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					                                      St Edmund’s College Canberra

                                      Achieving today. Leading tomorrow.

                         Volume 40                          No 3                                         22 February 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians                       Haydon – Home in Queanbeyan            Lent provides each of us an
                                                                                        opportunity to reflect upon just
                                                 Treacy – School of St Jude in
Education, particularly the funding                                                     what is important and what we
of our schools, has received                                                            value. More than giving up
significant media coverage over the              Clancy – Rough Edges (a                something, it is a time of giving
last week. In one television show                         community project for         more of ourselves to those closest
three families whose children                             the homeless in Sydney)       to us such as our family and
attended three different schools                                                        friends. It is a time of giving more
                                                 Mulrooney – Vision Australia
e a c h r e p r e s e nt i ng d i f f e r i ng                                          of ourselves to those around us in
schooling           systems          were        Rice –    WaterAid Australia and       our workplace as well as in our day
i nt er vi e wed . O ne pa rt ic ul a r                    Koomari                      to day dealings with others. Lent is
response from the Catholic family                                                       also a time of giving more of
                                                 O’Brien – Salvation Army,
stood out for me. The father‘s                                                          ourselves to God through prayer
explanation of just why he chose to                                                     and contemplation.
send his three sons to a Catholic                Throughout the year the students
school was based on the values of                                                       In conclusion, as a Catholic school
                                                 in the secondary school will have
Catholic education.                                                                     in the Edmund Rice tradition we
                                                 practical opportunities to be
                                                                                        have a strong sense of just what
                                                 involved in initiatives that support
From my perspective these values                                                        we value. It is the appreciation of
                                                 these charity groups which work
are both ‗taught and caught‘                                                            the importance of the all-round
                                                 with disadvantaged groups locally,
through Catholic schooling. Values                                                      development and education of each
                                                 interstate and internationally. Our
can be taught through classroom                                                         and every student. Clearly, we are
                                                 aim is to instill in our young men
religious education and regular                                                         in the business of educating both
                                                 the values of compassion and
religious practice. They can also be                                                    the hearts and minds of those boys
                                                 empathy for those who are
caught through the example and                                                          and young men in our care.
actions of others. A few examples                                                       With best wishes for the coming
from school life at the College over             In another example of actions
this past week exemplify my point                reflecting our values, last Sunday
                                                 morning a group of over 70
At last week‘s Opening Mass, Fr                  students, staff and parents were
Steve Fletcher, parish priest at St              engaged in the collection for the
Benedict‘s, Narrabundah, and past                local chapter of the St Vincent de
student of the College, spoke about              Paul at St Benedict‘s. We have
the values of people of justice and              been involved with SVDP there for
action such as Blessed Edmund                    some years, so it was pleasing to
Rice. He also recounted a powerful               see these numbers continue to          Peter Fullagar
story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta               grow. Thanks in particular to Mr       Principal
and her visit to St Christopher‘s                Nathan Galea who facilitated our
                                                 involvement and to the Open                        REFLECTION
Cathedral some years ago. At the
time this diminutive women                       Rugby boys who were fulfilling the     It’s not always easy to love those who
                                                 community outreach aspect of their     live right next to us. There are
challenged the assembled crowd to                                                       thousands of people dying for a bit of
reassess their own spiritual values.             season.                                bread, but there are thousands more
                                                                                        dying for a bit of love or a bit of
                                                 On Wednesday, the school will          acknowledgement. The truth is that the
In our booklet for the opening Mass                                                     worst disease today is not leprosy or
we highlighted the six charities                 pause through the day to pray and      tuberculosis; it’s being unwanted, it’s
                                                 acknowledge Ash Wednesday and          being left out, it’s being forgotten.
with which each House in the
secondary school is associated. For              the commencement of the 40 day                                  Mother Teresa
your information they are:                       Lenten journey to Easter Sunday.

A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition.                                             Website:
               BLESSED EDMUND RICE
                                                                      Gonski Review
  Being Spiritually alive this Lent                                   The final Report by the panel, led by Mr David Gonski, on
  Blessed Edmund encouraged his men to take seriously the             The Review of Funding for Schooling was released on
  grace of Lent which for us in 2012 is about to start this           Monday.
  Wednesday. He encouraged all to step forward in holiness of
  life over the six weeks of Lent.                                    Broadly, the purpose of the review was to make
                                                                      recommendations about the future funding arrangements
  Edmund suggested I Pray the Rosary every day, pray
                                                                      for schooling in Australia for the period beyond 2013 and to
  together. To pray the Rosary we can get to know Jesus.‘
                                                                      offer strategies to improve the educational outcomes for all
  The Church too encourages prayer at this time. Each one of          Australian students.
  us is vitally important.
  The gift of prayer is waiting to be born in each of us. This is a
                                                                      The National Catholic Education Commission has made a
                                                                      number of points in response. The Commission recognised
  gift from God.
                                                                      the Report as a ‗significant piece of work‘ that has ‗provided
  Just as spring touches all trees and causes them to bloom, so       a theoretical framework‘ to address the funding issues
  prayer is the spring of a Christian life. The body breathes         raised in the review. The Commission further noted that
  when it is alive. When dead it does not breathe.                    there are ‗key questions unanswered‘ and suggests that
                                                                      ‗substantial analysis needs to be done to test the model and
  The soul breathes when it is praying. A Christian who prays
                                                                      the Report‘s recommendations.‘
  is alive. A Christian who does not pray is dead spiritually.
  So like Blessed Edmund who found the Rosary prayer as a             The Federal Government has indicated that a community
  means to holiness, could parents during this Lenten Season          consultation process, including analysis and testing of the
  encourage their sons to daily prayer especially the Rosary.         model, is the next appropriate phase.
  How wonderful if prayed together in the family.
                                                                      From our perspective the equity of funding and right of
                                            Br Matt McKeon cfc
                                                                      every child in Australia to receive the best education
                                                                      possible is without question. Improved and equitable
                                                                      funding is vital to the delivery of quality education. The
                                                                      certainty required by all schools to allow careful and
College Band                                                          responsible planning is linked to certainty around fees
Workshop this Sunday February 26th Intermediate and                   structures. Indexed government funding is paramount. As
Senior bands. 2.00 – 5.30pm in the St Edmunds                         noted the National Catholic Education Commission that
College Music Department. Wear casual clothing and                    ‗Inadequate funding for Catholic schools would see school
bring some afternoon tea.                                             fees rise‘ with the possibility of many families having to
                                                                      leave the Catholic system. Funding must increase each year
Band rehearsals have started in earnest this term as all              in order to reflect the increases in school expenditure in real
the bands have performances scheduled in term one.                    terms.
Intermediate Band Wednesday 8.00 a.m. St Clare‘s
music department                                                      We pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of St Edmund‘s
                                                                      and need to ensure that this is not threatened. Please
Senior Band Wednesday 3.40 – 5.00 St Edmunds
College music department                                              continue your interest in this important consultation phase
                                                                      and be vocal in your support of Catholic Education.
Middle School Band 8.00 a.m. St Edmunds College
music department
Senior Band 8.00 a.m. St Edmunds College music
If your son played an instrument last year it would be                Would $500 assist you
good for him to continue this year. To arrange lessons                with education costs?
please contact me through the College email system on                                        You could receive up to $500 to help pay for educational costs including text
String Studio                                                         books, computers, excursions and swimming lessons.

This week year 4 students were treated to a                           Saver Plus is delivered by The Smith Family in your local area and is looking
demonstration of violin and Cello playing by Mr Bryson                for new participants.
Hawkins. Mr Hawkins will be teaching strings at the
college this year and can be contacted through the note               Fairfield area.
he handed out at the demonstration or through the
                                                                      You may be eligible if you or your partner:
College Music Department. Violin and cello are
excellent choices of a first instrument.
                                                                               have a Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card
        Greg Stenning—Director of Music Performance
                                                                               are at least 18 years old

                                                                               have some regular income from work
                SYMPATHY and PRAYERS
 Please remember in your prayers members of the St                             have a child at school, or attend accredited vocational training
 Edmund‘s community who are ill or who have lost a loved                        yourself
 one recently.

 Particularly could you please keep in your prayers: Mrs
 Linda Muelan, Foulkes family, Kummle family and the
 Moreau family.                                                                     To find out more contact Brent Beyer, Saver Plus
                                                                                    Worker at The Smith Family on 6283 7606 or
 If you would like to have a family member or friend
 remembered in our                                                        
 prayers please email:

A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition.                                                             Website:
                                                                     Getting a good night’s sleep                        often
                                                                     comes down to routines. Avoiding late-night technology use
DATE CHANGE                                                          and keeping a regular sleep schedule are two important
                                                                     techniques as children head back to school. Recent studies
Please note: The Yr 10 Dinner Dance is booked for                    found that adolescents used multiple forms of technology late
                                                                     into the night, including gaming systems, cell phones and
Thursday Nov 29 2012.                                                computers. As a result, they had difficulty staying awake and
                                                                     alert throughout the day.
The College Calendar date of Friday Dec 7 2012 is
                                                                     Any factor that decreases the quality or quantity of sleep will
incorrect.                                                           lead to difficulty with school performance and poor behaviour
                                                                     problems. When children stay up late at night texting in bed
                                                                     or playing computer games or watching television, they are
                                                                     increasing their risk for neurocognitive problems.

                                                                     Disrupting the normal sleep pattern can reset the brain‘s
                                                                     circadian clock. A common problem, staying awake late and
                                                                     sleeping-in on the weekends, can make it difficult to fall
 International Women’s Day                                           asleep and wake-up during the week, so it is important to
                                                                     maintain a consistent schedule all week long.
 I recently had the privilege of participating in the India          For better sleep, it is important to maintain a routine bedtime
 Immersion trip. Among many quite extraordinary experiences          pattern to prepare the brain for sleep. Exciting, high-energy
 the opportunity to sit in on a micro finance meeting in the slums   activity should be avoided within one hour before lights out.
 of Delhi has stayed with me. The group of ten to twelve women,
                                                                     Insufficient sleep and poor sleep habits have been linked to
 who form this group, pool their yearly savings of approximately     health problems such as obesity, cardiovascular disease,
 thirty dollars Australian. As individuals they may make             diabetes, depression, moodiness, irritability, reduced memory
 application to the other members of the group for a modest          functionality, and delayed reaction time.
 loan. Two women explained that they borrowed an amount for a
                                                                     Acknowledgement: ScienceDaily
 dowry which enabled their daughter to marry. No dowry - no
 marriage and their daughters prospects in life are very much                      Matthew Negline—Head of Mulrooney House
 reduced. Another woman borrowed a small amount which
 enabled her to start a business. The borrowed amount is then
 repaid to the group fund.

 The point of this story is that when one of our students on the
 trip asked how this group has affected their lives a woman said     CAPTAIN’S CORNER— Tim Friel                             (Academic
 that for the first time in her life she felt empowered as a woman   Captain)
 – she had never made a decision for herself in relation to such
 matters. To have a sense of participation, support and              I would first like to personally welcome all students and staff back
 independence had been life changing.                                to St. Edmund‘s for 2012. Even though it has been said before, I
                                                                     and my fellow leaders, are looking forward to this coming year.
 The women had prepared morning tea for us – to be sitting in
                                                                     I‘d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the senior class of
 the poorest of areas in Delhi and be given morning tea, knowing
                                                                     2011 for their great academic achievements last year, with Ben
 the circumstances of these inspiring women, was very humbling.
                                                                     Stilling and Andrew Feng earning ATARs of 99, and 12 students
 UN Women Australia‘s theme for International Women’s Day            achieving ATARs over 90. With achievements similar to these over
 2012 is Women‘s Economic Empowerment.                               the past two years, the bar has been set high for this year‘s seniors
                                                                     and we all hope we can raise the bar further.
 Economic Empowerment recognises that increasing women's             The students who received academic awards last year also need to
 access to quality education, meaningful employment, land and        be congratulated on their efforts and achievements. And to all the
 other resources contributes positively to gender inclusion,         students who did not receive an award but worked solidly
 sustainable development and growth in prosperity.                   throughout the year and gave 100% in all areas, study and
                                                                     otherwise, congratulations are also in order. This year, I give you
 Across the globe, 70 per cent of the world's poor are women,        the challenge of improving your academic results and I would love
 women earn less than 10 per cent of the world‘s wages – but,        to see many more students receiving Gold Awards throughout the
 women do more than two thirds of the world‘s work. On average       year.
 women reinvest 90 per cent of their income into their families      We are halfway through the 3rd week of term and for many of you,
 while men invest only 30-40 per cent.                               myself included, assignments are beginning to stack up. Everyone
 In Australia alone, closing the gap between female and male         starts out the year planning to get assignments started earlier and
 employment will boost Australia‘s GDP by 11 per cent.               more study done for exams, however, many fall behind and become
                                                                     distracted. This has been a problem for me over the years. Previous
 International Women‘s Day 2012 is about celebrating the vital       College leaders have told me to plan and structure my time and this
 role women play in enhancing economic prosperity in their           has helped me keep on track.
 families, communities and countries while recognising that
                                                                     So I want to pass on that message that was passed to me, planning
 significant barriers to achieving women‘s economic security and
                                                                     to do an hour of study here, or do 20 minutes of assignment work
 equality continue to exist.                                         before school, will mean that you get much more worth out of your
 On March 8 we would encourage all in the St Edmund‘s                time and will give you the ability to hang out with mates or watch a
                                                                     footy game without thinking of that assignment due tomorrow
 community to support such an important day in whatever way
                                                                     which you haven‘t started.
 you can – a thought, a prayer, participating in an organised
 event or buying a purple ribbon.                                    Overcoming procrastination is a challenge facing everyone in
                                                                     society, and I‘m sure if you ask your teachers they will have their
                              Peter Milligan—Deputy Principal
                                                                     own stories, but if you can succeed in doing so, your grades will
                                                                     skyrocket and you will achieve your full potential.

A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition.                                                    Website:
  Is anybody listening?                                          Drama and Performing Arts
                                                                 With a new school year comes new challenges and
  Boys have so many voices in their ears it‘s becoming           new possibilities and the Drama department is
  increasingly difficult for parents‘ voices to be heard,
                                                                 tackling both of these head on. The challenge we
  according to leading psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg.
                                                                 face is to continue to develop and improve the
  He says parents need to create boundaries and make
  them and consequences for breaking these limits clear to       Drama courses we teach, ensuring the boys
  their children.                                                consistently aim to achieve their personal
  ―[Parenting] is not a popularity contest, if you‘re not        best. Our aim is to empower the boys and develop
  upsetting your teen at least once a week, you‘re not           life skills through the medium of Drama so they are
                                                                 equipped with the tools they need to face everyday
  He says some parents have lost their ―parenting spines‖.
                                                                 life, within the safety of St Edmund‘s College and
  ―It‘s not about being nice to children it‘s about setting      beyond.
  Dr Carr-Gregg‘s tips to positive and effective
                                                                 With these challenges comes the exciting prospect
  communication include;                                         of new possibilities, this year the Drama department
                                                                 is delighted to welcome Ms Debbie Newboult into
      Keep calm: the more you shout, yell and scream the
  more they will at you. Try counting backwards from 1000        the department, teaching Year 7 Drama. Ms
  in lots of seven or thinking of an animal for each letter of   Newboult has an extremely strong record in
  the alphabet before responding to their yelling.               teaching Drama and she brings a renewed vitality to
      Don‘t talk too much and listen more: teens need to        the subject. In addition to teaching Drama, Ms
  feel safe, valued and listened to. Keep your responses         Newboult has taken on the role of assistant director
  short and to the point.                                        for the school musical of ‗Back To The
    Use humour: don‘t fall into the trap of sarcasm, put        Eighties‘. This is an exciting musical which will
  downs trigger defensiveness.                                   bring the fun, music and cheese of the 80‘s into St
                                                                 Edmund‘s college. This is an exciting year for the
     Avoid confrontations and ultimatums and only argue
  about things that matter: don‘t argue about an untidy          Drama department, one which will bear great fruits
  bedroom, if they won‘t clean it up use their pocket            and I thank you for your continued support of
  money to pay a sibling to do it.                               Drama and the Performing Arts.
      Regularly give positive feedback: get into the habit                 Nigel Palfreman—Coordinator of Drama
  of letting your son know when he has done something

     Don‘t constantly remind them of past mistakes:
  mistakes are a part of life and learning, constantly
  reminding them of these will trigger defensiveness.
                                                                    “WINTER SPORTS REGISTRATIONS 2012
    Let some things get by you: you don‘t have to
                                                                    Winter Sports registrations (Football, AFL and Rugby) will take
  comment on everything they do.                                    place this Sunday from 11am to 1pm in front of the grandstand
  Don‘t be judgemental. Use ‗we‘ not ‗you‘ when talking             on Owens Oval. Should the weather be unfavourable they will
                                                                    be moved to the College Quadrangle.”
  through problems.
                                                                    As part of the fundraising effort for the Rugby Tour to New
  Taken from the Raising Boys website                               Zealand, the tour squad will be running a Car Wash at the
  (                                          College next Sunday during Winter Sports Registration Day,
                                                                    which includes rugby.
                         Tom Zinkel—Head of Rice House
                                                                    Details are as follows:

                                                                     What           Car Wash (4 stations)

                                                                     When           Sunday 26 February 2012

                                                                     Time           9:30am – 1:30pm
                                                                     Where          In Carpark , near Bus cage, opposite Grandstand
  To Paula and Ewen Moeller
                                                                     Cost           $10 per car (no vacuuming)
  on the birth of their son
                                                                    Please support our boys raise much needed funds for their
                                                                    tour to New Zealand by bringing your car along for a
                                                                    wash on Sunday, 26th February 2012.
                                                                                        John Windsor and Mr Tim Sedgwick
                                                                                                            Sports Coordinators

A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition.                                               Website:
                                                                             Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and 9.00 – 3.00 on Mondays and
  DRAGON BOAT WINNERS!                                                       Tuesdays. Both libraries are closed for Recess but the Senior Library
                                                                             is open each lunchtime, while the Middle School will be open for
                                                                             lunch time on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  The combined St. Edmund‘s and St. Clare‘s College
  mixed dragon boat team won the Jindabyne Flowing                           Studywiz. Studywiz is our e-learning management system and
  Festival regatta at the weekend.                                           everyone should have received a letter outlining their login details.
                                                                             Your Studywiz login is a permanent unlike the Parent/Teacher
  In a rare moment of glory, the Saints pipped                               Booking one, so your details should remain the same. I will be
                                                                             presenting a short Studywiz ‘show and tell’ at the Parents’ Forum
  Grammar for the junior title. In context the win can
                                                                             Meeting on the 27th of February if you would like more information.
  be compared to Mr Hawke beating Ms Langi in a                              If you have any problems with your login or require more
  100m sprint.                                                               information, please contact Cate Mitchell on 62390619.

  Saints paddle as underdogs to Grammar and the                              A reminder that St Edmund’s subscribes to the ELES Study Skills
                                                                             Handbook. This is a great online resource for parents and students
  fraction of a second victory was celebrated long and
                                                                             to address all their study skills issues and concerns as well as learn
  hard at McDonalds on the way home.                                         new ways to improve their results at school. The handbook has a
                                                                             huge amount of information for students and parents as well as a
  The students from both schools were a credit with                          number of interactive activities. To access the handbook, go to the
  their behaviour and camaraderie.                                           link on the College website or the link available through the library
                                                                             link from Studywiz.
  The mixed team consisted of: Kacie Patterson, Caitlin
  Gordon. Grace Odell, Julia Rayment, Marissa                                           Login Details
  Eldridge, Rebecca Segelsjo-Davernoy, Grace                                            username: forstedmundsonly
  Ephraums, Sarah Carter, Hayley Carey, Meg Taylor,
                                                                                         password: 30results
  Elish Kochel, Stephanie Kinnane, Adam Res, Tom

                                                                             Another useful study skills site is Studyvibe. This is a study skills
  Ratcliffe, Angus Thomas, Matt Fahy, Josh Johnson,
                                                                             website designed to help you learn how to study, take charge of
  Sam Pearson, Marcello Cabezas, Dylan Turner,                               your learning and maximize your potential. A link to this site is
  Andrew Gaughan, Miguel Beuno.                                              located on the Research and Study Skills page found on the SEC
                                                                             Library page which can be accessed via the links tab in Studywiz.
                            Phill Hawke—Director of Services
                                                                             We look forward to working to provide the best service possible for
                                                                             students, staff and parents and are happy to hear any suggestions
                                                                             you may have.
                                                                             Cate Mitchell
                                                                             STUDY SKILLS TIP FOR FEBRUARY: HOME STUDY ENVIRONMENT

                                                                             The start of a year is a good time to reassess the space where you
                                                                             work at home. Here are some points to consider:

                                                                             1. Natural lighting is best, but if not possible then a good strong bulb
                                                                             in your room and a bright desk lamp is essential. What is the lighting
                                                                             like in your study area?

                                                                             2. Fresh air and oxygen to the brain helps keep you mentally alert.
                                                                             What is the ventilation and air quality like in your study area?

                                                                             3. Your work space sets the tone for the way you approach your
                                                                             study. Is your desk large enough? What is your working space or
                                                                             desk like?

                                                                             4. The chair you use should be comfortable (but not so comfy you
                                                                             fall asleep) and adjustable to reduce strain on your neck and
Notes from the library…                                                      shoulders. What is your chair like?

Welcome back from the Library and Information Services team at St            5. When you are trying to memorise things, quiet is essential. No
Edmund’s. Once again the year has got off to a busy start with               music (unless it is certain types of classical like baroque). How
orientation sessions for new staff and students and the issue and receipt    effectively can you keep your room quiet?
of the ICT Usage Agreement forms across the whole school. A reminder
                                                                             6. Storage is essential to help you keep your notes organized and
to any students with outstanding forms that they must get them back
                                                                             sorted. Shelves, a filing cabinet, drawers. What is the storage like in
ASAP as their accounts will be disabled at the end of the week
                                                                             your room?
I would like to take this opportunity to welcome two new staff members       7. It is important to keep your study area uncluttered and organized.
to the Library and Information Services team. Ms Susan Ashmore has           A large pin board for notices and a calendar are useful. How
been appointed as the new Middle School Teacher/librarian and Ms             organized is your study area?
Marcelina Simmons will be working as a Library assistant in both
                                                                             8. How many distractions do you have in your room? TV, stereo,
libraries for three days a week and then working on the College archives
                                                                             computer, phone etc? It is always a good idea to switch off or
for two days a week.
                                                                             remove distractions before you start work. How well do you cope
The Senior Library opening hours are 8.15 – 4.30 (Mon – Thurs) and 8.15      with the distractions in your room?
– 4.00 (Fridays), while the Middle School library is open from 8.30 – 3.30

A Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition.                                                                Website:
           St Edmund's Cricket Club (S.E.C.C.)                                                   BASKETBALL— 26 February 2012
                                                                                      Team         Versus         Day   Times   Stadium   Duty
TEAM         OPPOSITION         LOCATION             DAY        TIME      FORMAT
U10 Blues    Marist White      SEC-Lonergan         Sunday      9:00      1-Day
                                                                                      U10 Blue     No Game

U11 Blues    Marist            Phillip 2-03         Saturday    9:00      1-Day
                                                                                      U12 Blue     No Game
                                                                                                                                          Please check
U12 Blues    Marist            SEC—Lonergan         Saturday    9:00      2-Day (2)
                                                                                                                                          game times on
U12 Whites Tuggeranong         Kambah 1-10          Sunday      9:00      2-Day (2)                                                       Basketball
                                                                                      U14 Blue/    No Game                                Website as
U13 Blues    Marist            Curtin 1-10          Saturday    9:00      2-Day (2)
                                                                                      Prem 1                                              occasionally
U14 Blues    Grammar           Deakin 2-05          Saturday    9:00      2-Day (2)
                                                                                                                                          time changes
                                                                                      U14 White    Grammar        Sun   10:00   Tugg 2    can occur.
U14 Whites Grammar             Grammar 1            Sunday      9:00      2-Day (2)
                                                                                      U14 Gold     Dodgers        Sun   9:00    Tugg 4

U14 Golds    Radford           Narrabundah 2-03 Sunday          9:00      2-Day (2)   U 16 Blue/   No Game
                                                                                      Prem 1
                                                                                                                                          Two Parents
U15 Blues    Daramalan         Yarralumla 1-04      Saturday    9:00      2-Day (2)
                                                                                                                                          from each team
                                                                                      U16 White    Marist         Sun   2:00    Tugg 1    are required for
First XI     Marist            SEC—Owens            Saturday    10:30     2-Day (1)
                                                                                                                                          duty each
Second XI                                                                             U16 Gold     Vikings        Sun   11:00   Tugg 4    game.
Blue         TBA               TBA                  Saturday    12:30     2-day (1)
                                                                                      U19 Blue/    No Game
Second XI                                                                             Prem 1
Gold         TBA               TBA                  Saturday    12:30     2-day (1)

                                                                                      U19White     Daramalan      Sun   6:00    Tugg 2

                                                                                      U19 Gold     Grammar        Sun   1:00    Tugg 5

  All Trials are held on the school grounds.                                                                 First XI Football Trials
  All players are to meet on the side of Owens Oval in front of the
  grandstands.                                                                                                   Standen Oval
  All players must wear PE gear, shin pads & boots – please bring a
  water bottle.                                                                                        Tuesday 28 February, 3:30pm

   Date                Time              Age                   Class                                             See Mr Borgia
   Mon 27 Feb         3:40pm         U13                     Year 7
                                     U14                     Year 8
                                     U15                     Year 9

                                     1st XI                  Year 12                   AFL
   Wed 29 Feb         3:40pm
                                     2nd XI                  Year 11
                                                                                       AFL registration forms are available from
                                     U16                     Year 10
                                                                                       either Mr Woods, Mrs Kitney or Mr Passeggi.
   Fri 2 Mar          3:40pm         U10                     Year 4                    Players may also return their completed
                                     U11                     Year 5                    forms to these staff members. There is also a
                                     U12                     Year 6                    link to the registration form on the college
   Mon 5 Mar          3:40pm         U13                     Year 7                    website under Co Curricula.
                                     U14                     Year 8
                                     U15                     Year 9

   Wed 7 Mar          3:40pm         1st XI                  Year 12
                                     2nd XI                  Year 11
                                     U16                     Year 10
                                                                                                               LOST AND FOUND
   Fri 9 Mar          3:40pm         U10                     Year 4
                                     U11                     Year 5                       Found: 1 pair Oakley Sunglasses
                                     U12                     Year 6                       Found: Size 16 T shirt Year 7 2010. Blue & White
                                                                                                 with names on the back of T Shirt.

  REGISTRATION                                                                            Found: Badge for O‘Brien house see me in Lost
  In 2012, Capital Football would like all players to register on-line at                        Property. Please contact the player registrar (Pat                     Lost:     Hat—has the name Matthew Johns
  Allen 0431 649 721 or 6294 5502) if you have any problems
                                                                                                    Year SA Tutor.
  registering or logging on.
                                                                                          Lost:     Hat has ‗Belongs to Aidan Barr-Hudson 4
  If you have not registered yet, there is a registration day at the
                                                                                                    White.‘ Please check the hat you are
  school this Sunday 26 February from 11am to 1pm. We will have
  blank forms for you to complete. If you have registered online, there
  is no need to attend registration day.

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