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									                                                                       JX21-B01A EXPLODED VIEW / PARTS LIST Ver.3

Parts No. Description                                           Parts No. Description
JX21-B01A Ninja JX21-B01A Engine                                JX06001   Crankcase 21
                                                                JX07001   Rear Cover 21
JX01002      Cooling Head Screw (4pcs.)                         JX07002   O-Ring Rear Cover 21
JX01003      Cooling Head 21-B01A                               JX07003   Rear Cover Screw (4pcs.)
JX02001      Under Head Conical 21                              JX08001   Front Ball Bearing 21-B
JX03001      Under Head Gasket Set (0.1X1,0.2X1)                JX08002   Rear Ball Bearing 21
JX04002      Carburetor 21-B01A                                 JX09001   Crankshaft 21-B01
JX05001      Uniball Joint                                      JX10001   Conrod 21
JX05002      Dust Protection Rubber 21                          JX11001   Piston Pin 21
JX05003      Base Speed Needle                                  JX11002   Piston Pin Clips (2pcs.)
JX05004      Carburetor Throttle 21                             JX13001   Complete Piston / Sleeve 21-B01
JX05005      Full Speed Needle                                  JX13002   P.C. Complete Set 21-B01
JX05006      Fuel Intake Body                                   JX14002   Manifold L-Type 21-B           NOT INCLUDED
JX05007      Fuel Intake Nipple                                 JX14003   Manifold Spring 21 (2pcs.)     NOT INCLUDED
JX05008      Idling Adj. Screw                                  JX14004   Exhaust Gasket 21 (2pcs.)      NOT INCLUDED
JX05009      Base Speed Adj. Screw                              JX14005   Manifold (MBX6-80) 21-B        NOT INCLUDED
JX05010      Carburetor Body 21-B01                             JX15001   Muffler 21-B EFRA 2042         NOT INCLUDED
JX05011      Carburetor Bushing 21                              JX15002   Muffler Spring (3pcs.)         NOT INCLUDED
JX05012      O-Ring Needle Set (6pcs.)                          JX18001   Protection Cover Set 21
JX05013-60   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ6.0 NOT INCLUDED           JX19001   Ninja JX21 Decal
JX05013-65   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ6.5 NOT INCLUDED           JX19002   Ninja JX21-B01 Instruction Manual
JX05013-70   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ7.0                        P0221     Ninja Decal                    NOT INCLUDED
JX05013-75   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ7.5 NOT INCLUDED
JX05013-80   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ8.0 NOT INCLUDED           GLOW PLUGS
JX05013-90   Carburetor Air Reducer Φ9.0 NOT INCLUDED           JX17P3   Glow Plug - Conical P3
JX05014      O-Ring Air Reducer (2pcs.)                         JX17P4   Glow Plug - Conical P4                        NOT INCLUDED
JX05015      Carburetor Retainer 21                             JX17P5   Glow Plug - Conical P5                        NOT INCLUDED
JX05016      O-Ring Carburetor Retainer (2pcs.)
                                The contents are subject to change without notice due to product improvements and specification change.

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