R 248 000 max
 32 year service or                                             R 218 000
 34 year service or                                             R 222 000
 36 year service or                                             R 228 000
 38 year service or                                             R 236 000
 40 year service or                                             R 242 000
 42 year service or                                             R 248 000

 Proposed salary scales based years experience for assistant-radiographers
 (supplementary diagnostic radiographers)

Service/ experience profile     Recommended    Scale            Notch
as on 30 June 2009 for          grade          (Rands p.a)      (Rands p.a.)

Grade 1
Less than 2 year service or                    R 104 000 min    R 104 000
experience                                     R 112 000 max
2 year service or experience.                                   R 106 00
4 year service or experience.                                   R108 000
6 year service or experience.                                   R 110 000
8 year service or experience.                                   R 112 00
Grade 2

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                            5
10 year service or experience.                            R 116 000 min      R 116 000
                                                          R 124 000 max
12 year service or experience.                                               R 118 00
14 year service or experience.                                               R 120 000
16 year service or experience.                                               R 122 000
18 year service or experience.                                               R 124 000
Grade 3
20 year service or experience.                            R 126 000 min      R 126 000
                                                          R 144 000 max

22 year service or experience.                                               R 128 00
24 year service or experience.                                               R 131 000
26 year service or experience.                                               R 136 000
28 year service or                                                           R 144 000
Grade 4
30 year service or experience.                            R 121 000 min      R 121 000
                                                          R 160 000 max
32 year service or experience.                                               R 126 00
34 year service or experience.                                               R 131 000
36 year service or experience.                                               R 136 000
18 year service or experience.                                               R 144 000
38 year service or experience.                                               R 150 00
40 year service or experience.                                               R 155 00
42 year service or experience.                                               R 160 000

Rationale behind recommendations:

      A general increase of R3 000 across the board is proposed for all levels of
       radiographers. This will ensure that the new OSD will be financially meaningful to
      It was felt that those persons with a recognized higher qualification should on
       average earn R9600 p.a more across all levels.
      The same figure is proposed for those with a Masters degree: In other words, a
       radiographer with a masters degree will earn R14 400 p.a. more than someone
       without a Masters degree (i.e R1200 p.m more than someone without a masters
       degree) . Radiographers with a B-Tech degree should earn R9 200 more p.a.
       (R770 per month more) than those with only a Diploma.
      All other qualifications registerable with the Professional Board for Radiography
       and Clinical Technology should earn more in recognition of further studies.
      It is recommended that all persons with further qualification (short courses) must
       earn R4800 p.a more than those without such short courses.
      Radiographers with more than 1 recognised qualification must be remunerated for
       only 1 such qualification, where the highest qualifying level will be applicable. In
       other words radiographers with a B-tech degree and short course must qualify for
       both salary increments, but in the event of two short course obtained, will only be
       eligible for one increment.
Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                        6
      Salary adjustments for Radiographers with qualifications in more than one
       discipline, will only be eligible for the qualification in which they are practicing in.
      Radiographers with Doctorate degrees in radiography should be as far as possible
       be promoted subject to internal review, to managerial positions in recognition of
       such qualifications and where such vacancies exist.
      Radiographers with Masters degree should be appointed, subject to internal
       review, to the position of Consultant / Specialist radiographers in recognition of
       such qualifications obtained and where such a vacancy exist, provided that the
       qualification obtained was relevant to Radiography.
      Radiographers with further qualifications outside of radiography, but that are
       relevant to the profession, (such as an MBA or BA Public Admin), should be
       remunerated to an amount applicable for Radiography qualifications.

Regarding the following matters agreed by the unions and the state, SORSA recommend
the following for radiographers:

1 Regular salary adjustments:
Every third year, based on CPIX plus 1%

2 Frequency of pay progression:
Pay progression to occur every second year until maximum of salary notch per level is
reached: It is recommended that a 5% percent increase per progression be allowed.
When the maximum level is reached, members to be considered for a next level based on
competencies and expertise via annual staff assessment. Annual pay progression to be
1,5% - 2% annually.

3 Grade progression:

SORSA recommends a grade progression based on level of performance or depending
on staff assessment via staff assessments. In other words, radiographers who exceed the
norm must be awarded 10% of basic salary compared to their peers.
This should be done by transparent yearly staff assessment. Progression to the next level
salary grade is subject to the employee meeting all the promotion criteria for the relevant
higher grades.

4 Career pathing
A specific additional level of speciality is recommended namely that of specialist/
consultant radiographer. This will bring Radiography in line with staff and salary structures
found, especially the UK.

5 Priorities and implementation date:
Implementation of the new OSD should be implemented immediately without delay in
order to reverse the exodus of radiographers to other sectors other than the state.

6 Translation measures:
SORSA requests its involvement in the setting of translation measures. SORSA is the
only professional association for Radiographers. Whilst the importance of Unions in

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                            7
negotiating matters is appreciated and acknowledged, only a radiography specific
association such as SORSA can decide what is best for the profession.

7 Required levels of performance.

SORSA acknowledges and recommends that specific motivators are built into the salary
structures and package for Radiographers to reward exceptional service. It is clear that
existing motivators and financial rewards are unsuccessful and cumbersome in rewarding
exceptional service.
A definition for exceptional service should and can be where a radiographer’s
performance constantly exceeds the norm by far.

8 Longer salary bands

SORSA supports the implementation of longer salary bands and substantial overlaps
between salary levels to facilitate adequate salary progression for those radiographers
who wish to remain in their existing job descriptions.

9 Payment for Normal overtime:

Overtime on a Sunday and Public Holiday should be 4 x basic salary where the
employee is not granted the option of time-off. All other over time should be 2 x basic
salary where the option of overtime is granted. This must comply with the provisions of
the Basic Conditions of Employment Act of 1997.

10 Calculation of overtime:

Should not be limited to a certain amount of hours and should be payable to all levels of
employees who have worked overtime.

11 Average working hours per week:

SORSA supports a 40 hour week as prescribed in the Basic Conditions of Employment
Act of 1997.

12 Discussion

This new OSD is market related and will hopefully negate the effect of radiographers
emigrating or finding jobs abroad. SORSA is in agreement with the decision made at the
bargaining Council (Resolution 1 item 4.5) that these salaries and adjustments, must be
fair, equitable and transparent. Radiographers must be able to access information and be
given adequate opportunities to appeal any dispute.

13 Career pathing:

13.1 Specialist Radiographer/ Consultant Radiographer

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                      8
The above level must be implemented for Radiographers with a Masters qualification in
Radiography (or any relevant/equivalent qualification) which is to benefit his/her
radiographic duties. This will heed the resolution adopted by the State and Unions by
having a career path specific to Radiography. (Resolution 1 item 4.6). This will further
ensure that Radiography will have a career path in line with that of the UK.

This level will allow opportunities for radiographers to extend their roles and to fulfill duties
usually performed by a radiologist. Areas for specialization include limited reporting,
performance of barium enemas, cystograms and the administration of contrast media.
Role extension is subject to HPCSA approval.

Higher education institutions are encouraged to play an active role in developing
accredited training courses to develop these skills amongst radiographers.

14 Conclusion

The recommended level of Specialist radiographer should be introduced for Radiography,
and should be for those radiographers who have obtained a masters qualification that is
aligned with job descriptions that include role extension duties to benefit the service
It is hoped that the new OSD will bring a meaningful change in the remuneration for
radiographers thereby acknowledging the important function they fulfill in delivering an
indispensable service to all the people of South Africa.


1     Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council: Agreement on improvement in
salaries and other conditions of service for the financial years 2007/2008 to 2010/2011
Resolution 1 0f 2007, accessed at: www.dpsa.gov.za/documents/pscbc/2007/res1 on 15
April 2008.

Draft 3 Sept 2008                                                                              9

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