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					How to purchase translation services…

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WordDoc Translations
WORDDOC services TRANSLATIONS for companies and/or whose INC. who provides conduct are translation business non native



English speakers.

WordDoc Translations is a company that

helps businesses increase their profit and improve their overall operating efficiency by helping them to effectively communicate with employees and customers. WordDoc Translations provides quality, reliable and comprehensive language services while maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity.

We deliver success and peace of mind.

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13506 Summerport Village Parkway, #201, Windermere, Fl 34786

WordDoc Translations
How are translation services priced, by the word, by the page, by the hour?
Translations are priced based upon the number of words contained in your document. There are two ways to count the words. You can count the words in your original document (source words), or you can count the words in the finished translation (target words).

Is it better to count the source words (words in the original document) or the target words (words in the finished translation)?
Many translation companies charge based upon the target (translated) words. They do this because in many cases, such as from English to Spanish, the number of words increases (in the example, by approximately 25%) from the original to the translation. Here at WordDoc, we price based upon Source word counts (original document), so there are NO suprises when you get the bill. You will know up front how much your translation will cost. We also do not use translators who are accustomed to charging based upon the target (translated) word counts. Many of these translators develop sloppy habits and tend to use more words to say the same thing. For example, using “those people who fight fires” (5 words) instead of fire-fighters (1 word).

There is a wide range in prices. difference between companies?

How can you tell the

You should ask a couple of questions…. 1) Are they insured for both general liability and Errors and Omissions? 2) Do they have a quality control process and are they willing to share it with you? 3) Are they willing to provide you with the names/numbers of customers you can contact? 4) What happens if there is a mistake in the translation? Who pays to reprint it? 5) Do they provide notarized translation certications along with summaries of team credentials?

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13506 Summerport Village Parkway, #201, Windermere, Fl 34786

WordDoc Translations
How can you be sure of the quality of the translation?
Unfortunately, in an effort to get more customers through reduced pricing, many translation companies provide you with a translation that has only been translated and in many cases not even edited. Yet they charge you as if they had provided the complete service, including translators, editors, proofreaders, copyeditors etc. Now, there ARE situations in which only a translation is needed. But this should be disclosed and discussed up front. At WordDoc we provide different levels of service to our clients helping them to balance quality, turn around time and cost. We offer services from “Translation Only” up to a full “Translation Project.” (Please see our description of services.)

How long do translations take?
The turn around time for translations varies depending upon the size of the project, whether or not typesetting is needed and the level of service needed (translation only versus full translation project). Most projects take at least 3 to 5 business days, though some can be completed in less time. Your Translations Services Consultant can help you with this.

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13506 Summerport Village Parkway, #201, Windermere, Fl 34786

WordDoc Translations
Translation Only: To respond to price-sensitive situations, WordDoc Translations provides a translation only service with a highly qualified translator whose credentials have been verified. With this service, WordDoc Translations guarantees the quality of the individual translator. This lower cost service is most applicable for situations in which the text to be translated is not going to be published, is used internally, and/or is not subject to a high risk of liability. Translation Projects: In those situations in which quality is of great concern to the client, WordDoc Translations offers a complete translation project. With this service, WordDoc Translations selects a highly qualified team of translation professionals, which includes a project manager, translator, editor, proofreader and subject matter expert. With this Translation Project service, WordDoc Translations guarantees the quality of the translation itself. This service is ideal for situations in which the translated text will be published or carries a high degree of liability. Modified Translation Projects: This service is identical to Translation Projects, except that the client serves as the Subject Matter Expert (SME). After editing the document, the WordDoc team confirms that the changes in the document do not change the meaning from the original document. The SME does not even need to be bilingual. Consulting: Clients with several documents that need to be translated often prefer a consulting arrangement with WordDoc Translations. If the information the client needs is contained within a select number of specific pages, it is not cost effective to translate all of the pages. Instead, WordDoc Translations offers the option of Translation Consulting. With this service, the client pays for the services of a translator on an hourly basis. The translator summarizes in writing or orally the information contained in the documents and the client then decides which pages require a full translation. This service is also recommended for documents that have been previously translated and need to be updated.

• • • • • • We offer Translation Project (Full project: Project manager, translator, editor, copy editor, proofreader) and we offer Translation Only (just a translator) We guarantee the accuracy of our Translation Projects. Translation Project is recommended when there are liability issues, when the material is for clients or when the material will be printed. We guarantee that the translator assigned in a Translation Only project is a top translator. We recommend Translation Only when price is a major concern and when the material is for internal use only. We have a 10 point quality process for Translation Project, which includes certification by all team members, and certification from Quality Control. Unlike most translation companies, we provide a price up front and we do not exceed our quotes. We charge based upon the source word count (number of words in the original language). Most companies charge based upon target word count (the number of words in the translation). Since most languages expand from English, this means that the final price other companies usually give ends up being higher. It also encourages translators to be wordy (using “those people who fight fires” instead of “firefighters.”)

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13506 Summerport Village Parkway, #201, Windermere, Fl 34786

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