Planet In Peril Vocab. Terms by ert554898


									Planet In Peril Vocab. Terms
- Species extinct from a specific area
Ex. Wolves Yellowstone park
- Species in danger of going extinct. Less than
  1000 of a species.

- Species with low numbers in danger of becoming

- Species that no longer exists.
- Variety of organisms in a given area
Global Warming
- Warming of the atmosphere
Greenhouse Effect
- Atmosphere traps heat around the Earth.
Ozone Layer
- Layer in the atmosphere made up of O3, three
   oxygen molecules bonded together, blocks a
   lot of harmful UV light.
- CFCs, gases that deplete the ozone layer
6 Kingdoms
- Animals
- Plants
- Fungi
- Protists
- Eubacteria
- Archeabacteria
Order of Classification
- Kingdom               Keep
- Phylum                Plates
- Class                 Clean
- Order                 Or
- Family                Family
- Genus                 Gets
- Species               Sick
What is believed to be the source of all the
  carbon dioxide in the air?
- Burning of fossil fuels
What is coral bleaching?
- coral bleaching happens when the coral expels
   the alga that helps it photosynthesis and turn
   sunlight into sugars that are at the base of the
   food web due to increase water temperatures;
   the coral dies and disrupts the feeding
   structures; coral reefs also serve as nursery for
   marine species and therefore affect the
   pelagic zone of the ocean.
- Cutting down of trees.
Habitat Loss
- Destroying habitats, organisms die due to this.

Invasive Species
- An organism that is not native to an area is
  introduced and competes for food with the native
Ex. Zebra mussel in lake erie
- Harming the environment with toxins or gases.
Population Growth
- Increasing human population; need more
Ex. Asian countries
Over Consumption
- People taking more than they need
Ex. China consuming many endangered species
Current rate of species extinction?
- 18-50 species a year
The science of protecting species.
- Conservation biology
What countries are the top importers of illegal
- U.S., China
Why are endangered species sold around the
- food, clothing, pets, traditional medicines.
What are specialist organisms?
- Organisms that eat only one thing, they have a
   special role in the environment, keeping what
   they eat in check. If they die out the ecosystem
   will change affecting other organisms.
What is a keystone species?
- Species that is important in keeping the ecosystem
   stable, when the species is removed the
   ecosystem changes drastically.
Trophic cascade
- When a species is removed the ecosystem
   changes drastically.
What is the current rate of consumption around
   the world?
- 30% more than what the world can regenerate.

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