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									Skema Bachelors

> International Undergraduate Degrees
  Sophia Antipolis - France
CONTENTS   2. At home Worlwide

           3. Introduction from the Associate Dean

           4. The managerial dimension

           6. Celebrating SKEMA

           7. The professional dimension

           8. The international dimension

           8. The Bachelor Degree – recognised throughout
              the world

           10. Degrees which prepare you for
               an international career

           11. Degree course descriptions

           22. Tutoring

           24. The scope of our university networks

           32. Day-to-day living

           33. Student life

           38. Ten excellent reasons to do your Bachelor
               Degree at SKEMA

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In June 2009 CERAM Business School and the ESC Lille Group merged to become the largest business school in France
with 6245 students, and 138 permanent professors:

The school has five campuses: in France (Lille, Paris La Villette, Paris La Défense, Sophia Antipolis), China (Suzhou) and
Morocco (Casablanca). The campuses are located in well-known science parks or business centres and offer students
exceptional opportunities and career prospects.

Plans for future campuses are under way: the USA (2010), then India, Brazil, Australia and Russia. Students will have a
truly international experience, based on a complete international education taught entirely in English.

The aim of SKEMA is to be among the top five French business schools, and among the top 15 in Europe.
Studying at SKEMA will give you the status of studying for your Bachelor degree at one of the most prestigious higher
education institutions in the world.


                      USA                            (2009)




                                              The Bachelor programmes at SKEMA will make your future
                                              in the international world of tomorrow. Concentrating on a
                                              truly international programme, you will experience
                                              international education at the cutting edge - in a
                                              multilingual and multi-cultural environment, taught by
                                              professors of over thirty nationalities, transferring to one
                                              of the world university partners to complete your degree.

                                              When you graduate, you will leave with unique personal

                                              > capable of adapting to all the professional challenges
                                                you will face today and tomorrow;
                                              > possessing all the operational skills to respond to
                                                business and market requirements;
                                              > acquiring a taste for innovation and the
                                                entrepreneurial values which will equip you to
                                                determine your future.

                                              By studying at one of the prestigious ‘Grandes Ecoles’ of
                                              France, you will be joining an elite collection of students,
                         Dr. Elise Tosi       researchers and professors in a university with excellent
Associate Dean SKEMA Business School          links with a wide variety of sectors and organisations,
          Bachelor degree programmes          located in a high-technology park at the centre of the
                                              “European Silicon Valley” - the “California of Europe”.

                                              Studying at SKEMA will enable you to live and work in one
                                              of the most beautiful places in the world - the French
                                              Riviera – with its mountains, beaches and vast range of
                                              cultural activities. It will be a place where you learn or
                                              perfect language skills within your environment, and
                                              finish your studies with a Double Degree – highly
                                              attractive for future employers.

                                              With a dynamic student social life, location and unique
                                              international programme, you will develop your skills,
                                              knowledge, your languages and your cultural


> Join a world-renowned Business School                              > You will join a globally recognised and
                                                                       accredited institution…
The mission of SKEMA is to be a top level global
institution which educates and trains future managers in a           • EQUIS is an international recognition of quality of
multitude of disciplines - business, science, engineering,             Business Schools, which recognises the quality of the
communication, aerospace and computing. The teaching                   teaching faculty and research at SKEMA in an
methods are resolutely centered on the students –                      international dimension and its working relationship
creating the conditions which allow students                           with businesses and enterprises.
to forge their future, explore all the facets of their talents       • AACSB (Associate to Advance Collegiate Schools of
and providing the opportunity to use them in constructing              Business) accreditation is in progress.
and attaining their future projects.                                 • ISO 9001 defines standards of management around
                                                                       principles of client satisfaction, process management
The Sophia Antipolis campus is an environment where                    and other sophisticated management tools.
you live, learn and play, and where students share a                 • FINANCIAL TIMES – the ultimate proof of recognition –
community linked by alumni, professors, integrated in an               in 2009 our School was placed on the FT list of the best
area of exceptional beauty and dynamism.                               Business Schools.

> The Power of Networking                                      > High-level intellectual activities

By integrating into a “Grande Ecole’ of Management, you        Apart from teaching and research, many of our professors
will also join an important network of managers and            extend their intellectual advancement as management
executives who are alumni of the School. At SKEMA you          consultants and advisors – by publishing their work in
will be able to link into the Alumni Association which         scientific and academic journals, advising companies,
currently has 20,000 members to help you in finding work       and project work. The enriched outcome of these varied
experience, or eventual future employment, throughout          activities is transmitted to students in the classroom.
the world.
                                                               Each year the work of the professors is presented at
                                                               international symposiums and conferences like,
> A highly qualified team of professors                        for example, the prestigious Academy of Management.
                                                               Their publications appear in journals like the Asia Pacific
138 permanent teaching professors representing an array        Journal of Management, Thunderbird International
of nationalities and experience teach at SKEMA, 91% of         Business Review, the International Journal of Finance
whom hold Doctorates in their subject areas.                   and the Journal of Business Strategy. Their books are
All are esteemed in their field, having had an enriching       published by the best management publishing houses.
professional career prior to joining SKEMA. In addition,
there are more than 200 professionals and external             These factors clearly put SKEMA among the best
professors who come to lecture and share their expertise       European ‘Grande Ecoles’ by virtue of the academic
each year.                                                     qualifications of the professors. For you, the student, this
                                                               provides an assurance that you will be taught at the
                                                               cutting edge of your discipline.

An exceptional location

> A multicultural environment opens onto                            > An excellent tourist destination
  the world
                                                                    • 1% of world tourism: 10 million tourists per year of
The Cote d’Azur is one of the most dynamic regions of                 which 52% are foreigners
Europe – a fact affirmed by the number of enterprises who           • Second most important destination for business tourism,
have decided to locate in the region over the last 25 years           with over 500,000 delegates to the region per year.
– centred on high-tech companies, tourism, luxury goods             • The largest number of exhibition venues in Europe –
and international finance.                                            Palais de Festival in Cannes, Acropolis Nice, Grimaldi
                                                                      Foum in Monaco, Palace of Congress in Antibes.
A region traditionally known for its tourism industry, it now       • An industry which brings €12 millon to the Cote d’Azur,
is the base of a number of international organisations in             and where 50% of the working population are employed
the technology sectors, luxury goods but also traditional             – Cannes Film Festival, MIDEM, MIPIM, MIPCOM, NRJ
industries (like the perfume industry located in Grasse).             Music Awards, International Festival of Publicity,
                                                                      International Pleasure Sailing Festival, Monaco, Cannes
                                                                      and Antibes Yacht shows.
> A region turned towards internationalism

• 1,500 enterprises financed by foreign capital                     > An intensive international banking network
• 84,000 foreign residents of which 40,000 are EU
  nationals                                                         30 banks and financial institutions are represented in this
• 68 nationalities of residents represented in the area             region without counting Monaco, which is the most
• 57% of the traffic at Nice Airport arrives from                   important financial centre in Southern Europe.
  international destinations (Nice Airport is the second            Joining our international Bachelor degree programme will
  largest in France)                                                offer you the most exciting and memorable location to
                                                                    pursue your studies.
                Campus Sophia Antipolis                         Campus Paris La Défense                  Campus China (Suzhou)

SOPHIA ANTIPOLIS                                                      SKEMA has five new campuses
                                                                      in addition to Sophia Antipolis:
(Sophia is the Greek word for wisdom, Antipolis the Greek
name of Antibes, located 10km away on the sea. Antibes                > Campus Paris La Defense
was settled by the Greeks in the 4th century AD)
                                                                      > Campus Paris La Villette
> Immersion in an exciting living economy                             > Campus Lille
  tuned towards the future

The School has the advantage of being located at the                  > Campus Casablanca - Morocco
heart of a technopolis whose success lies in the quality of
life encapsulated in this environment (1500 hectares of               > Campus China Suzhou
greenery planted with Mediterranean flora), its culture,
and its exciting social scene.
Many other universities and research institutes are
located in the area – there are more than 5,000 students
currently studying in Sophia Antipolis which makes it a
great place to live and to study, with an intellectual vibe.

> Sophia Antipolis – the ‘Silicon Valley of

More than 1300 companies are located close to the
campus representing sectors like information technology
and communication and life sciences. You will be studying
in a real enterprise laboratory of the 21st century – full of
dynamism, and creativity.

> The international spirit of Sophia Antipolis

• 1300 enterprises of which 170 are foreign
• 68 nationalities represented in the area
• 30,000 employees come to Sophia to work each day
• Companies such as Nortel, Lucent, Hewlett-Packard,
  Amadeus, Accenture, CISCO, Galderma and Allergan all
  have headquarters in Sophia.

Learn via enterprise

Throughout your studies at SKEMA, we will work to prepare you to enter
the professional world. For that we have put in place the following initiatives:

> An obligatory work experience programme                     > A company project

So that you can become familiar with hands-on work            During your studies, you will also have to work on a
experience, you must undertake a number of work               company project of your choice. This will be done as part
placements of at least two months in your first year of       of a team, and will enable you to reflect upon the business
study and at least four months in either your second or       and its environment, and will play an important role in
third year of study. You will also be required to do a        developing your professional competence.
further minimum four month experience period at the end
of your degree course (600 hours). This last work             > A dynamic relationship between students
experience must be associated with your degree                  and companies
specialisation. For students who go directly into a job
after graduating, this can be counted as your end of          This facilitates the integration of students in companies
degree work experience.                                       and is supported by regular meetings with company
                                                              representatives during various recruitment fairs, and in
                                                              conferences run by recognised professionals.

                                                              > Accompanying you in your studies

                                                              The teaching faculty plays a very important part in our
                                                              education system, by filling various roles not only as your
                                                              professor but also as your tutor during your studies here.
                                                              Your tutor is here to help you in your work, to follow your
                                                              progress, to help you find your work experience
                                                              placement, to prepare for your transfer abroad or to help
                                                              you choose a university abroad where you wish to
                                                              continue your degree.

Invest in the world

Our mission is to educate and train international managers in whatever field they choose.
This enables you to embark on new horizons and to respond positively and professionally to the
evolving complex and changing global environment.

Our ambition is to provide you with an international profile.

Apart from the fact that our degree courses are taught in English, the experience of living and
studying abroad is an integral part of our programmes either through an Erasmus educational
exchange or through a dual degree.

> Obligatory studies at a foreign partner university

During your second year of study you can choose between the exchange or transfer option. Under exchange, you
complete 6 months of study abroad in either your 3rd or your 4th year. Under the Dual Degree programme, you leave
France to study at a partner university for your entire 3rd and 4th years. 85% of our students are enrolled on the Dual

> A vast network of international academic partners

We have developed a vast range of attractive partner destinations with over 90 universities in the Anglo-Saxon world,
to which we are constantly adding and developing.

> An international professional experience

We also encourage our students to do their work experience periods abroad both on the exchange and dual degree

> An exceptional multicultural environment

35% of our students and 30% of our teaching faculty at SKEMA are from abroad.


The Bachelor degree (or BA, B.SC) is the first qualification level of higher education throughout the world.
In the United States, and many other countries, this degree is of four years duration. In the UK Bachelor degrees
are Honours Degrees and are of three years duration. The difference lies in the way in which subjects are studied;
US style degrees have courses which include general education, core and specialised subjects. Degrees undertaken in
the UK follow specialisations entirely throughout their three year duration. Both type of degrees will gain you access
to Masters Degrees throughout the world.

> The best of the French and English-                                 > How will my course be organized?
  speaking education systems
                                                                      The degree courses are modelled on an American degree –
There is a balance between the strengths inherent in the              four years in duration, containing four categories of
French and English-speaking education systems -                       courses:
flexibility, a quest for personalization, interactivity, and a        • general education courses which everyone takes,
very French-approach which values intuition, a capacity                 regardless of their subject specialization - Economics,
for abstraction, with the emphasis on the formalization of              Mathematics, Humanities, Science, English and
concepts. This is a system which combines several                       computing;
pedagogical approaches:                                               • core courses - compulsory courses in your chosen
• continuous assessment,                                                subject specialization;
• emphasis on individual study,                                       • specialised courses - elective courses from your chosen
• interactive classes,                                                  subject specialisation;
• student participation,                                              • electives – all other courses from which you have a free
• development of observation and abstract thought,                      choice.
• group interaction,
• the use of multimedia (video, e-learning platform, web)             You will normally do five courses per semester (each of 45
                                                                      hours, each awarding 3 credits (some have more) which
                                                                      equal 15 credits). This means that if your pass all your
                                                                      courses, you will accumulate between 30-36 credits per year,
                                                                      and 60-72 after two years. All partner universities require a
                                                                      minimum of 60 credits (120 ECTS)* credits to transfer.

                                                                      > The add-drop system

                                                                      At the beginning of each semester, a meeting with the
                                                                      tutor confirms your choice of classes. You can change your
                                                                      choice of subject (the “add & drop” system), during the
                                                                      three weeks following the start of each semester.

                                                                      * See course catalogue for more information about the ECTS credit system

> THE ACADEMIC YEAR -                                                           > EXCELLING IN ENGLISH
                                                                                For those students for whom English is not their first
The academic year is based on semesters with the                                language, or have not completed their High School
opportunity to also attend a summer school.                                     studies in English, you will be given English Language
• Fall semester (September-December)                                            courses which will permit you to obtain the level of TOEFL
• Spring semester (January-May)                                                 required to graduate and to continue to study abroad.
• Summer session (optional-May-June)


Graduating with a Dual (Transfer) Degree:
transfer 60 SKEMA (120 ECTS*) credits,
then accumulate further ECTS credits from the partner
university plus your work experience placements.

Graduating with a Single (Exchange) Degree: acquire
180 ECTS credits at SKEMA, add a further
60 ECTS credits from your exchange university plus
your work experience placements.
* See course catalogue for more information about the ECTS credit system

                                                          30 DEGREES WHICH PREPARE
                                                          YOU FOR AN INTERNATIONAL CAREER

> Organisation of the programme                                                       > Programmes designed to
                                                                                      enable you to achieve success
                                                                                      in your international career.

              Possibility of transferring to MSc programmes
 Year 5

                                                   Obtaining a dual degree –
                   Obtaining a                             SKEMA
                  SKEMA degree
                                                     + Partner University

                       Exchange                               Dual
                      programme                         degree programme
                                                                                      of graduates find work
                      (One semester)                                                  internationally
Year 4

           (UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Holland)

               SKEMA                                     UNIVERSITY
                                                             Two years

 Year 3

                                                     (USA, UK, Australia, Canada)
                    Sophia Antipolis

                      Exchange                                Dual
                     programme                          degree programme

                                                                                      are employed on permanent
Year 2

                               BACHELOR DEGREE
 Year 1

                                       OVER 20 YEARS
                              Students will be assigned a tutor who will accompany them in choosing their courses,
                              their specialisations and their work experience placements throughout their studies.
                                       Our tutors are professors or professionals specialised in coaching.


The Bachelor degree courses take place in Sophia Antipolis and are modelled on an American
degree – four years in duration, containing four categories of courses:

> General Education - compulsory courses which everyone takes, regardless of their subject specialization:

> Core Courses - compulsory courses from your chosen subject specialisation;

> Specialised Courses - elective courses from your chosen subject specialisation;

> Electives - other courses from all other courses offered from which you have a free choice.
Course programmes, together with subject specifications are listed in the COURSE CATALOGUE attached.

Students will normally take five courses per semester (each of 45 hours, each awarding three credits = 15 credits).
This means that if your pass all your courses, you will have 30 credits per year, and 60 after two years. All partner
universities require a minimum of 60 credits (120 ECTS)* credits to transfer to a partner university.

There are five faculties awarding undergraduate degrees within which students choose a specialised area of study.

Students currently studying at an institution of higher education and who wish to transfer to complete their degree at
SKEMA may be granted equivalency thereby dispensing with the need to re-take various courses.

* See course catalogue for more information about the ECTS credit system


MOBILITY TRACK – two years at SKEMA followed by two years abroad at a partner university
leading to a dual degree

The Bachelor in Business offers you the possibility of working in the world of international business. The courses offer
the fundamentals of business and management, and enable you to specialise in numerous business areas.

> International Business
> Management and Entrepreneurship
> Marketing
> Finance
> Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management
> Business Administration
> Sport Management
> Management of Information Systems

EXCHANGE TRACK – seven semesters at SKEMA with a semester abroad at a partner university
leading to a single degree

> Business Administration

> International Business                                           > Finance

The internationalisation of economies gives us new                 Enterprises today have complex and systematic financial
opportunities but also presents challenges to companies            procedures – they are often the hub of the firms’
and other organisations. Knowledge of the international            operations. This option will offer students a collection of
business environment, the mastering of the practical and           courses involving the financing of investments, an
methodological skills of general management, and                   understanding of financial institutions and of capital
marketing within different cultures are essential for firms        markets, alongside courses designed to enable the student
and individuals to succeed in global markets.                      to understand the background of their specialization – the
                                                                   judicial and economic environment, and different financial
> Management and Entrepreneurship                                  strategies within which firms operate.

The continuous evolution of the world of work demands              > Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management
skills and competences to recruit and select staff, manage
teams, train and develop managers and team members                 The tourism sector is expanding constantly. Many parts
and manage change. The activities of a manager cross all           of this market, (including employment possibilities) have
skill boundaries and involve all aspects and functions of          benefited from the development of the internet and its
the enterprise.                                                    application to this sector. Studies in Tourism Management
                                                                   permit students to develop their creative, organisational
> Marketing                                                        and management skills in this ever-developing industry,
                                                                   and enter fields as diverse as Commercial Recreation and
Marketing studies offer many openings in all branches of           Resort Management, Hotel Management, Restaurant and
commerce and industry, from the perspective of both                Institutional Food Management, Hospitality Management
enhancing existing products to creating markets for new            and Tourism and Entertainment
products which have resulted from changes in technology.
There are numerous openings in the sectors of publicity            > Sport Management
and advertising, new product development, brand
management, sales, internet marketing and the marketing            This degree provides the knowledge and key skills that
of services.                                                       you need to enter the rapidly- expanding sport and leisure
                                                                   industries, helping you to become a top-quality manager
> Business Administration                                          capable of delivering a growing range of services. You will
                                                                   gain a range of management skills, focused on the sport
Students who choose this specialisation acquire a general          and leisure sector but applicable across all business
competence in enterprise management which permits                  sectors. The course encompasses a range of topics and
them to be immediately operational after they obtain their         areas to help you become a well-rounded and effective
Degree. They graduate with an excellent knowledge of the           manager within the sector. Modules include Sport and
way in which enterprises function and the challenges they          Leisure Management in Practice; Health and Lifestyle;
face in the future. This specialisation is an excellent            Principles of Exercise and Training; Event Management:
pathway into positions of responsibility within the public         Principles and Practice; Law, Codes and Ethics in Sport,
and private sectors.                                               Leisure and Tourism; Marketing Management; and Sports
                                                                   Development and Funding.

                                                 SPECIALISATIONS WITHIN
                                                 THE FACULTY OF
                                                 > Communication Studies

                                                 This is a course which provides an introduction to all the
                                                 specialist disciplines within the general area of
                                                 communications. It provides a solid foundation from

BACHELOR                                         which to specialise at a partner university.

                                                 > Advertising

                                                 Advertising develops the brand image of a product aiming
                                                 to influencing buyer behaviour. This specialisation
                                                 develops students’ expertise in key skills like how to
                                                 conceive a media plan, how to brief advertising agencies,
                                                 manage an advertising and publicity budget and
                                                 understand the creative process.

                                                 > Public Relations

                                                 The aim of Public Relations is to create, maintain and
MOBILITY TRACK – two years at SKEMA              improve the public image of a company. It covers therefore
followed by two years abroad at a partner        a wide variety of activities including image surveys and
university leading to a dual degree              image development, Press relations, crisis management,
                                                 sponsorship, media training and event management.
> Communication Studies
> Adversing                                      > Corporate Communication
> Public Relations
                                                 This deals with all visual or text material produced by
                                                 companies for internal and external use, their branding
EXCHANGE TRACK – seven semesters at              strategy, their image and reputation, project
SKEMA with a semester abroad at a partner        communication, crisis management and many other
university leading to a single degree            aspects. This specialisation is essential for those who
                                                 wish to become operationally effective in all areas of
> Corporate Communication                        communication in the workplace.

                                                                    SPECIALISATIONS WITHIN
                                                                    THE FACULTY OF
                                                                    > Aerospace Engineering
                                                                    This programme trains engineers for employment in the
                                                                    aerospace industry, with specialisations in combustion,
                                                                    aerodynamics or structures. It offers opportunities in
                                                                    various associated sectors like aeronautics, automobile
                                                                    industry, armaments, energy systems, and general

                                                                    > Biological Systems/Biomedical Engineering

                                                                    This programme trains engineers in mastering
                                                                    biotechnologies, with specialisations in the areas of
                                                                    medical imaging, instrument and systems, biomaterials
                                                                    and bio-systems. Employment opportunities arise in the
                                                                    pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, the food industry,

BACHELOR                                                            bio-energy and bio-carburants.

                                                                    > Civil & Environmental Engineering

                                                                    This degree trains engineers for private, civil and public
                                                                    constructions, including the management and uses of
                                                                    natural resources like water, fossil and non-fossil energy
                                                                    resources within the sphere of sustainable development.

                                                                    > Mechanical Engineering
                                                                    This programme is a more general engineering degree
The Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering explores              throughout the four years of study. The specialisation is
all the different facets within the engineering professions.        proposed through elective courses in third and fourth year
From a base of solid theoretical courses, students                  and includes mechatronic, robotic, materials and
progress to study the applied aspect of the subject                 structures. Because of its general nature, this degree offers
throughout the four years of study with specialisation in           opportunities in a wide variety of industries and sectors
the last two years at an English-speaking university                including the aeronautic sector, the automobile industry,
abroad.                                                             armaments, power systems, and mechanics in general.
With this experience, and the design projects exploring
the practical aspect of the engineering profession,                 > Ocean Engineering
students graduate with a solid professional background
and a truly international perspective.                              Engineers in this discipline work within the sector of naval
                                                                    construction, port, harbour and platform design, with
> Aerospace Engineering                                             specialisation in naval architecture, propulsion systems or
> Biological Systems / Biomedical Engineering                       materials. Many of our partner universities offer the possibility
> Civil and Environmental Engineering                               of doing a dual bachelor degree in aerospace engineering and
> Mechanical Engineering                                            ocean engineering on a five year programme. The student also
> Ocean Engineering                                                 then obtains an expertise in hydrofoil engineering.


The Bachelor in Biology, Oceanography, and Environment (with the possibility of a joint study of Management and
Environmental Sciences) are heavily orientated towards our exceptional coastline and surrounding countryside.
Students are involved with many applied projects (inventories, conservation) and fundamental courses in biology and
chemistry complement the courses in oceanography, and the ecological environment. Specialisation starts in the first
year of study and specialist courses in the chemistry of the environment, global changes and impact on the environment
reinforce the technical skills of students, adding to their international opportunities in the years which follow.
From 2009 onwards, students will have the option of taking the exchange degree for the course in Environmental
Management (7 semesters at SKEMA, 1 semester at a partner university abroad).

MOBILITY TRACK                                                    EXCHANGE TRACK

> Environmental Science                                           > Environmental Management
> Marine Biology
> Molecular and Genetics Biology
> Oceanography
> Environmental Management – Business/Science Track


> Environmental Science                                             > Oceanography

This course deals with the interaction of human beings              The course is orientated towards students who wish to
and their environment, developing solutions to challenges           undertake applied research in Oceanography or
which emerge from the relationship. Environmental                   Oceanology and Marine Life. A multidisciplinary
Science is far more multi-disciplinary than Biology,                foundation course is offered with studies in Mathematics,
Chemistry and Mathematics and includes ecology,                     Physics, Chemistry and Biology accompanied by specific
meteorology and oceanography. These are complemented                courses in Oceanography, Fluid Mechanics, and
by a group of applied courses devoted to specific                   Thermodynamics.
techniques applied to the environment – geo-referential
information systems, impact studies and natural risk                > Environmental Management
                                                                    There are two types of degree course in this
> Marine Biology                                                    specialisation; Business Track is aimed at students who
                                                                    wish to develop their career in the environmental area,
A degree course devoted to marine life and its                      but do not wish to be restricted to a purely scientific
environment, which includes a study of the biological               application of the subject. Courses include Territorial
aspects of development, Marine Physiology, and Marine               Development and Improvement, Resource Management,
Cellular Biology. Part of the applied study involves the            Impact Analysis, Information Systems and the Economics
development of aquaculture, or the growth and nutrition             of the Environment. Many organisations now employ an
of farmed species of marine life.                                   Environmental Manager and this course combines
                                                                    Environmental Science with Management Studies,
> Molecular and Genetics Biology                                    in the context of durable development.
                                                                    The Science Track course concentrates more on the
This aspect of biology is ideal for a career in research and        scientific parameters and application of durable
development. This specialisation concerns living                    development policies, in addition to a selection of
organisms, the physical and chemical processes which                management subjects.
form their life and the interaction between living species
in their living and non-living environment.

                                                                   > Aeronautical Science                Option

                                                                   This Degree trains managers to have the skills to manage
                                                                   ground-level technical teams and who will be responsible
                                                                   for maintaining fleets of aircraft, future pilot instructors,
                                                                   managers of accident enquiry teams, managers of airline
                                                                   companies or members of aeronautical consultancies who
                                                                   work with such companies as Boeing, Airbus or Embraer.

BACHELOR                                                           > Aviation Meteorology                 Flight

                                                                   This degree is the most demanding in terms of scientific
                                                                   content. It offers a specialisation in the field of air traffic.

                                                                   Further studies could be pursued in the area of
                                                                   engineering to become airline pilot, thereby obtaining a
                                                                   double competence, for example Meteorology and
                                                                   Aeronautical Engineering.
                                                                   > Aviation Management                  Option

                                                                   Students successfully completing this degree will find that
> Aeronautical Science                                             numerous job opportunities will be available in airport
> Aviation Metrorology                                             management or in production companies like Airbus,
> Aviation Management                                              Boeing or Bombardier, as well as consultant groups like
> Aeronautical Science and Management                              AOPA. These opportunities also extend to international
                                                                   organisations like the IATA or the OACI.
Option: Become a pilot
Combining the diplomas of Aeronautical Science, Aviation           > Aeronautical Science and Management                         Option
Meteorology and Aviation Management with the flight
option, you will have the possibility to acquire a range of        The Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Science and
competences in the aviation field. Two options are                 Management Science track- is designed to train senior
proposed: the flight option (double dual degree with               managers who manage technical ground staff at airports,
transfer) or the exchange programme with the ATPI (Air             or a fleet of aircraft, become instructors or aeronautical
Transport Pilot Licence). SKEMA also allows you to follow          engineers in large companies like Boeing, Embraer or
through with the theoretical and practical studies in order        Bombardier. The Business Track opens the door to
to become a qualified airline pilot.                               management positions in many airlines and airports as
                                                                   well as aircraft manufacturers and aircraft consultancies
                                                                   like Ricondo and Associates, or international
                                                                   organisations like the IATA or OACI.

When ‘accompanying you in your studies’ are not just vain words…

Your tutor will help you to settle in, become autonomous, help you plan your work and provide assistance for your
research projects as well as monitor your academic progress.

When it comes to choosing your courses and a transfer university in the second year, your tutor and the staff of the
International Office will be available to assess your preferences and opportunities, relating these to the different partner
university possibilities – providing in-depth information on certain courses, and putting you in touch with former

A minimum of six meetings per year are programmed at key moments throughout your studies. Attendance at these
interviews is compulsory.

All tutors are teachers, and the same tutor will handle the academic follow-up throughout your entire stay, guaranteeing
a confidential and personal relationship. With the tutor, you can also discuss things other than academic issues -
accommodation, sporting opportunities, time management and organisation, transport issues, and administrative

                          “In essence, the tutor is the daily human contact which enables
                          students to put in place his or her own strategic programme of study
                          with confidence. We, the tutors, give students support in the choices
                          they have made - not only in their studies but in their lives.
                          We are not just professors but people who listen and understand.
                          This comes naturally to us…”
 Malcolm Parker, Tutor.



American University (Washington DC)                                 Florida International University (Miami, Florida)
A private university situated in the diplomatic residential         A State university with 32,000 students split into two
neighborhood of the embassies, it offers its 10,000 students        campuses, both located 20 minutes from the centre of Miami.
excellent opportunities for work experience and jobs.               The North Campus hosts the Faculties of Tourism and
The university is very dynamic and has invested heavily             Communication, and is located on the Biscayne Bay
in its development, notably in the NTIC.                            peninsular. All other Faculties are located on the main
>                                                  Southern campus, situated close to the airport. FIU proposes a
                                                                    wide choice of majors and its Hotel and Tourism Management
                                                                    School is the most highly reputed in the United States: it is
                                                                    both a business school and a hotel management school.

California State University (Fullerton, California)
A state university located 30 minutes south of Los
Angeles, home to 35,000 students of 79 nationalities.
                                                                    Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Florida)
                                                                    A small, private university with 3,000 students, 20% of
                                                                    international origin, located close to Cape Canaveral.
                                                                    A long-time partner of SKEMA, FIT was founded in 1958 to
                                                                    provide training for scientists and engineers at NASA’s
                                                                    John Kennedy Space Centre. In addition to a world
                                                                    renowned aviation programme, Florida Tech also offers a
                                                                    pilots’ school leading to careers as professional pilots or
                                                                    instructors, thus preparing students for the major degree
                                                                    in Aviation Management.
                                                                   University of Hawaii (Manoa, Hawai - Malama’aina - USA)
                                                                   A state university with 54,000 students spread among the
                                                                   ten campuses located on six islands. The university has an
                                                                   excellent reputation in Environmental Sciences and
                                                                   includes numerous programmes dedicated to the global
                                                                   changes that are affecting our planet. Hawaii is indeed the
                                                                   place for American research in the Pacific. Surrounded by
                                                                   volcanic islands in a tropical region, it is an important and
                                                                   interesting zone of immense biodiversity. This university is
                                                                   particularly specialised in issues of global warming.

                                                                            Hawaii Pacific University
College of Charleston (Charleston, South Carolina)
Charleston is a medium-sized State university, with 9,000
students, located in the heart of the picturesque town.
The College of Charleston is a university which provides
excellent quality for money, meeting the requirements of
most majors in Business and Business and Technology.
>                                                     Hawaii Pacific University (Honolulu, Hawaii)
                                                                   A small, private university with 8,500 students based on two
                                                                   campuses. One campus, situated in Honolulu, the first campus
                                                                   houses the non-scientific subjects whilst other disciplines are
                                                                   taught in a small complex on the volcanic slopes 20 minutes
                                                                   from the town centre. Hawaii Pacific University is particularly
                                                                   recommended for International Business and Hotel and
                                                                   Tourism Management. Hawaii is one of the favorite holiday
                                                                   destinations for Americans and the Japanese.

San Francisco State University (San Francisco, California)
A state university founded in 1899, catering for 27,000
students. It stands on the hills 20 minutes from the centre
of San Francisco.

                                                                   New Jersey Institute of Technology (Newark, New Jersey)
                                                                   A State university with 8,000 students situated in New Jersey,
                                                                   a one-hour train ride from Manhattan. Classed as one of the
                                                                   50 top universities in the USA, it has a good reputation for
                                                                   Business, Computer Studies, Engineering, and Architecture.


Tulane University (New Orleans, Louisiana)                          Virginia Tech (Blacksburg,Virginia)
A private university with 11,000 students housed in superb          A state university with almost 30,000 students, Virginia
buildings of white stone in the residential neighbourhood           Tech is one of the USA’s top five universities. It is
of New Orleans. Tulane is highly-rated for Biology and              recommended for those students who wish to study for a
Engineering; it also has a good reputation for Business             degree in Engineering, Biology or Biotechnology. It also
and Management.                                                     enjoys a high reputation for its Finance and Management
>                                                    programs.
                                                                    > www.vt.ed

University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida)                        Western Carolina University (Callowhee, North Carolina)
Classed fifth in US university rankings, UF is a highly             A State university with 10,000 students, Western Carolina
selective State university with over 50,000 students. With          University is distinguished in the fields of Computer
a reputation for excellence in Engineering, it also                 Science, many areas of Business, and Communication,
proposes a number of highly regarded majors in Science,             and has a very good reputation in Sports disciplines.
and its Business School offers an excellent level, ideal for        >
the best students in Marketing, Business Administration,
and Economics.


University of Victoria (Victoria, Canada)                         Bishops University (Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada)
A State university with over 20,000 students and located          Quebec is one of the most outstanding areas of natural
on an island, this European-style university is 15 minutes        beauty in Canada, offering breathtaking skiing and
from the town centre. It is renowned throughout the world         mountains. Located one hour from Montreal, Bishop’s is a
for its Departments of Engineering, Business School and           small university with around 2100 students of which
School of Environmental Studies. It offers programmes of          10 per cent are international students from over
excellent quality in Business Entrepreneurship, Commerce          65 countries. It has a high reputation for its programmes
and Tourism Management.                                           in Business, Education, Natural Sciences, Humanities and
>                                                    Social Sciences.

                                                                  UNIVERSITY IN SINGAPORE

Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)
Located in downtown Montreal, Concordia is close to the
city centre shopping and entertainment areas, Concordia
hosts 30,000 students from all over the world. Combined
with the School of Graduate Studies, there are many
degree programmes in four Faculties – Arts and Science,           Nanyang Polytechnic (Singapore)
Engineering and Computer Science, Fine Arts and the John          A university specializing in innovation and technology,
Molson School of Business.                                        Nanyang welcomes students on exchange. Its business
>                                                and management courses integrate the practical
                                                                  management subjects with the cultural traits of Asia and
                                                                  the East, and the student population reflects the diversity
                                                                  of Singapore where there are four official languages.


London Metropolitan University (London, England)                       University of the West of England (Bristol, England)
This university is situated in central London and arose in 2002        A campus university situated close to the vibrant city of
from the merger of London Guildhall and University of North            Bristol and on a direct train line to London (1hr.30 mins).
London. With 34,000 students studying on two campuses, it is           The new Student Campus accommodates over 2,000
one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom and              students with great sports facilities and cafes and
specialises in applied orientated degrees.                             restaurants. The university accepts students on dual
>                                                  degree transfer programmes in Engineering (a centre of
                                                                       excellence and research for Aerospace Engineering),
                                                                       Business, and Computing.

Southampton Solent University (Southampton, England)
Situated in the south of England, this institution attained
university status in 2005. Southampton Solent University
welcomes 16,000 students over a wide range of                          University of East London (London Docklands, England)
disciplines. The campus 130 km from London, located in                 East London will be the home of the 2012 Olympics, and
the centre of the city. Solent accepts transfer and                    UEL shares many joint research programmes with Olympic
exchange students in Communication and Business.                       ventures. Docklands is located east of London around the
>                                                     famous Canary Wharf, an area served by good rail links
                                                                       and located among regenerated, trendy warehouse area
                                                                       of the city. London City Centre is 20 minutes away via the
  Partnership Agreement in progress:                                   Docklands Light Railway. UEL offers the dual degree and
  Coventry University                                                  semester exchanges in International Business and
  >                                                 Communication Studies.

University of Westminster (Central London, England)              Brighton University (Brighton, England)
Created in 1838, with now over 23,000 students (8,000            A very popular cosmopolitan university of 21,000 students
international students) and located in the West End –            (including 1,200 international students from over
the centre of the world’s most cosmopolitan city – the           90 countries), Brighton is only 90 km. from London
university offers dual degree and exchange placements in         (50 minutes by train), and is one of the most attractive
Business Management at the Westminster Business                  places to study because of its location and the town’s
School on Marylebone Road. The Business School has               really vibrant social life. The University offers dual degree
over 2000 students.                                              transfer for students in Computing, and Information
>                                          Systems Management.

Plymouth University (Plymouth, England)                          Kingston University (near London, England)
Plymouth is historic waterfront city with a strong naval         Located in Kingston upon Thames, a busy riverside town
and marine history. It is in the centre of dramatic              on the borders of London and Surrey, the town is lively
countryside, beautiful beaches and some of the best of           and only 20 minutes by train from Central London. It
the UK’s sailing and surfing waters. There is an exciting        welcomes 19,000 students but is also surrounded by
night life and good rail and motorway links to London and        beautiful countryside and has a rich history dating back
Bristol. Plymouth University is an excellent centre for          many hundreds of years. Dual Degree students transfer to
Marine Sciences and accepts dual degree transfer                 Kingston in the fields of Environmental Management,
students in Marine Biology, Marine Biology and Coastal           Environmental Science and Sustainable Development.
Ecology and Environmental Biology.                               >


UNIVERSITIES                                                          UNIVERSITY
IN THE UNITED KINGDOM                                                 IN THE NETHERLANDS

Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester,                       Noordelijk Hogeschool (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)
England)                                                              This campus with 3,000 students is located in the north of
MMU dates back 150 years and is one of the largest                    Holland, 200 km north of Amsterdam. The university
providers of science, engineering and technology education            offers a four-year International Business Management
in the country, with over 34,000 students. Manchester is the          Strategy program (in English), as well as a Communication
capital city of the North of England, and has a vibrant social        program, and is open to exchange students.
scene. With its unique character and ethnic mix, Manchester           >
has been likened to culturally rich and cosmopolitan San
Francisco. MMU offers dual transfer degree placements in
Sustainable Development and Ecology and Conservation.

University of Hull (Hull, England)
The University of Hull is provides top educational
experience for over 18,000 students a year. The academic
portfolio contains 50 disciplines across the arts and
humanities, business, education, health, the sciences and
the social sciences. It is based on two sites – Hull City and
Scarborough (where the dual transfer degree in Sport
Management and Tourism Management is located).
UNIVERSITIES                                                    University of Queensland (Brisbane)

                                                                Australia’s leading university for research, it is also the
                                                                oldest university in Queensland (founded in 1910). It is
                                                                one of the “Group of Eight” top universities in Australia,
                                                                and has over 33,000 students. It offers numerous
                                                                programs in Business and Communication and in particular
                                                                has an excellent Corporate Communication degree.

Australian Catholic University (Brisbane, Ballarat,
Sydney, Melbourne)
A state university which plays host to more than 11,000
students is located on a campus situated in the city
centre. Students benefit from excellent academic support
and the university has very close ties with industry,           Griffith University (Queensland)
fostering many international partnerships. The rate of          With more than 33,000 students from over 80 countries,
graduate employment is excellent. The courses proposed          Griffith is one of the largest universities in Queensland.
are International Business and Corporate Communication.         Multidisciplined, it excels in Corporate Communication
>                                                   and Oceanography.

Swinburne (Melbourne)
Founded in 1970, Swinburne is a university of technology        RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia)
and a pioneer in IBL (Industry Based Learning), with            With 63,000 students, RMIT has one of the best reputations in
extensive academic and research programs. It proposes           Australia for graduates finding jobs. Situated in the heart of
majors in Accounting, Business Administration,                  Melbourne, it is noted for its excellence of teaching and
International Business, Marketing, Tourism Management,          research and its liaisons with the world of business and
Management Information Systems, Engineering and                 industry. Its aviation programme is regarded among the best
Aviation Management.                                            in the world.
>                                             >


> Find a place to live

There are many student residences near to SKEMA Sophia Antipolis Campus:
Residence Sun Valley
Residence Sophie Lafitte
Residence St .Exupery
Residence Thesa
Residence des Dolines
Residence du Parc St Basile (Home Leader Mougins)

Detailed information about each residence is available on
(click on ENG for the site in English – top right-hand corner)

> Campus Sophia Antipolis accommodation file

A variety of accommodation is on offer corresponding to your budget and your needs– more than 1500 places located
in the vicinity of the Business School. When you receive your letter of admission, you will be given a login and
password to view the information.

> Campus Sophia Antipolis new student residence

Completed in September 2009, this new student residence of 173 apartments is located next to the campus,
and offers all required services at a very moderate monthly rental.


> The Student’s Union - Volunteering, Clubs
  and Societies.                                                     > Enterprise and Business

As a Bachelor Degree student you have the chance to                  > Graduate Alumni: former alumni stay in contact to
participate in the wide range of societies and clubs - all             pass on information about jobs and work experience
great ways to gain skills and knowledge that will give your            opportunities.
CV the edge when you apply for a graduate job.
                                                                     > Junior Azur Advice: the young-enterprise forum
Each year, a team of students organise the school’s
annual Gala, others devote themselves to audiovisual or              > AMD performance: dedicated to finding jobs
drama events, manage the “Coffee Break” (student                       for students
lounge) or,
as part of the BDE (Students’ Union), help to enliven the            > Finance Club: to initiate you into the techniques
campus and student life by organizing days around                      of investment and playing the financial markets.
special themes, (e.g. a settling-in or skiing weekend).
Both campuses in Sophia Antipolis are characterized by a
rich and diversified social life, with more than 30 societies
and clubs in cultural, sport, humanitarian and
professional fields, split into four areas of interest.


> Humanitarian Life                                             > Art Life

> Club Jason: Association to encourage students and             > Planet: crazy about the camera! Joining together video,
  teachers to develop an awareness of the environment,            journalism and multimedia, Planet is the student
  run by teachers in the environmental sciences; you can          magazine which brings together interviews, news,
  discover the Mediterranean environment whilst                   happy snaps and retrospectives.
  undertaking work aimed at sensitising people to               > Le Festi: organises student participation in the
  sustainable development.                                        ‘Grandes Ecoles’ Theatre Festival.
> Esperanza: organizes events promoting international           > SKEMA Inventors: engineering student projects
  humanitarian missions, durable development and fair
                                                                > Sport Life

> Student Daily Life                                            At SKEMA Bachelors, sport is an integral part of the
                                                                education process. Dynamism, endurance, courage,
> BDE: The Coffee Break in the foyer of the Bachelors           self-control, a sense of responsibility, and the ability to
  building                                                      function as part of a team are qualities which will be
> Leadership: Gala and Year Book production and                 required of tomorrow’s executives, and which are often
  development.                                                  expressed and developed in sports activities.

Nestled between the mountains and the sea, the Côte                 competitions: regional championships and the French
d’Azur is an ideal location for outdoor sports (sailing,            “Grandes Ecoles” Cups organized by the French University
winter sports, mountaineering, rugby, football...), but also        Sports Federation, as well as the French Business Schools
indoor sports (handball, swimming, workouts, dance,                 Championships.
squash etc.).
                                                                    SKEMA has its own teams:
For students involved in practicing a sport at a high level,        > Yachting
special arrangements are proposed: extra supervision,               > Oval Passion (Rugby)
e-learning, and special tutoring. A merit scholarship for           > Golf Club
sport also includes free additional semesters where the             > Bachelor Riders Trail Bike (Extreme Sport)
course load is lightened so that students can deal
successfully with their passion and their academic

                                                                    PRACTICAL INFORMATION
courses at the same time. SKEMA is home to a number of
world champions in various sports.

The sports department offers various activities: Aerobics -         Click on for information about:
Badminton - Basketball - Dance - Mountain Climbing -                • How to obtain a residence card
Football - Golf - Handball - Weight Training - Swimming -           • Bank information
Outdoor Adventure Activities (eg canyoning) - Rugby -Tennis         • Social security and public health benefits
- Trampoline - Sailing - Volleyball - Yoga and many others.         • To download a practical guide for international students
Students take part in the major university sports


There are two entry dates:                                        > Parallel admissions
September and January.                                              (i.e. transfer from an existing university)

                                                                  SKEMA Bachelor programme may, at the student’s
> Admission requirements                                          request and in view of the academic records, grant
                                                                  exemption from certain courses. In this case, the student
To apply for admission you need to be at least 18 years of        must enclose
age in the September of your entry year, and have                 details of the course content and subjects, the grades
obtained one of the following:                                    attained, and also indicate the number of hours and
• A general or technological French Baccalauréat of 10/20         the weighting coefficients of each subject studied
  or above                                                        (if applicable).
• An American High School Diploma, with a cumulative
  GPA of 2.0 or above                                             An admissions panel decides on students’ admissibility
• International Baccalaureate Diploma or IB Certificates          based on a comprehensive file which the students must
  with a cumulative 24 points or above and with a                 provide and which must include (at the minimum):
  minimum pass of 4 points in English                             • school reports for the current and last two years;
• European Baccalaureate with a minimum overall score of          • a letter of motivation – why do you want to come to
  70% and grade 7 in English                                        SKEMA;
• British Qualifications -GCSEs (grade A-C in English             • a comprehensive presentation of extra-curricular
  Language and Mathematics), plus GCE-VCE A – level – at            activities and interests.
  least 260 points at A-LEVEL or equivalent. Passes in one        All documents must be translated into English by a
  year courses such as AS levels will help your                   certified translator.
• Other relevant international secondary qualifications           One half of the admission criteria are based on school
                                                                  results (for the two last years of secondary education),
                                                                  the other half concerns elements of motivation and
> If you have any query about courses                             personality. The student will be admitted to his/her first
  or qualifications, contact:                                     choice of major, unless the admission panel recommends
Undergraduate Admissions: +33 4 93 95 44 51

> Admission procedure
                                                                COURSE FEES
The application file and closing dates for sending in
applications can be found on the website                        Please see the attached flyer at the back of the brochure.
(, or by calling the telephone number on
the inside back cover of the brochure.

                                                                FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE
> Mature students
                                                                You can apply for a Scholarship on your application form -
Mature students offering other qualifications and               of up to €1500 per year (as a reduction of tuition fees).
experience are encouraged to apply to the University and        This is awarded by the admission panel upon application
will be considered on an individual basis.                      of the dossier.

> VISA requirements
                                                                PART TIME WORK
If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you will
need a student visa to study in France. As soon as you          AND MONITORING
obtain an acceptance letter from SKEMA, make an
appointment with the French Embassy in your country of          Students in need to financial assistance also have the
residence and complete the visa application. Note that          possibility to work at SKEMA on a part time basis.
visa applications may take some months to process so
ensure that you allow plenty of time before the start of

                                                                     Be taught in English by a highly qualified international
Enter a world-renowned ‘Grande Ecole’                                91% of the professors of management hold doctorates
SKEMA, is the only institution of higher education to have           and are well known in international research circles.
received a Diploma in Excellence of European Quality                 Professors work closely with business enterprises and
Management. The School is also a founder member of the               students alike.
Management Chapter of the Grandes Ecoles; it is accredited

by EQUIS and certified by ISO. Additionally, SKEMA is also
classed in the Financial Times among Europe’s top Business
Schools.                                                             Profit from individual attention and guidance
                                                                     Teaching methods are interactive and flexible, developing

                                                                     your competence and autonomy. All professors,
                                                                     administration staff, and tutors are readily available to
Obtain a degree which will be recognised throughout the              accompany you on your professional path.
world                                                                An inbuilt tutoring system guarantees follow-up and
The Bachelor programme is an international degree                    advice throughout the year.
course of four years duration which corresponds to the

international standard of university education. This
degree will enable you to continue your studies in France
or abroad within a large range of specializations.                   A superb location on the Cote d’Azur
                                                                     The high-tech environment of Sophia Antipolis is home to

                                                                     over 1300 companies, with employees from 68 countries,
                                                                     9 universities and research institutes, and 30,000
Personalise your programme                                           employees in a wonderful protected woodland
You choose your major subject from one of five Faculties –           environment. The Sophia Antipolis campus is located on
Business, Communication, Engineering, Aerospace,                     an exceptional site between Cannes, Nice and Monaco,
Environmental and Marine and Life Sciences. You then                 near the Mediterranean Sea and within easy access of the
design your course, with the help of your advisor, with              ski stations of the lower Alps.
subjects chosen from all Faculties, which will be made up

from General Courses, Core Courses, Specialised Courses
and Electives - giving you variety yet depth in your degree.
                                                                     Dive into the world of business

                                                                     Whether it’s part of your work experience or are taught by
                                                                     outside business professionals, you will be constantly
 Go international on transfer or exchange                            exposed to working with and among enterprises
Two types of degree are offered:                                     throughout your programme.
Transfer - 2 years at SKEMA at Sophia Antipolis, two years at

a partner university in the USA, Australia, Canada or the UK,
plus a minimum four month international work experience
placement = the DUAL DEGREE – one degree from SKEMA                  Get absorbed into dynamic student life
Bachelor and one degree from your transfer university                There are more than 30 associations and clubs of all varieties,
Exchange - Business and Communication – three and a                  run by students themselves - (cultural, sporting, humanitarian,
half years at SKEMA Bachelor, plus a six month exchange              environmental, and professional) which form an integral part of
at an international partner university plus a minimum 4              the educational programme of the university.
months of work experience at the end of the course = the

In the last 50 years, we have developed a world network of
prestigious university partners (USA, Canada, United                 You’ll acquire the skills necessary to work within an
Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia).                             international dimension
                                                                     Not only in terms of language and culture, your intensive

                                                                     experience abroad will make you more marketable when
                                                                     you start your career.

Share the SKEMA experience. Prospective students can make a reservation to
take a guided tour, attend an information session or an open day or sit in on a

> Call International Undergraduate Recruitment on +33 4 93 95 44 51

> E-mail

> Attend one of the many Student Exhibitions held around France between
  November and March each year

> Come to one of our Open Days on Saturdays between October and April each
  year (reserve a place on bachelors@skema.fedu or call +33 4 93 95 44 51)

Discover all that awaits you by visiting If you can’t read
French, click on the ‘ENG’ tab at the top right hand corner for the website in

For questions about admissions, academics, or financial matters,
please e-mail
or telephone us on +33 4 93 95 44 51

SKEMA Bachelor Programmes
Rue Albert Einstein
BP 85, 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Tel: +33 4 93 95 44 51
Fax: +33 4 93 95 44 08



                        Cannes    Sophia Antipolis


                                            SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL


           Accès 3
           Les Lucioles

                                      BACHELOR DEGREES AT SKEMA
    AND MANAGEMENT                    > International Business
                                      > Management and Entrepreneurship
                                      > Marketing
                                      > Finance
                                      > Hotel, Travel and Tourism Management
                                      > Business Administration
                                      > Sport Management
                                      > Management of information Systems

                                      EXCHANGE TRACK
                                      > Business Administration

               BACHELOR               MOBILITY TRACK
      IN   COMMUNICATION              > Communication Studies
                                      > Public Relations
                                      > Advertising

                                      EXCHANGE TRACK
                                      > Corporate Communication

                   BACHELOR           MOBILITY TRACK
            IN   ENGINEERING          > Aerospace Engineering
                                      > Biological Systems / Biomedical Engineering
                                      > Civil and Environmental Engineering
                                      > Mechanical Engineering
                                      > Ocean Engineering

                                                                                                          March 2010
         BACHELOR IN                  MOBILITY TRACK
ENVIRONMENTAL MARINE                  > Environmental Science
                                      > Marine Biology
      AND LIFE STUDIES                > Oceanography
                                      > Environmental Management - Science & Business Tracks
                                      > Molecular and Genetics Biology

                                      EXCHANGE TRACK
                                      > Environmental Management - Business Track

    AND AERONAUTICS                   > Aeronautical Science
                                      > Aviation Meteorology
                                      > Aviation Management

                                      EXCHANGE TRACK
                                      > Aeronautical Science and Management – Science & Business Tracks

  For questions about admissions, academics, or financial
  matters, e-mail:
  or telephone +33 4 93 95 44 51
  SKEMA Bachelors - Rue Albert Einstein
  BP 85, 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
  Tel: +33 4 93 95 44 51 - Fax: +33 4 93 95 44 08

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