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19 January 2011

Service Announcement 001-19012011

Migration to Millennium Exchange – Technical Update                                   Exchange:

Following the release of the launch schedule for the Migration to Millennium             London Stock Exchange
Exchange, the purpose of this service announcement is to confirm the launch of
the Early Access Service (EAS) and update customers on some key technical             Environment:
documentation releases. The changes are outlined below:
                                                                                         Millennium Exchange
Launch of Early Access Service (EAS)                                                     Millennium Exchange
                                                                                          Customer Development
The Exchange is pleased to confirm the launch of EAS on Monday 24 January                 Service
2011. As an update to the previous version of EAS, the full range of FTSE
indices will be available from the launch date. In addition, the service will be      Type:
launched with empty order books. The Exchange’s pre-launch activities taking
place on Saturday 22 January 2011 may generate messages which customers                  Product Update
should ignore. As part of the pre-launch activitites, both EAS and CDS
environments will be upgraded to Functional Release 5.9. The Exchange will            Products:
not be publishing a release note as customers will not be impacted by the
changes in this release.                                                                 Millennium Exchange

The updated EAS/Production IP addresses can be found in MIT102 – Guide to
Production Migration and supersede the incorrect set of IP addresses                  Additional Information:
previously communicated in Service Announcement 001-22122010. The
correct version of Appendix A – Production IP Addresses is also available
                                                                                      For technical queries please
on our website at:
                                                                                      contact your Technical Account
                                                                                      Manager or the Technical
                                                                                      Information Desk on 020 7797
                                                                                      3939 (STX 33939).
Customers should also be aware that the allocation of instruments to multicast
channels has been changed for the EAS/Production environment. Customers
should familiarise themselves with the changes by reviewing Section 3.3.2 of          An archive of previously issued
MIT301 – Guide to Market Data Services.                                               service announcements is
                                                                                      available in the technical library
                                                                                      section of the Exchange's
Technical Documentation
                                                                                      Internet site:
An updated MIT102 - Guide to Production Migration (version 3.0) has been              m/techlib
released containing the following key updates:

       Failover and recovery testing in EAS
       Technical/enablement change freeze information

In addition, customers are advised that the Millennium Technical Specifications,
which provide customers with a technical overview of key elements of the
Millennium Exchange system, have been updated to Issue 7.1.

         London Stock Exchange Group plc. Registered in England & Wales No 05369106
For your reference, Issue 7.1 of the following documents have now been

            MIT201 - Guide to the New Trading System
            MIT202 - Trading Gateway (FIX 5.0) Specification
            MIT204 - Post Trade Gateway (FIX 5.0) Specification
            MIT205 - Drop Copy Gateway (FIX 5.0) Specification
            MIT301 - Guide to Market Data Services
            MIT302 - FIX-FAST Specification
            MIT303 - Level 2-ITCH Specification
            MIT304 - Guide to Regulatory News Service
            MIT401 - Guide to Reference Data Services

An addendum outlining the minor changes included in these latest versions is
attached to this service announcement.

The latest editions of all of the above documents are available on our website at:

         London Stock Exchange Group plc. Registered in England & Wales No 05369106

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