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									How To Find The Value Of Aged Stock Certificates
Have old stock certificates and want to know what they are really worth ? There are a few steps you
can take to find out the worth of you stock certificates that could most probably take you the greater
part of one afternoon immersed in corporate change sources if you know where to look. You will want
a decent business knowledge, the specific corporation and transfer realtor of your shares (both
entirely on stock certificate) and use of corporate changes directories (check your local library). There
are inexpensive databases although local libraries often have these resource obtainable. Resources
you're looking for; Directory associated with Obsolete Securities, Robert d. Fisher Manual of useful
and Worthless Securities, survey of Predecessor and Defunct Companies by The Financial post or
the Capital Changes reporter.
Any one of these books will likely be sufficient. In most cases these textbooks are held in the guide
section. To find the value of our own certificates, simply follow the corporation name found on your
stock certificate through one these kinds of directories. Let's make our own example Kaufmann
Department Stores stock options Corporation let's say we hold 1000 shares. Kaufmann shops
Securities Corp. Is found on-page 1045 of the Directory associated with Obsolete Securities. The
book states that Kaufmann Department Stores stock options Corp. Merged to form Kauffmann
Department Stores, Inc. Each typical share was exchanged regarding 0.3069438 preferred discuss
and 3.069438 typical shares in Kauffman mall , which then merged into might Department Stores in
1946. It then shows that in about August 30, 2005 might Department Stores merged into Federated
Department Stores, Inc.. Now why don't we follow the last entity, Federated Department Stores, Inc.
On it's own site.
Federated Department Stores, Inc. Can be found on page 674 of the listing of Obsolete Securities. It
states that the company reorganized in 1994, which is immaterial since our shares ended up acquired
in the exchange through the company in 2005, it can be followed with information that this company
changed name to be able to Macy's in 2007. Detect besides the company name there exists in
brackets a state abbreviation , the state abbreviation refers to the suggest that the company was
incorporated in and will be valuable to hold onto. In this case (DE) is found next to the name, as such
we can assemble that Delaware is the state of incorporation.
Now we have established the current status from the shares, current corporation is actually Macy's. If
your shares ended up lost or you have any issues with certificate logistics. Far better to look into this
would be to contact the business's transfer agent. Our alternative will look into how to do so. Let's
continue with Macy's from previous steps. The company was (as we assembled through the Directory
of Obsolete stock options ) incorporated in Delaware (signifiant ). From the state of Delaware we can
receive the date associated with termination of the company along with the company's last transfer
realtor , which will be critical later on.
The site below offers backlinks to all business entity searches to all states including Delaware.
If the company you are researching is integrated in Canada the site under offers links to all Provincial
Most states have online research options although a few even now deal only over the phone. This
kind of changes state to state although the state used in our example, Delaware, does have an online
business search that will enable for us to retrieve most records. The Delaware business Search
retrieves for us the corporate contact information, the exchange agent contact information and in
some cases extensive company details. The contact information that will help you get information on
your certificates will be available here.
To assessment our research, we began at the local library where we able to track down various
corporate changes that the company had participated in. Then through the Delaware Secretary of
state's site we found a company Entity Search, where we were able to locate the exchange Agent
The exchange agent will be able to confirm with you all of the corporate changes the stock ownership
that your company has undergone and the result for you. In some cases stocks divided and are
acquired and so your current initial ownership could at the moment be of a different number of stocks
in a different company is a case like that the exchange agent can send you a correct certificate.
At this point you've got pieced together the entire company history for the shares that you own! If the
transfer realtor requires for you to get proof-of-purchase for your shares or any other legal matters
arise it is at this point where professional help can be a very valuable useful resource. There are a
few stock research organizations that are out there for the more complicated corporate histories with
restructurings and the like that we have not covered. ( Stock Cert Expert ) is that if you choose the
route of having expert stock research service guide you , the Gold Sheet backlinks references above
also shows many professional research organizations.
In all best of luck in establishing you share's existing monetary value and corporate status !

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