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									    PERSONNEL                                    MAILING ADDRESS
    William B. Green – Publisher
    Adriana Devally – General Manager
                                                   Laredo Morning Times
    Raul Cruz – Retail Sales Manager                 111 Esperanza Drive
    Jesus H. Vicharreli – Classified Manager               P.O. Box 2129
    Josh Gonzalez – Creative Services Director
    Diana Fuentes – Editor
                                                     Laredo, Texas 78044
    Stefanie Charles – Dvino Editor                       (956) 728-2500

   The Times masthead topped              Republic of the Rio Grande,              France, governed by Spain,
with the seven-flags logo is sym-         January 1840-late fall 1840; Texas,      Mexico, Republic of the Rio
bolic of Laredo's historic link to        1836-1845; Confederacy, 1861-            Grande, Texas, Confederacy and
seven countries - that of France,         1865; and United States 1853-            now pledges allegiance to the
1685-1690; Spain, 1519-1685,              1861, 1865-present. This region          United States.
1690-1821; Mexico, 1821-1836;             was once part of lands claimed by

                                By ODIE ARAMBULA | LAREDO MORNING TIMES

   The roots of Laredo Morning            blended into the life of the Laredo      papers in Colorado and Alaska,
Times date back to June 14, 1881,         community. Among other things, the       improved on the Hanway initiatives.
when James Saunders Penn started          two individually and as heads of the     At one time, the newspaper had cor-
a four-page newspaper called The          Laredo Times, were key players in        respondents in major cities in
Laredo Weekly on a Ben Franklin           the development of city's socio-eco-     Mexico, including Mexico City,
press. Two years later, it turned into    nomic life.                              Guadalajara, Monterrey and Saltillo.
the Laredo Daily Times.                       In July 1926, the younger Penn       He also engaged the services of
   Penn had established a commer-         sold the newspaper to J. E. Hanway       daily Spanish language columnists
cial printing business affiliate in San   of Wyoming.                              and reporters in Nuevo Laredo.
Antonio from an Austin base.                  Hanway became the third pub-            Allen and his nephew, Alan Tish,
Recognizing the economic potentials       lisher for the Laredo Times with two     general manager, ran the afternoon
of the border, he decided to bring his    business       associates,    William    daily, publishing Monday through
publishing equipment to Laredo. His       Prescott Allen of San Antonio and O.     Friday and Sunday, until it was
obituary, published in The Times,         W. Killam of Laredo. The operation       acquired by Jefferson Pilot in 1969-
says Penn brought his family and          grew      and    prospered     under     70. James
equipment to Laredo in a wagon            Hanway's direction. He brought to           H. Hale became publisher in
train, arriving on May 1, 1881.           Laredo experience with newspapers        1970. He left Laredo the following
   Laredo had been settled near the       in Kamas, Colorado, Utah and             year to take over theClearwater Sun
banks of the Rio Grande for 126           Wyoming, and he reorganized the          in Clearwater, Fla.
years when the Penn family arrived.       entire plant at a new location on           The Times moved to its present
Several newspapers had already            Matamoros Street. He installed           location on Esperanza Drive in north
started on both sides of the border,      modern newspaper equipment,              Laredo in October 1971.
but these publications did not main-      including a press, linotype machines        Later, Bill Baker was named pub-
tain operations long. Penn set up         and backshop tools. It was under         lisher. He was succeeded by Marc
shop for the weekly newspaper at a        Hanway's        management        that   A. Hoy, who was succeeded by Mike
downtown location, which, in time,        Spanish was introduced to the            Herrera.
became the place for the Penn             newspaper.                                  The Hearst Corporation acquired
homestead on Farragut Street. All             The Laredo Times became the          The Laredo Times in 1984, along
type was set by hand. He moved the        first daily newspaper in Texas to        with several other Texas papers.
operation to space shared with a          include Spanish material in its news     The Times soon shifted from after-
funeral home down the street on           columns and advertisements. The          noon to morning publication.
Farragut at Juarez where a mortician      bilingual presentation of information       In 1986, Hearst named William B.
also maintained a horse and car-          was vastly improved during the Allen     (Bill) Green publisher of the Laredo
riage service.                            years.                                   Morning Times, a position he still
   Penn and his son, Justo S. Penn,           Allen, who also published news-      holds today.
Rates                                  5   Retail                                              13
Commission                             5   Classifieds                                         13
General Rate Policy                    5   Contact Information                                 13
Retail Advertising Rates               5   NATIONAL ADVERTISING RATES
Discount Levels                        6   Commision                                           14
Monthly Rate Card                      6   National R.O.P. Advertising Rates                   14
Political Advertising                  6   Multiple Repeat Rate                                14
Thanksgiving Day                       6   National Color R.O.P. Rates                         14
Front Page Advertising                 6   Frequent Discount                                   14
Gov., Education and Non-Profit Rate    6   Rate Formula                                        14
Retail Advertising Copy Deadlines      6   Days Accepted                                       14
Late Advertising                       6   Dealine                                             14
Acceptable File Formats                7   Cancellations                                       14
3rd Party Transmissions                7   Ship on Skids                                       14
Production Specifications              7   COMICS, PRE-PRINT & ONLINE
Vector Art                             7   Wednesday Comics Program                            15
Line Screens Used By Newspaper         7   Sunday Comic Rates                                  15
Scanning Resolutions                   7   Print Plus                                          15
Colors                                 7   Group Combination Rates                             15
Ad Sizes                               7   Preprint Rates                                      15
Circulation                            7   Online Advertising                                  15
Memberships                            7   CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING
ROP Depth Requirements                 7   Rates                                               16
Mechanical Measurements                7   Color                                               16
                                           Commission                                          16
                                           General Rate Policy                                 16
Art of Living                          8
                                           Classified Advertising Rates                        16
Business Journal                       8
                                           Classified Line Ads                                 16
956 Sports Unlimited                   8
                                           Classified Line Ad Contract                         16
¿Que Pasa?                             8
                                           Wheels                                              16
El Mercadito                           8
                                           Showcase of Homes                                   16
MONTHLY & QUARTERLY MAGAZINES              Employment Annual Bulk Contract Display Rates       17
Dvino                                 10   Employment Line Ad Contract                         17
Dvino Living                          10   Monster Hot Jobs                                    17
Salud                                 10   Special Classifications                             17
Job Bulletin                          10   Obituary Notices                                    17
Destination Laredo                    10   Mechanical Measurements                             17
SPECIAL SECTIONS CALENDAR                  Deadlines                                           17
Calendar                              12   Line Ads                                            17
TIEMPO DE LAREDO                           GENERAL POLICIES               GENERAL POLICIES
Tiempo de Laredo                      12   Contract & Copy General Policies                18 & 19

   CONTRACT           RETAIL           RETAIL DAILY
     LEVEL           SUNDAY             MON - SAT
    OPEN RATE           $36.45             $27.15
    $1,000              $26.05             $18.55
    $2,500              $25.50             $18.00
    $5,000              $24.55             $17.65
    $10,000             $23.70             $17.40
    $20,000             $23.10             $17.10
    $30,000             $22.75             $16.95
    $40,000             $22.20             $16.70
    $50,000             $21.95             $16.30
    $75,000             $21.70             $15.45
    $100,000            $21.30             $15.10         COLOR
    $125,000            $20.90             $14.95         Process color (blue, yellow & red) all other colors billed at full
    $150,000            $20.60             $14.75
    $175,000            $20.45             $14.65          Inches               1 ink            2 ink            full
    $200,000            $20.25             $14.50          109"-126"            $1.15            $2.25           $3.10
    $250,000            $20.00             $14.30          61"-108"             $1.50            $2.65           $3.40
    $300,000            $19.60             $13.85          31"-60"              $2.25            $3.00           $4.15
    $400,000            $18.30             $13.10          1"-30"               $3.00            $4.15           $5.25
    $500,000            $17.90             $12.80
                                                          Ads less than 15 inch must run a minimum of 5 consecutive
    $600,000            $16.95             $12.05
                                                          days to qualify for color rate.

  15% available only to recognized advertising agencies, provided they were billed at the National Rate of Daily
$51.35 and Sunday $52.70.

  The Laredo Morning Times reserves the right to revise its advertising rates at any time upon 30 days notice in
writing to holders of contracts and are accepted subject to said reservation. The advertiser may cancel contract
without an adjustment charge on the date the new rates become effective.
  The Laredo Morning Times reserves the right to limit, omit, or reject advertising when deemed necessary and to
determine the classification of advertising and the rate applicable thereto. Alcoholic beverage and cigarette
advertising accepted.

within ten (10) days of the invoice date. Rates subject to change without notice.
• 1st Insertion at open rate or contract rate                         GOVERNMENT, EDUCATION AND
• 2nd insertion at 35% OFF!                                           NON-PROFIT RATE
                                                                         Advertisements for governmental departments, state
PLAN 2-A*                                                             approved education institutions and 501(C)3 non-profit
• Buy 2 ads, Get 1 FREE                                               organizations qualify for the rates below.
• Buy 3 ads, Get 2 FREE                                               • Daily $13.00 Per Inch
• Buy 4 ads, Get 3 FREE                                               • Sunday $17.70 Per Inch
* Requirements: Ad must be a minimum of 10 column inches.             • Plans 1A, 2A & B Apply
Schedule must run within 7 day period, except Sunday. Ad must
be same size with no changes. Sorry but no proofs after 1st inser-
tion. FREE or Discounted ads not applied on Sunday.
                                                                      RETAIL ADVERTISING COPY DEADLINES
                                                                      Publication         Space                Copy
                                                                      Dates               Reservation          Deadlines
•   Buy   2   pages,   Get   1   FREE                                                                          (Close of
•   Buy   4   pages,   Get   2   pages FREE                                                                    Business)
•   Buy   6   pages,   Get   3   pages FREE                           Monday ROP          Thursday Noon        Thursday
•   Buy   8   pages,   Get   4   pages FREE                           Monday LMT
Requirements: 6X21 ads only, (129 inches, full page) Same day
                                                                      Business Journal Wednesday 2pm           Wednesday
publication only.

RETAIL MONTHLY RATE CARD                                              El Mercadito (TMC)Thursday Noon          Thursday
Ads must appear 30 consecutive days.                                  Tuesday ROP         Friday Noon          Friday
                                       6X         9X         12X      Homes               Friday Noon          Friday
       Rate               3X
1 inch $365              $335         $300       $275       $245      Wednesday ROP Friday Noon                Friday
 card per inch          per inch     per inch   per inch   per inch
                                                                      Thursday ROP        Monday Noon          Monday
2 inch $345              $310         $280       $255       $225
 card per inch          per inch     per inch   per inch   per inch   Friday ROP          Tuesday Noon         Tuesday
                                                                      Friday Que Pasa Monday Noon              Monday
Minimum one column inch. Maximum 10 column inches.
                                                                      Saturday ROP        Wednesday Noon       Wednesday
One copy change per week on monthly cards.
                                                                      Sunday (Focus
                                                                      & Art of Living)    Wednesday 2pm        Wednesday
                                                                      Sunday ROP          Wednesday 2pm        Wednesday
    All political advertising will be charged at the applica-
ble contract rate level. Cash with copy is required.                  Ads sent electronically must be submitted 48 hours in
                                                                      advance to publication date. Ads for Monday’s and
                                                                      Tuesday’s must be submitted by close of business the
THANKSGIVING DAY                                                      Friday prior.
    Sunday rates apply.
                                                                      LATE ADVERTISING
                                                                        Even though every effort will be made to ensure the
FRONT PAGE ADVERTISING                                                content of ads, the Laredo Morning Times cannot be
  Open rate or contract plus a 25% premium for front                  held responsible for errors handling that result from
page strips. Pricing includes full color.                             advertising being electronically submitted past deadline.

ACCEPTABLE AD FILE FORMATS                                        recommendations for your scanning resolutions. This is
    Adobe Acrobat PDF is the preferred file format. Not           under the assumption that the scanned image is place
only is this a truly portable format, when correctly dis-         in 1:1 ratio and not enlarged in the layout program.
tilled PDF's require no fonts or linked art elements. It          Halftone scans
                                                                  • 85 line screen 170 through 200 dpi
has cross platform compatibility and is a reasonable file
size making it ideal for newspaper printing. This com-
pressed file format allows for remote digital delivery of
                                                                     All color elements must be delivered to the newspa-
your advertising. Changes and / or corrections cannot             per in CMYK process colors. RGB and Pantone colors
readily be made to an Acrobat PDF and will require the            are unacceptable. Single AdPro spot colors must be
ad to be resubmitted in its entirety for each revision.           produced and delivered as process color mixes.
This will help to ensure accurate reproduction of your
advertisement. The Laredo Morning Times will also                 AD SIZES
accept TIFF or EPS files in high resolution only.                    Advertising should be built to the exact specifications of
                                                                  the ad order. Sizes may not necessarily be the same as
3RD PARTY TRANSMISSIONS                                           other publications and should be confirmed before you
   For our medium to large volume advertisers we rec-             ad is constructed. Advertising submitted with incorrect
ommend transmitting their ads to the newspaper                    sizes will need to be resubmitted if time allows.
                                                                  Otherwise, your ad may be adjusted horizontally or ver-
through a 3rd party vendor such as AdSend. For more
                                                                  tically to fit the ad size.
information call 1-800-2ADSEND or visit their web site
at www.adsend.com.                                                CIRCULATION
                                                                  Refer to latest A.B.C. Audit or Publisher’s Statement
ACCEPTABLE IMAGE FORMATS                                          MEMBERSHIPS
  Raster images should be saved in TIFF file format.              • Newspaper Association of America
Color images should be saved as CMYK only, not RGB.               • Texas Press Association (TPA)
We do not accept JPEG file format as it can degrade the           • Texas Daily Newspaper Association (TDNA)
quality of the image and create output problems.
                                                                  ROP DEPTH REQUIREMENTS
VECTOR ART                                                          All advertising must adhere to PASS. All advertising
                                                                  measuring 19 inches deep or over will be charged full
    Graphics generated by drawing programs such as
                                                                  depth of 21 inches.
illustrator and Freehand are considered vector art.
Resolution is not a problem with this type of art. It is rec-
ommended you adjust the "flatness" of complex or com-
                                                                  MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS
pound paths to reduce the complexity of the math asso-            Full Sheet                              Tabloid
ciated with output. Please convert type to "outlines" or          Columns                  Inches         Columns                 Inches
"paths" before submitting your ads. Layout programs               1........................1.542”         1.......................1.542”
often miss alerting you to missing fonts until output.            2........................3.222”         2.......................3.222”
These files should be saved as PDF format only.                   3........................4.903”         3.......................4.903”
                                                                  4........................6.583”         4.......................6.583”
                                                                  5........................8.264”         5.......................8.264”
                                                                  6........................9.944”         6.......................9.944”
• ROP Newspaper, supplements and special sections
85 line screen
                                                                  Double Trucks
• Classified Sections, Comics: 85-line screen
                                                                  Columns                            Inches
SCANNING RESOLUTIONS                                              11................................17.5”
    Proper image resolution is essential in assuring your         13................................20.75”
scans print correctly. If the image resolution is too low,
it will result in a "pixilated" look. If your image resolution    Depths: Full Sheet - 21 inches
is too high, it might fail to print at all. Below is a chart of   Tabloid - 9.75 inches
ART OF LIVING is published every Sunday and is forming arts and trends with a newsy edge. The section
a social section printed on hi brite newspaper. The con-        previews live acts and theater performances and
tent ranges from a selection of social photos of locals         reviews albums, concerts and movies. The editor’s col-
out and about in Laredo to fashion spreads featuring the        umn provides insight on the city’s goings-on and strives
latest in women's wear and men's wear to lifestyle arti-        to provide a unique perspective. ¿Qué Pasa? prints in
cles. Art of Living strives to feature Laredoans who are        full color, including four pages of society snapshots.
                                                      Pricing Includes Full Color:
active in the community and deserve proper recognition.
It is also the publication that features all wedding, COMMERCIAL
                                                                Full Page                                          $500
engagement, quinceanera, anniversary and award
                                                                Half Page                                          $300
announcements that are received by the Laredo
                                                                Quarter Page                                       $175
Morning Times.
                                           WEDDINGS, ENGAGEMENTS
centerpiece feature article on a local business trend,          Full Page                                          $250
plus business stories from the daily newspaper,                 Half Page                                          $150
columns on local marketing, commercial and residential          Quarter Page                                       $85
real estate, a topical general business column from the
editor, financial advice from Dave Ramsey, and other            CURRENT DVINO AND
local special articles and wild art reflecting Laredo busi-     ONLINE ADVERTISER PRICING
                                                                Full Page                                          $350
ness news.
                                                                Half Page                                          $200
                                                                Quarter Page                                       $125
956 SPORTS UNLIMITED is a full-color sports
magazine, unique with photos, in-depth features, pro-           EL MERCADITO: El Mercadito is a powerful advertis-
files and enterprise stories — all local. It is a tab that is   ing vehicle that reaches more than 46,000 Laredo house-
punchy, with deep stories that get at the heart of Laredo       holds every Wednesday. The tabloid saturates Laredo
sports. It includes intricate coverage of youth sports, as      and carries all Laredo Morning Times classified plus retail
well as column writing that offers opinion and analysis         advertisers at very affordable rates.
from our LMT 956 Sports reporters and editors. The
magazine emphasizes off-beat, enterprising stories or           Standard Sizes   Inches    1x     13x     26x     52x
                                                                         1x1        1    $5.90   $5.60   $5.35   $5.10
profiles that take you inside Laredo locker rooms,                       1x2        2    $11.80 $11.20 $10.70 $10.20
                                                                         1x4        4   $23.60 $22.40 $21.40 $20.40
coaches offices, playgrounds and fields. We don’t just                              5   $29.50 $28.00 $26.75 $25.50
introduce the local sports characters. We take you into                  2x2        4   $23.60 $22.40 $21.40 $20.40
                                                                Eighth 2x3          6   $50.00 $48.50 $45.65 $44.00
their lives and see what makes them tick; we expose the         Sixth    3x3        9   $59.00 $56.00 $53.50 $51.00
thinking behind some of the greatest minds and talent           Quarter 3x4.75    14.25 $100.00 $97.00 $91.25 $88.00
                                                                Half    3x9.75    29.25 $214.00 $204.00 $194.00 $182.00
Laredo sports have ever seen.                                   Half    6x4.75     28.5 $214.00 $204.00 $194.00 $182.00
                                                                Full    6x9.75     58.5 $400.00 $388.00 $365.00 $352.00
¿QUE PASA? is Laredo Morning Times’ entertain-
ment section. It’s published every Friday. Its mission is       $2.00 per color inch. Available colors: Red, Blue, Yellow
to keep a pulse on Laredo’s nightlife, live music, per-         or Four Color process only.

   Weekly tabloid that focuses on promoting culture and
its protagonists. Culture includes literature, painting,
theater, dance, but also movies, music and even the
atmosphere of society.
   With "Antesala" will be offered to the reader every
Saturday a product to plan your weekend and learn
about the activities offered Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.
   "Antesala" means 'Lobby', which means that we are
the magazine for families to enjoy, chat with friends and
schedule events.
* Diván - The comment from psychologists on how to
   deal with situations that seem to have no end.
* Adrenalina - Are the activities performed by
   residents, whether for sport or leisure.
* Reportaje - Articles about cultural spaces or
   workshops to enjoy.
* Charla con Myriam - A single mother in Nuevo Laredo
   will discuss what it means to succeed and how she
   remembers the past, living for today.
* Ayer - Images from the past of Nuevo Laredo, their
   families and buildings.
* Brújula - Guidance on activities in both Laredo,
   related to entertainment.
   In addition to sections on Real Estate, Health, Life
and articles coming from writers in Nuevo Laredo.
DVINO: Laredo Morning Times' monthly magazine PRICING
that circulates 20,000 copies around the gateway city.        Full Page                                         $965
It is released the first Sunday of the month the Laredo       Half Page                                         $535
                                                              Quarter Page                                      $315
Morning Times subscribers and extra copies are dis-           2X4                                               $205
trubted to high-traffic areas, such as local retailers,       2X2                                               $110
banks, hospitals, hotels and other local businesses.
Dvino is known for its sleek and modern design, as well       Color can be purchased at $100 per color or $400
                                                              for full color.
as content that encompasses the active lives of
Laredo's men and women.
                                                              JOB BULLETIN: A monthly supplement to the
Pricing Includes Full Color:                                  employment section. This highly targeted magazine is
                                                              distributed on free racks throughout the city.
  Rates    12 Mo Contract Open Rate             2ND AD
 Full Page     $1,200      $1,500                $900         PRICING
 Half Page      $750        $875                 $500         $4.00 per column inch • $0.50 per line
 1/4 Page       $400        $550                 $250         *Rates apply to LMT classified advertisers
 1/8 Page       $250        $350                 $125

                                                DESTINATION LAREDO is a quarterly tourist and
DVINO LIVING: features real estate advertising, business travelers guide to Laredo. Destination Laredo
residential and commercial properties, as well as the lat-    circulates 160,000 copies quarterly in Monterrey, Mexico;
                                                              San Antonio, Texas and Laredo. Destination Laredo is a
est in ergonomic design. Dvino Living will continue to
                                                              product that will highlight all the sights, sounds, tastes
have a 20,000 copy circulation every third Sunday of the      and various things to do in our border city that appeal to
month. Its design will be consistent with its sister-publi-   traveler discovering Laredo. Destination Laredo is the
cation Dvino, with an innovative and sleek look.              way to promote your business and Laredo to newcomers
                                                              and travelers alike.

Pricing Includes Full Color:                                  Pricing Includes Full Color:
COMMERCIAL ADVERTISERS                                                            4x          3x       26x       52x
 Full Page                                         $350        Back Page        $1,200     $1,500    $1,850     $2,250
                                                               Inside Pages     $1,000     $1,350    $1,650     $2,000
 Half Page                                         $200
                                                               Full Page         $850      $1,100    $1,350     $1,650
 Quarter Page                                      $100
                                                               Have Page         $500       $650      $800       $950
                                                               Quarter Page      $350       $450      $550       $650
 Full Page                                         $250       DVINO & DESTINATION LAREDO
 Half Page                                         $150       ADVERTISING SIZES
 Quarter Page                                      $85        Full Page with Bleed      Full Page
                                                              8.625”W x 11.375”H        7.75”W x 10.25”H
                                                              Half Page                 Half Page
SALUD: This health magazine highlights one particular         Horizontal                Vertical
medical condition per month with a feature centerpiece        7.75”W x 5”H              3.775”W x 10.25”H
                                                              Quarter Page              2x2
article and supporting articles from local physicians, as     3.775”W x 5”H             3.775”W x 2.35”H
well as news from Laredo hospitals.                           All ads must be created at 300dpi.

JANUARY                                 APRIL                            SEPTEMBER
• New Year's Greetings                  • Easter Shopping Guide          • NFL Football Preview
• Outlook                               • Easter Greetings               • Fall Home Improvement
• Noche de Cabaret                                                       • Hunting Guide
FEBRUARY                                • Mother's Day                   OCTOBER
•   Super Bowl                          • Parade of Homes                • Laredo Bucks Season
•   Valentine's Day                                                        Preview
•   Bienvenidos
                                                                         • Halloween Safety
                                        • School Districts Graduations
•   El Porvenir                                                          NOVEMBER
                                        • Summer Brides (AOL)
•   Jalapeño festival
                                        • Father's Day                   • Thanksgiving Greetings
•   Mr. South texas
•   Señor Internacional                 JULY                             DECEMBER
•   Abrazo Children                     • Little League                  • Chritmas Guide
•   L.I.F.E. Rancher of the Year        • Ask Us About Laredo              (4 editions)
                                                                         • Christmas Greetings
MARCH                                   AUGUST
• Zapata County Fair                    • Back to School
• Doctor's Day                          • High School Football

A daily Spanish-language section inside the Laredo
Morning Times. It features local, state, national and
international news of interest to the city's Hispanic com-
munity, featuring staff-written stories as well as award-
winning wire service content. El Tiempo covers a variety
of amateur and professional sports and offers the latest
in entertainment news.

       SAU      1 Time       13        26        52
     Inches/     Open      Week*     Week*     Week*
      Week       Rate    Frequency Frequency Frequency
      1 Inch    $6.00     $5.25      $5.00       $4.80
     or More
    26 Inches   $5.75     $5.00      $4.75       $4.25
     or More
    51 Inches   $5.50     $4.75      $4.50       $4.00
     or More
    76 Inches   $5.25     $4.50      $4.25       $3.75
     or More

*Contract required - Total investment divided by
retail rate applies toward retail contract fulfillment.

THE ZAPATA TIMES: is a weekly newspaper that                   Color
is distributed on Saturdays to 4000 households in              Full Color: $100 • One Color $50
Zapata County. Only 50 miles away from Laredo,
Zapata feeds into Laredo’s economy for shopping,               Socials
healthcare and entertainment.                                  $5.00 per photo with caption only. $10.00 per photo with
                           1x          13x      26x     52x    Deadline is Wednesday prior to Saturday
 1 to 15 Inches          $6.00        $5.50    $5.00   $4.50   Publication.
 16 to 33 Inches         $5.50        $5.00    $4.50   $4.00
 34 to 65 Inches         $5.00        $4.50    $4.00   $3.50
 66 to 129 Inches        $4.50        $4.00    $3.50   $3.00   ROP Mechanical Data
                                                               Page Depth - 21”
Color                                                          Page Width - 9.944”
Full Color: $100 • One Color: $50
                                                      THE ZAPATA TIMES OFFICE:                             765-5113
Preprints: Flat fee of $200 for 4000 inserts. $55 per RETAIL ADVERTISING:                                  728-2511
thousand for orders less that full circulation.       CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING:                              728-2527
                                                      CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT:                              728-2559
Line Ads: $1.00 pick up rate from LMT
Line Ads Zapata Times only $3.00 for 3 lines for 1 week.

Display Ads
                           1x          13x      26x     52x
 1 to 22.50 Inches       $4.00        $3.65    $3.35   $3.00
 23 to 49.5 Inches       $3.65        $3.35    $3.00   $2.65
 50 to 97.5 Inches       $3.35        $3.00    $2.65   $2.35
 98 to 193.5 Inches      $3.00        $2.65    $2.35   $2.00

Employment Ads Plus Yahoo Hot Jobs
                       1x      13x      26x     52x 30 Days
 1 to 22.50 Inches    $5.00   $4.50    $4.00   $3.50 $65.00
 23 to 49.5 Inches    $4.50   $4.00    $3.50   $3.00 $75.00
 50 to 97.5 Inches    $4.00   $3.50    $3.00   $2.50 $150.00
 98 to 193.5 Inches   $3.50   $3.00    $2.50   $2.00 $150.00

Employment Line Ads
                       1x    13x   26x   52x 30 Days
 Per Line             $2.00 $1.50 $1.00 $0.50 $65.00

Birthday Ads, Anniversary Mass and Card
of Thanks: $2.00 per column inch.

Obituaries: .50¢ per line $2.00 w/photo.
COMMISSION                                              Preprints needed Daily 19,600 Sunday 21,600 Preprints
15% Agency Commission
                                                        requested updated May and November. Available Full
                                                        Run, City Zone, Home Delivered or TMC. All Tab and
Open Rate Daily $51.35 Sunday $52.70                    Standard sizes larger than above will be billed at addi-
                                                        tional $1.00 CPM for each 4 page tab. 2 page standard
  Pages     Inches   Discount     Daily    Sunday
                                                        supplement.    Add $1.00 CPM if flap or envelope is
 1 Page      129       5%         48.80       50.10     attached.
 3 Pages     387       10%        46.25       47.45
 6 Pages     774       15%        43.65       44.80     FREQUENCY DISCOUNT
 13 pages                                               3-6x                                             5%
 & over      677       20%        41.10       42.20     7-10x                                            10%
To be eligible for the above rates, advertisers must    11-15x                                           15%
be on contract, and any contract revision must          16+x                                             20%
cover same period as original contract.

MULTIPLE REPEAT RATE                                    RATE FORMULA:
Same copy may be repeated within 6 days following       CPM x latest Publishers Statement
original insertion Daily $33.40 and Sunday $34.25 per
column inch per insertion. Repeat lineage applies
towards contract fulfillment.                           DAYS ACCEPTED:
                                                        Daily and Sunday
Minimum size 42 col. Inches Using standard Publishers
ink B/W line rate plus the following color cost.        DEADLINE:
(Commissionable)                                        5 Days prior to Insert Date

  Pages            B&1C B&2C     B&3C 4C Process
 Daily & Sunday $425      $500    $680     $740
                                                        5 days prior
                                                        All insert reservations must be confirmed by written
                                                        order to ensure reservation.
 Size                                         CPM
 2 Pages/Card Size                          $72.00
 4 Tab/2 Std.                               $76.00
                                                        SHIP ON SKIDS:
 8 Tab/4 Std.                               $78.00      75 lbs per bundle maximum. Delivery accepted Monday
 12 Tab/6 Std.                              $80.00      through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
 16 Tab/8 Std.                              $82.00
 20 Tab/10 Std.                             $84.00                      SHIP ON SKIDS:
 24 Tab/12 Std.                             $86.00
 28 Tab/14 Std.                             $88.00              San Antonio Express News
 32 Tab/16 Std.                             $90.00
 36 Tab/18 Std.                             $92.00
                                                                     301 Avenue E
 40 Tab/20 Std.                             $94.00              San Antonio, Texas 78205

WEDNESDAY COMICS PROGRAM                                                                                           Pre-prints needed Daily - 19,600 Sunday - 21,600.
        The Comics program consists of full, half or quar-                                                         Pre-prints updated in May & November and billed by the
ter page to run side by side our comics and features                                                           latest ABC Publisher’s Statement.
page. Our Wednesday Comics                                                                                         For Pre-prints contract advertisers, the amount spent on
run in full color, therefore, our
advertisers can take advantage                                                                                 pre-prints (insertion fee only) divided by the advertiser’s rate
of full color at no additional                                                                                 equals the space (column inches) credited towards Retail
charge. Retail prices are based                                                                                Contract fulfillment.
on frequency and ad size.         Gatefold       Spadea                                                            Available Full-Run, City-Zone, Home Delivered TMC or
                                                                                                               Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. All Tab and Standard sizes larger than
 Times Run                 Full Page                  1/2 page                    1/4 page
 1x                        $1,100.00                  $600.00                     $400.00                      above will be billed at an additional $1.00 CPM for each 4
 13x                       $975.00                    $525.00                     $350.00                      page Tab, 2 Page Standard increment. Add $1.00 CPM if flap
 26x                       $900.00                    $475.00                     $325.00                      or envelope is attached. An additional charge of $3.00 per
 52x                       $825.00                    $400.00                     $300.00
                                                                                                               thousand will be added to all rates on less than full circulation
Limited space              available.
SUNDAY COMIC RATES                                                                                                 All above rates per thousand other than open rate are
Gatefold Size: 11 3/4”x20                                   Spadea Size: 5 1/2”x20                             available only after written contract has been assigned for the
1x                         $1,400.00                  1x                          $1,800.00                    amount of frequency to be completed within one calender
13x                        $1,300.00                  13x                         $1,600.00                    year.
26x                        $1,200.00                  26x                         $1,500.00                    Pre-prints accepted for distribution on Sundays or Weekdays.
52x                        $1,100.00                  52x                         $1,400.00
                                                                                                               Publisher reserves the right for leeway dates.
PRINT PLUS                                                                                                         Standard size page counted as two magazine or tabloid
A customized advertising single sheet product. This                                                            size pages.
product can be delivered to both our subscribers and                                                           Sections delivered prepaid to the San Antonio Express-News,
non-subscribers into one, two, or three circulation                                                            301 Ave E, San Antonio, TX 78205, packaged or on skids, five
zones. We print & deliver PRINT PLUS all in one con-
                                                                                                               days prior to insertion. Monday-Friday 8am-5pm
venient package. Ask your sales representative for
more information.                                                                                                  A flat $300.00 extra insertion change will be made for pre-
                                                                                                               prints not accepted by our automatic inserters.
GROUP COMBINATION RATES                                                                                        Single sheet pre-prints must be printed on 70# stock, maxi-
Available to companies owning, operating and advertising                                                       mum width and depth is 10.5 inches. Preprints over 10.5 inch-
two or more business under different names. Master con-
tract must be signed and proof of ownership provided.                                                          es must be folded.

PREPRINT RATES & FREQUENCY DISCOUNT                                                                            ONLINE ADVERTISING
PROGRAMS                                                                                                       LMTONLINE.com averages over 1 million page-views per
(Non-Commissionable, Cost per thousand)
                                                                                                               month. Our multi-faceted Web site allows advertisers to tar-
STDR      TAB    OPEN       13       26       39       52      76         90      103        116      142
SIZE      SIZE   RATE      TIMES*   TIMES*   TIMES*   TIMES*   TIMES*    TIMES*   TIMES*    TIMES*    TIMES*   get pages, sections or sponsorships to reach their target.
   Card          $61.00   $57.00    $54.00   $51.00 $47.00     $43.00   $40.00 $37.00      $35.00    $30.00
  2        4     $66.00   $58.00    $56.00   $53.00 $49.00     $45.00   $42.00 $38.00      $36.00    $31.00
                                             $55.00 $51.00
                                             $57.00 $53.00
                                                                        $44.00 $40.00
                                                                        $46.00 $42.00
                                                                                                               Available sizes: 728x90, 160x600, 300x250, 242X90
  8       16     $71.00   $64.00    $62.00   $60.00 $55.00     $51.00   $48.00 $44.00      $42.00    $37.00
  10      20     $73.00   $66.00    $64.00   $61.00 $57.00     $53.00   $50.00 $46.00      $44.00    $39.00
  12      24     $74.00   $68.00    $66.00   $63.00 $59.00     $55.00   $52.00 $48.00      $46.00    $41.00    Placement                                       Rates
  14      28     $76.00   $70.00    $68.00   $65.00 $61.00     $57.00   $54.00 $50.00      $48.00    $43.00
  16      32     $77.00   $72.00    $70.00   $67.00 $63.00     $59.00   $56.00 $52.00      $50.00    $45.00    ROS (Run of Site)                              $20/CPM
  18      36     $78.00   $74.00    $72.00   $69.00 $65.00     $61.00   $58.00 $54.00      $52.00    $47.00
  20      40     $80.00   $76.00    $74.00   $71.00 $67.00     $63.00   $60.00 $56.00      $56.00    $49.00
                                                                                                               Targeted                                       $20/CPM
* Contract needed                                                                                              Home Page                                      $25/CPM
  CLASSIFIED           CLASSIFIED                                    GENERAL RATE POLICY
 ADVERTISING           WEDNESDAY                                        The Laredo Morning Times reserves the right to
   SUNDAY                 TMC                    DAILY
                                                                     revise its advertising rates at any time upon 30 days
     $24.30                 $21.10               $18.10              notice in writing to holders of contracts and are accept-
                                                                     ed subject to said reservation. The advertiser may can-
     $17.40                 $15.40               $12.40
                                                                     cel contract without an adjustment charge on the date
     $17.00                 $15.00               $12.00              the new rates become effective.
     $16.40                 $14.80               $11.80                 The Laredo Morning Times reserves the right to limit,
     $15.80                 $14.60               $11.60              omit, or reject advertising when deemed necessary and
     $15.40                 $14.40               $11.40              to determine the classification of advertising and the
                                                                     rate applicable thereto. Alcoholic beverage and ciga-
     $15.20                 $14.30               $11.30
                                                                     rette advertising accepted.
     $14.80                 $14.15               $11.15
     $14.65                 $13.85               $10.85              CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES
     $14.50                 $13.30               $10.30                TERMS CASH WITH ORDER UNLESS CREDIT
     $14.20                 $13.10               $10.10              HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED. All invoices are due and
     $13.95                 $13.00               $10.00              payable within ten (10) days of the invoice date. Rates
     $13.75                 $12.85               $9.85               subject to change without notice.
     $13.65                 $12.80               $9.80
     $13.50                 $12.70               $9.70               CLASSIFIED LINE ADS
     $13.35                 $12.55               $9.55               Commercial 4 Line Minimum
     $13.10                 $12.25               $9.25
                                                                     21 lines per month                $3.70   per   line   per   day
     $12.20                 $11.75               $8.75               45 lines per month                $3.20   per   line   per   day
     $11.95                 $11.55               $8.55               90 lines per month                $2.55   per   line   per   day
     $11.30                 $11.05               $8.05               120 lines per month               $2.35   per   line   per   day
                                                                     121 plus                          $1.45   per   line   per   day
Process color (blue, yellow & red) all other colors billed at full   CLASSIFIED LINE AD CONTRACT
color.                                                               Liners
                                                                     Fifteen words or more daily for a period of 6 months
 Inches               1 ink            2 ink             full        minimum.
 164"-189"            $0.75            $1.50            $2.05
 91"-163.5"           $1.00            $1.75            $2.25        $6.25   per   line   1-2 days
                                                                     $4.25   per   line   3-6 days
 46"-90.5"            $1.50            $2.00            $2.75
                                                                     $3.85   per   line   7-13 days
 1"-45.5"             $2.00            $2.75            $3.50        $3.50   per   line   14-29 days
Ads less than 15 inch must run a minimum of 5 consecutive            $3.20   per   line   30 days
days to qualify for color rate.
                                                                     WHEELS: This Classified section is published every
Based on 9 column format (Full page 9 X 21) (12                      Thursday and Friday. Wheels features the most popu-
agate lines per inch)                                                lar cars or trucks in our market, as well the latest in
                                                                     Automotive listings, Real Estate, Employment and
COMMISSION 15%                                                       Merchandise.
Available only to recognized advertising agencies, pro-
vided they were billed at the National Rate of Daily                 SHOWCASE OF HOMES: Features the latest
$32.80 ($2.75 per agate line) and Sunday $35.65                      homes that are for sale or lease in the market and sur-
($3.00 per agate line).                                              rounding areas- new and existing homes, as well as

apartments, commercial investments, Realtors, agents,                                                  Daily        Sunday
mortgage lenders and others that participate in the sale
or lease of home, business or ranch land.                   Non-Profit                                 $13.00        $17.70
   Showcase of Homes is published weekly on                 Legals                                     $19.55        $19.55
Saturday and can be purchased to include Sunday at a        Anniversary Mass /                         $10.00        $12.00
discounted rate. Showcase of Homes can also be              Card of Thanks / Birthday
viewed online at www.lmtonline.com.                        For Weddings, Engagements or other social events,
                                                           contact a Classified representative.
CONTRACT DISPLAY RATES                                     OBITUARY NOTICES
 Col. Inches         Wed.         Daily      Sunday        $2.80 per line
 Open Rate          $28.30       $25.30      $34.85        $9.00 obit photo per day
                                 $22.60                    $8.00 funeral home logo per day
  500-999           $25.60                   $28.50
 1000-1499          $23.60       $20.60      $26.50
                                                           MECHANICAL MEASUREMENTS
 1500-2400          $23.00       $20.00      $25.20
                                                           1   Column    . . . . . . . . . . . .994”
   2500+            $22.55       $19.55      $24.80        2   Column   . . . . . . . . . . 2.113”
                                                           3   Column   . . . . . . . . . . 3.231”
Sunday & Wednesday combination $49.00 per inch.            4   Column   . . . . . . . . . . 4.350”
                                                           5   Column   . . . . . . . . . . 5.469”
EMPLOYMENT LINE AD CONTRACT                                6   Column    . . . . . . . . . . 6.588”
4 Line Minimum*                                            7   Column    . . . . . . . . . . 7.706”
                                                           8   Column    . . . . . . . . . . 8.825”
$7.20 per line 1-2 days
$5.90 per line 3-6 days                                    9 Column . . . . . . . . . . 9.944”
$4.60 per line 7-13 days
$4.00 per line 14-29 days                                  DEADLINES
$3.65 per line 30 days
                                                           Regular Classified Display
Holding (blind) box: $16.85 • Responses mailed: $21.70
                                                           Publication Day Space Deadline                       Copy Deadline
LMT/MONSTER HOT JOBS                                       Monday          Thursday 12pm                        Thursday
Post a local ad in the Laredo Morning Times and your       Tuesday         Friday 12pm                          Friday
job listing can also appear on Monster HotJobs, engag-     Wednesday       Thursday 12pm                        Thursday
ing millions of active and passive job seekers across      Thursday        Tuesday 12pm                         Tuesday
Monster.                                                   Friday          Tuesday 2pm                          Tuesday
                                                           Saturday        Wednesday 12pm                       Wednesday
                                                           Sunday          Wednesday 2pm                        Wednesday
                                 7   days    30 days
 Liners                          $   20.00   $ 65.00
                                                           LINE ADS
 Display under 4"                $   25.00   $ 75.00       Monday                       Friday 4:00 p.m.
 Display over 4"                 $   60.00   $ 150.00      Tuesday                      Monday 10:00 a.m.
                                                           Wednesday                    Monday 10:00 a.m.
                                                           Thursday                     Wednesday 2:00 p.m.
SPECIAL CLASSIFICATIONS                                    Friday                       Thursday 2:00 p.m.
Standing Cards               (30 Consecutive Days)         Saturday                     Thursday 4:00 p.m.
 1 Inch Cards                     $430 Per Inch            Sunday                       Friday 12:00 p.m
 2 Inches and Over                $740 Per Inch            Call Office for Holiday Deadlines.
CONTRACT & COPY                                         G. The advertiser and its agency, if there be one,
GENERAL POLICIES                                        each represents that it is fully authorized and
                                                        licensed to use (I) the names and/or portraits or
A. The Laredo Morning Times reserves the right to pictures of persons, living or dead, or of things II)
consider contracts void on which advertising is not     any trademarks, copyrighted or otherwise private
ordered to be inserted within 30 days from date of      material and (III) any testimonials, contained in any
contract.                                               advertisement submitted by or on behalf of the
                                                        advertiser and published in the Laredo Morning
B. Renewals of existing contracts accepted not Times, and that such advertisement is neither
more than 30 days in advance of expiration dates        libelous, an invasion of privacy or otherwise unlaw-
to take effect on expiration dates only.                ful as to any third party. As part of the consideration
                                                        and to induce the Laredo Morning Times to publish
C. Agencies and advertisers forwarding orders such advertisement, the advertiser and its agency,
which do not conform to existing rate card are          if there be one, each agrees to indemnify and save

advised that such advertising will be inserted and      harmless the Hearst Corporation, publisher of the
                                                        Laredo Morning Times against all loss, liability,
charged at the regular schedule of rates in force in
                                                        damage and expense of whatsoever nature arising
accordance with the regulations on the existing
                                                        out of copying, printing or publishing of such adver-
rate card.

D. The Laredo Morning TImes reserves the right
                                                        H. The advertiser and its agency agrees to indem-
to decline or reject any advertisement for any rea-
                                                        nify and save harmless the publisher from all loss,
son at any time without liability, even though previ-
                                                        damage and liability growing out of the failure of
ously acknowledged or accepted.
                                                        any contest inserted by them for publication to be
                                                        in compliance and conformity with any and all laws,
E. All advertisements must be clearly identified by orders, ordinances and statutes of the United
the trademark or signature of the advertiser, except    States, or any of the states of subdivisions thereof.
for the Times Box number ads.
                                                        I. The Laredo Morning Times will not be bound by
F. Orders specifying positions other than those any conditions appearing on order blanks or copy
known as designated positions are accepted only         instructions submitted by or on behalf of the adver-
on a request basis, subject to the right of the pub-    tiser when such conditions conflict with any provi-
lisher to determine actual positions.                   sion contained in its Rate Card or with its policies.

J. The Laredo Morning Times shall be under no O. Any form of tax placed on newspaper advertis-
liability by reason of any errors for which it may be   ing space shall be added to the rates given herein.
responsible, beyond the liability of the actual space
occupied by the item in which error occurred. (A        P. Advertisements can be billed to the quarter inch.
letter of explanation will be furnished, when
                                                        Q. Accounts will be considered past due on the
desired, for the benefit of advertiser’s customers).
                                                        20th after billing. Contracted accounts with bal-
Advertisements submitted beyond deadline for
                                                        ances at 60 days will be reviewed and or subject to
proof service as shown on printed proof sched-
                                                        cancellation at the discretion of the Publisher.
ule are done so at advertiser’s risk.

                                                        R. Proofs to the advertiser remove all responsibili-
K. All orders accepted subject to acts of God,
                                                        ty for error in price or copy from newspaper when
fires, strikes, accidents or other occurrences
                                                        advertiser or authorized agent approves it. Proofs
beyond publisher’s control (whether like or unlike
                                                        of advertisements 10 column inches or larger are
any of those enumerated herein) which prevent           delivered to advertisers.
publisher from partially or completely producing        S. Retail rates do not apply to any advertising for
publishing or distributing the Laredo Morning           which the Publisher has established or will estab-
Times.                                                  lish other rates such as general or classified. The
                                                        classification of such advertising will be deter-
L. Representatives of the Laredo Morning Times mined by the Publisher.
are not authorized to make deviations from these
published rates and regulations, either orally or in    T. The retail rate shall be interpreted as applying
writing.                                                only to those retail establishments in the Laredo
                                                        metropolitan area selling merchandise and servic-
M. Words such as “advertisement,” institutional,” es to the public.
etc. will be placed with copy which in publisher’s
opinion resembles editorial matter.                     U. All advertisers represented by an Agency must
                                                        have a signed contract by both parties for the
N. The advertiser and/or agency shall designate assumption of financial responsibility. Failure by
the width in columns and exact depth inches. The        agency to have contract signed by client does not
Laredo Morning Times will publish and bill the          remove agency-placing advertising from financial
advertisement      in   exact    space     ordered.     responsibility for advertisements placed on behalf
Measurement is from cut-off rule to cut-off rule.       of client.

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