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Risk and Issues Template
Use this template to track the project's risks and issues. The risk log provides a calculation based on the identified
Risk's probability and impact. Probability is a drop down list of: Certain, Expected, Likely, Possible, Unlikely. Impact
is a drop down list: Very High, High, Medium, Low and Very Low. - The template also controls issue log items by
using the log to update the issue "n" sheet.

General        1     On the first time to use the template:
                      a) Update the headers on all worksheets to reflect the PROJECT NAME

Risk Log             List Identifed Risks and Calculate Risk Rating with suggested meanings
               1     Enter or Update the following:
                       a) Risk Number
                       b) Risk description
                       c) Probability (use dropdown list)
                       d) Impact (use dropdown list) e) Risk Rate color will change based on formula
               2     If Sorting is desired Sort all lines using the Header Row by Rating (descending) Number (ascending)
               3     For additional risks, Insert new rows, and then copy the Complete "template line" (At least cells A-R) and
                     insert it after the last identified risk
Issue Log            For Tracking all Issue Items - Log is used to provide information to the specific issue sheet
                     (Issue summary, Responsible Person, Issue Date and Status)
               1     Enter the following on the Issue Log worksheet:
                       a) Next sequential issue number
                       b) Issue description
                       c) Name of person assigned/responsible for the issue
                       d) Date the issue is being added
                       e) Status (use the dropdown list)


Issues worksheet   For tracking details of each identified Issue
             1     Make a copy of the Issue Template worksheet by right clicking on its label - choose "Move or Copy".
                   Choose both (move to end) and create a copy.
             2     Rename the copy of the Issue Template worksheet to "Issue "n" where n = the issue number
             3     Link the fields (Issue Description, Name of person Assigned, and Date of Issue) from the Issue Log
                   to the appropriate fields on the Issue worksheet: On the Issue "n" sheet for each field type in "=", then go
                   to the issue log sheet and click on the field there. Hit "enter" and you will come back to the Issue "n"
                   sheet with the value filled in.
             4     Enter the following on the Issue worksheet:
                     a) Level - High, Medium or Low
                     b) Class - Impact Area
                     c) Originator
                     d) A brief description of the consequences
             5     Update the Resolution with the steps completed to resolve the issue. At a minimum, this should include
                   the date, action taken, who took the action. This should reflect a historical sequence of events

             6     Make any changes to Issue Description, Person responsible or status in the issue log and they will be
                   updated in the Issues Worksheet

<Insert Project Name>                                                                         Risk Log                                                                                   3

Number         Risk                                           Probability        Impact      Rating      Contingency Plan              Mitigation Plan
  1            Example                                          Certain           High       0.7125
    2                                                                                        0.0000
    3                                                                                        0.0000
    4                                                                                        0.0000
    5                                                                                        0.0000
    6                                                                                        0.0000
   7                                                                                         0.0000
   8                                                                                         0.0000
   9                                                                                         0.0000
  10                                                                                         0.0000
  11                                                                                         0.0000
  12                                                                                         0.0000
  13                                                                                         0.0000
  14                                                                                         0.0000
  15                                                                                         0.0000
  16                                                                                         0.0000
               Minimum risk - Acceptable
               Some risks - Monitor at PM/Team Level
               High risks - Active monitoring with ongoing Contingency/Mitigation activity
               Show stoppers - Active participation with steering committee to mitigate

    X          template line                                                                 0.0000

<Insert Project Name>    Issue Log

                                     Person                 Date Opened -
Issue No.      Issue                 Responsible            Month/Day/year        Status
    1          Example               Project Manager               03/15/07      Open

<Insert Project Name>                                                 Issue Template

Issue No.                                       Level                                  Opened                                             Status
  (From                 Responsible             (High,             Class               (From                                              (From
  Issue                 Party (From             Medium,            (Impact             Issue             Date                             issue
   Log)                 Issue Log)              Low)               Area)               Log)              Closed             Originator    Log)
     1                   Project Manager                                                 03/15/07                                         Open

            Issue (From Issue Log)

                    If not resolved this issue could delay the project by 30 days, resulting in a fine for non-compliance

                        Hiring a contractor could resolve this delay at a cost less than the fine for non-compliance


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