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									                                                           The President’s Message
                                                  By Lesli Holcomb with T-Mobile, USA Inc.

The Washington RIMS Chapter is proud to host (after a two year hiatus) All Industry Day in June from 8am to
1:30pm. Please plan on joining us for riveting sessions on Anticipating the Next Terrorism Threat (Speaker: Bill
Copper, T-Mobile) and Effective Communications Internally and Externally (Speaker: Robert Calkins, Media and
Community Relations Officer for the Washington State Patrol). Additional speakers will be announced soon.

                                                            Board Members and Directors
                 President              Lesli Holcomb        T-Mobile USA Inc.        Education        Van Vong       Marsh USA Inc.
                 1st Vice President     Vickie Leighton      Avanade Inc.             Delegate         Michael Mooney Expeditors Int.
                 Treas. /Secretary      Kimi Crabtree        T-Mobile USA Inc.        Past President   Michael Mooney Expeditors Int.
                 Events                 Sharon Clark         Expeditors Int.

                                                   Upcoming Luncheons & Events
DATE                              SPEAKER                                                                TOPIC
April 12, 2011                    Joint CPCU                                                             Professional Liability
May 10, 2011                      Mark Scheer; Scheer Zehnder                                            Social Networking
June 14, 2011                     All Industry (half) day                                                Dynamic Keynote speakers and sessions
                                                                                                         planned, Save the Date!
                                                                                                         Past President and Intern recognition,
                                                                                                         board announced

For complete event listing, visit our website at http://washington.rims.org.

                                                               EDUCATION UPDATE
 All Industry (Half) Day will be held on June 14th. Please save the date. Additional details will be made available soon. There are opportunities to
 help promote our profession through speaking to high school classes. If you are available to speak, please let us know.

 Van Vong, Chair of Education and Community Affairs Committee                        Susan Strong, YMCA of Greater Seattle
 Elaine Marin, Restaurants Unlimited                                                 Mike McNamara, Washington State University
 Libby Stevenson, Kennedy Associates Real Estate Counsel                             Amy Swailes, AON
 Gordon Adams, Tri Marine Group

                 Washington RIMS would like to thank Sedgwick CMS for
                            sponsoring the March luncheon.

                                                           MISSION STATEMENT
    o advance the Risk Management profession and member participation through fellowship, education and community service .


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