; THE SAVING of AMERICA : Ridding Corruption, Strengthening Freedoms, Reiterating the Constitution
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THE SAVING of AMERICA : Ridding Corruption, Strengthening Freedoms, Reiterating the Constitution


A Political Essay THE SAVING of AMERICA Ridding Corruption, Strengthening Freedoms, Reiterating the Constitution

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									A Political Essay

Ridding Corruption, Strengthening Freedoms, Reiterating the Constitution
This special paper is written from the heart and soul of an American patriot! It will be evident that all paths point toward using the current systems we have in place to achieve much needed change – but now change back to supporting our long standing practices, formative documents, and a way of life which has come to be known as America, filled with Americans. For those who live and practice this way of life, this culture, this set of fiercely held rights and freedoms, the rapid changes being jammed through an illprepared set of governmental levels incapable of withstanding any pressures, or to be independent in thoughts, words, and deeds, and to operate within a near frozen state of affairs, it is clearly a time of threat and disaster for our people! The very way of life we have all known is most clearly under attack – and mostly from an insidious inside quietly building structure that bodes of takeovers and power grabbing and central control! It is the source of novels and movies, but now becomes ever more threatening and foreboding as looming up to be a reality, and sooner than later we fear. Much talk, town hall meetings, tea parties, small gatherings, and some media coverage have disclosed the real belief set of many Americans, producing fellow citizens, who are beginning to see and immediately feel intimidated and threatened by such emerging overwhelmingly clear moves on behalf of several governmental levels across the land. These moves are not done at random. They are a part of large-scale planning and often corruption-based processes that eat away at the current systems. The efforts will kill America as we know it and certainly leave us easier prey for foreign domination ahead. There seems to be no end to the forced rapid wholesale changes, no caps upon expenditures, and there is no depth to the ever so near cancerous wide scale attacks aimed at “restructuring” virtually everything we see and know as America! The people by and large do not want this, and now are a gathering force to remove such changes from being considered in their current introduced fashion. But it seems everyone right now is involved with what amounts to putting out brush fires, one Bill at a time. Instead, the suggested approach herein strikes at the very heart of the root causes that allow such Bills to be turned out to begin with and not reviewed and not run past the people. In a voting republic it is the people who hold and grant power. It is clearly a time to introduce this model for “the saving of America” contained here in what amounts to a start up process upon which to modify, expand, and hone into a more perfect document with which to better organize around a central plan of action to best accommodate change now and in the future! The hope is that after being effectively improved, this or some perfected facsimile may serve as a marching-plan for action with defined steps that should appeal to a broad array of Americans who see and now better understand the dangerous way things are moving. The elements referenced and listed herein are not by any means exhaustive, nor do they represent any particular order of events or planning stages. They are essential elements upon which our people can speak to these governments and achieve perhaps a slowing of destructive forces while setting things back to many of the original good aspects for operating our great country. It is time for a clear “we the people” movement while fervor is high, while current systems

still persist to allow and support orderly change, and when the threat looms so distinctly above the short horizon. More people are signing on for action. More people seek a set of steps or a clear action set to follow in setting things back closer to “right”. It is not right what is happening before us today and more urgently what is happening behind the scenes in such an insidious manner we will all wake up some day in total disarray and incredible dismay if solid change to place brakes on all this is not quickly forthcoming. While this process is urgent, it is also fairly easy to couple it all with setting standards that impact this saving of America concept far into the future. None of any of this is associated with ease of success, nor is it trouble free, or not without costs. The people are finally standing up, after trillions in obligated expenditures we do not have, which impose future generations beyond our wildest imaginations with a crushing debt that will force many bad sacrifices upon our way of life ahead, and are now loudly speaking out. They seem to all cry out “what can we do” or “how do we get better organized to fight all this with success” or “what plan can we get on board with for action”? Is it finally time now that we shall follow the start of a good plan and band together forcefully to achieve our mandates and urgent needs for getting our governments back to the people? This is offered as just an early model to do just that – to get the people back owning their governments as intended in our most revered and durable founding documents. It is terrifying to hear national spokespersons pushing for “nebulous change” stating that this wonderful Constitution has seen its better days for America! We cannot and shall not let degradation take us down. We must absolutely gather our very best forces and longstanding banding together approaches to fight this off with every fiber in our bodies and souls!! Lack of taking responsible part in appropriate action, avoiding lethargy and involvement-dormancy on such survival issues, and not being solid well-informed participating members of our great republic must override any values that deter one single individual from this most urgent task that lies ahead now! It is time to take the fight onward with getting our governments back under control of and for the people. The following listing then hits at the very foundation principles at work to turn controlled anarchy and tyranny into organization. It is this list as added to which becomes a beacon in hard and threatening times to move us back toward what most of us grew up with and expected to be around as America for the future. It is not backward thinking at all, but instead serves to simply head in the direction of the successes that brought us to be the greatest and most benevolent society the world has ever known. Can this be a bad track to follow? Is there still room for improvements and positive change to make it a more perfect union – certainly there is, but all become a complete moot point if our systems cannot work for us as a nation of individuals with a common cause of preserving this union now! It is urged that people, thinkers, doers, and all people who truly care about our country take this list of action-oriented steps together with modifications onward to become a marching call to action. Just passing rather simple legislation aimed at righting where we have gone and what we are becoming shall serve us all quite well indeed! After reviewing this start-up list for real steps to take it should engender the basic logic in organizational theory that drives the real process forward to achieve magnificent success! Begin with basic areas calling out for being firmly addressed by we the people to be


maintained solidly within our governmental practices and operations now and in the future. Move also to shore up via legislation the full scope of monitoring and regulating government itself by the peoples’ imposed priorities and wishes as expressed through the democratic process. Then cover some broad ranging issues that help reset the national priorities as to the special relationship elected representatives have to their constituents and the nation as a whole. This essay avoids naming names as the entire approach transcends any individual or office holder, but clearly affects many!! All of this will not require a one thousand-page Bill at all, but rather be worded with systematic and clear language to simply get the job done of resetting Americas’ operating principles and character in doing the business that is the assigned purview of government. The list begins: 1. Start with resetting strong mandates for the process of elections such that full credibility and faith in outcomes shall be assured, with zero tolerance for any variances. This principle is the very essence of any democracy and must be adhered to ever so faithfully. To watch irregularities and outright scamming with elections makes our country now no different than those so called third world places we spend billions upon nation-building efforts and send representatives to monitor their elections as somehow being less effective without watchdogs. To enforce this creed, very strong sanctions shall have to be attached that call for speedy investigations and very firm severe penalties for any violations whatsoever. Would be “tamperers” should know full well that prison time looms large for improprieties within this scope of government affairs!! It is absolutely imperative that every election at every level must absolutely be honest, forthright, and fully transparent in every way in order to assure the essence of democratic function!!! Complete credibility in preserving this almost sacred basis for assuring honest outputs and accountability to every voter is paramount to promoting a continuation of our nation and culture! This should be made almost a unique area of law to maintain full integrity at high costs for improprieties. 2. Provide a very clear process for automatic expulsion from any elected office where any significant appearance of impropriety exists. This is paramount as to assuring that corruption, elitism, scandal, and other major disruptive distractions away from the task at hand as assigned by that office from the people is not allowed to ever take-away from focused work and positive accomplishment. It is aimed at soliciting candidates who go into each office who shall serve as role models for the constituency and work diligently at the tasks at hand and challenges to do right at every turn. Each such candidate must see and accept that this is an urgent mandate and that any personal gain shall wait until the office functions have been properly discharged and following exit from that office before any gain shall accrue whatsoever. 3. Take measures to place office holders onto the very programs and benefits that they voted on for the people in the general population. Make sure salaries and other basic compensation are most adequate in every way for the job, but assure as well they get no elite-like special treatment. Things like special retirement plans, exceptional insurance coverage, and side special significant advantages do not accrue to the office holder while in place working for the people. Any


personal aggrandizement or untoward gains shall be dealt with immediately as an immediate expulsion. This measure is aimed at setting the standard that office holders are there to dedicate a service to that office function, without personal gain until they leave office, and much like the country’s founders they shall serve in good stead unless and until they leave or are forcefully removed by not adhering to sound principles and ethics in every way. A system should be provided to promote that person who was discharged to be tried as in all courts and if found not guilty then the government shall provide a major portion of their campaign funds to re-acquire that office. This approach is often far less costly than the corruption or scandal eliciting the original complaint. 4. Provide for a process of assuring a timely automatic recall election related to any office holder who shall have changed parties in term or altered major stated principles upon which their election was founded, as well as, for any significant reason that the constituency is somehow disenfranchised as to work product or outcomes. This principle will assure voters that affinity to the principles espoused by the candidates upon whom they voted shall be faithfully and strongly held fast by their representative during the course of that office term. Further, such elections required by law should be supported in some measure by the highest government to offset local mandates for funding same. Other called for special or recall elections as provided for all constituencies shall be facilitated as to being implemented into action such that all elected office holders immediately become more subject to the wishes of the people – they become once again true “representatives” of their constituency for whom they are accountable. Insincere, hollow, or erroneous statements made in a campaign should be deliverables backed by firm actions for removal or malfeasance regulations in the absence of faithful adherence since much of any vote to acquire that office will have been made on such unfounded rhetoric or hollow promises. In the modern era of widespread media and communication sources, this can be easily tracked, stored in databases, and dealt with correctly by would be supporters who wasted a vote due to misstatements by candidates or insincere ramblings made in haste just to seek success at the polls. Accountability at every stage of an election process should reign supreme in assuring honesty and forthrightness by all concerned, with consequences in the failure to do so! 5. Take measures to provide for strong penalties upon office holders found guilty of creating or participating in distractions or disruptive behaviors of a personal or official nature that diminishes the credibility, function, or product of any office. This aimed at holding force over such candidates to become model office holders focused upon delivery of accomplished positive work product or upon bona fide efforts to play a positive role in negotiations or compromise within reason to achieve results beneficial to their constituency and the nation as a whole. This should include the production of requested source documents or other key elements to the constituency in making a determination of relevant facts regarding any need to pursue removal efforts or re-direct the official to be more closely attuned to the full constituency or the nation as a whole, with the threat of removal looming always over malfeasance or significant ruse in discharging duties. No constituency should support or permit wide variance from the






expectations they voted for at any time, and they cannot rely on any ethics committee to assure true compliance as this is an insider approach most clearly. Provide for office holders to thoroughly review and deliberate from an informed position any and all proposed legislation coming before their body for proposed action. This to assure the basic logic of not avoiding the principles of informed consent, ethics in practical political delivery systems, and in assuring their constituency that all is understood with the implications and impact upon that district prior to voting upon any such proposed legislation. There are many avenues and safety guards to build into such a purposeful set of action expectations to accomplish this assurance. Furthermore, it should include requirements that any and all legislation is a product of elected officials and established committees rather than independent non-elected persons or organizations. Getting back to real representation of one’s constituency is paramount to success in saving America! Failure to review and fully understand any proposed action by the body as a whole shall be defined as a significant ethical breach if participation in a positive vote is undertaken. It would seem that setting the stage for facilitating well-considered “no” votes would be supportive of slowing any rush for action under fear-mongering to get something passed as an emergency. See that all proposed legislation have an absolute required safety net for public review and comment, and that special requirements to avoid any too rapid an action shall be spelled-out, and further that each representative shall hold deliberations with a widely representative sample of constituents involving each and every Bill proposed for action. This should be associated with timely posting on official web sites via the internet for reasonable time periods as to promote widespread understanding, full transparency, and open discussion regarding any and every such proposed legislation or implementation, and as shall be proposed for change over time. It should be considered as a significant breach of ethics to avoid or delay such deliberations and complete awareness efforts, with opportunity for thorough comment. Take care to assure each office holder shall make every effort possible to be fully inclusive to constituents in every way practical without ruse or subterfuge in performing within the bounds of office as expected and set out by the people for whom this representative works in every way to their betterment and awareness. This provided to hold elected officials in office to certain standard expectations held as valued by the people of that district or for the nation’s best interest as a whole. Assurances, oaths, and pledges notwithstanding, each official shall be mindful of penalties for not adhering closely to such basic foundation principles in effecting a work product from that office. Communication in thorough fashion to and within a constituency is key to any success at serving in office. Take actions to provide for a special oversight monitoring process comprised of appropriate and fair representation of constituents to allow outside review of office holders’ performance within the confines of duties as provided by the people. This process adds a special formal citizen level review and oversight methodology to each office outside the bounds of any current internal monitoring provisions by various committees and too closely associated bodies. This


oversight process must be spelled out and given proper careful thought as to implementation expectations along with fixed proper authority to deal effectively with serious matters disclosed. This overall level of monitoring is aimed at assuring that representatives also be mindful of not being impervious to expectations by constituents at all times and in all matters of their office and behaviors. Give certain “incentives” for the media and press to assure proper, thorough, and honest coverage on urgent matters that may affect performance as well. 10. Provide for methods to absolutely assure that any and all officials both appointed and elected who have certain defined levels of executive authority shall be thoroughly vetted with proper oversight to deny service appointments as determined. This to stop or better control the “czar phenomenon” and other widespread discretionary abuses of authority outside the parameters of any transparently open, fair, or thorough processes known and supported by the people in discharging any governmental business, advice, consultation, or other matters of significance related to conduct of any official functioning within or to another office. No such “officials” of any nature may participate in developing or drafting proposed legislation or implementing same whatsoever without having been properly vetted beyond any reasonable doubt as to ability and qualifications to so serve, as well as having sworn to fully uphold the Constitution completely and without reservation. 11. Provide significant penalties for any malfeasance or proven corruption in office both of an official or personal nature that may cast disparity upon any functioning within such office. This to make sure that all matters relating office holders to function and output levels are always and forever faithful to ethics and standards of behaviors that may affect their discharge of duties in some manner so as to lessen potential for positive impact. Not only shall they be immediately removed from such office pursuant to above provisions, but also, significantly more aggressive prosecution shall adhere to these special instances due to the impact and lofty position their office has upon the system as a whole and based in then widely known expectations held aloft for public officials to perform properly with dignity, within legal bounds in all ways, and under unusually exceptional standards for ethics. 12. Provide for a generally more facilitated process for calling for recall elections, impeachments, and other removals from office – the modifications aimed at dealing with major misleading campaign promises, significantly altered positions from what the people voted for based in stated positions of candidates, and in effecting a control feature upon which the constituency may settle foremost divergences from what is held as reasonable in faithful discharge of duties to the people and the Constitution. This to always make it plausible and potentially real to any office holder that not living up to nor not seeking every effort to accommodate campaign pledges shall not stand. Further, that each candidate and office holder must be cognizant of direction, discussions, promises, stated positions, and as these relate to output, must be kept closely in mind or most thoroughly and openly discussed with the full constituency prior to or as an integral part of any such alterations proposed as being necessary. Simply put, if


an elected representative falters or fails to live up to positions as stated, the constituency shall have the power to make change as desired for meshing better with the reality of what is the will of the people. In a time of internet and other effective forms of mass communication, it should recognized and accepted that widespread input, feedback, review, and comment shall be quite available to any constituency more readily than ever before, and should be used as a tool for any such proposed change or operational status that is different from stated positions. Each and all officials both elected and appointed shall take a solemn oath to work within and support the Constitution, and further that any and all actions be afforded and required to justify any positions taken as related to being within the confines and under the Constitution, with adequate opportunity for the constituency to question or boldly challenge the appropriateness as upholding the Constitution. Power back to the people with an ever-present awareness of whom elected officials are ultimately accountable to is essential to a nation’s survival as a free state. 13. See that any subterfuge or unethical relationship in the discharge of duties especially as may be related to constitutional aspects by any elected official or any designee shall result in an impeachment or removal from office pursuant to this new legislation. This done to assure straightforward discharge of duties and transparency extraordinaire on all aspects of an office holder. Any unusual or unreasonable special deal-cutting or questionable relationships including from any lobby or political action committee or public interest group shall also bear down upon ethical conduct this having been done outside the most informative communication with the constituency as a whole. 14. Take extra efforts to redefine the separation of powers, authority, and function between various built in checks and balances provided for safeguarding of all governmental organizations and performance functions. This done to minimize conflicts of abuse of powers or discharge of duties by usurping un-granted authority to meet other purposes than those assigned by the people. Make sure government is owned by we the people, that elected officials know for sure who they are entirely accountable to, and see that lines are not crossed without consequences if full and thorough communication with enough specificity contained therein to be fully grasped by any constituency toward complete understanding on issues and consequences involved was not provided in a timely manner. 15. Provide for assurance that in any Bill as proposed, clear funding mechanisms and available logic to fully satisfy without deficit spending any and all aspects of such proposed changes are present. The current excessive spending far beyond anyone’s rational thought can grasp is all that must be stated here to justify the urgency of such an inclusion to save America now! All legislative action should be deficit neutral, unless the people so permit otherwise due to extenuating circumstances. In the new era of computers, a truly representative form of governing should include much more input and decision making from the general population (we the people) than ever before on key major issues being considered. 16. Add in language to assure that in any tax levy proposed to be imposed on any party at any level, a super-majority shall be required before the people or any


groups are actually taxed as proposed. This done to promote full discovery and understanding of the dynamics involved, with complete opportunity for comment by any party regarding any aspects that have deleterious effects or unintended consequences as stated by any presenter. For any governmental body or elected official to usurp authority outside the bounds of the Constitution or somehow exclude themselves or others in avoiding full and honest participation as provided in established transparent laws pursuant to tax initiatives should result in removal from office. 17. Establish a clear practice to allow a legislative overview, monitoring, and veto by super-majority any and all judicial power or expressions, and further create language to override within defined parameters any Executive Order that is determined usurping of authority, unconstitutional, or detrimental to the common good. This done to promote better separation of powers and to assure the avoidance of any judicial policy, legislative, or political intervention. The stated principles of the Constitution leave such matters to the fully founded representative bodies. It is likely that some language to override lifetime tenure within the judiciary be instituted as well to help in alleviating any amassing of power or delving beyond the boundaries built into the checks and balances principles by any judiciary level. As to Executive Orders, some degree of oversight and super-majority veto process would secure better restraints upon the wielding of unlimited powers found to be contrary to the public welfare. 18. Consider instituting a form of sunset clause to help eliminate automatic or “overtenure” for agencies and funded organizations such that each year a vote to continue support, reorganize funding levels, institute desired modifications in process or function, and other determined needs may be handled by the legislative funding source to control too much independence or regulate power bases appropriately, as well as address emerging funding outlays altogether. This done for obvious budgetary purposes as well as more appropriate control over function within a constantly emerging governmental arena. This could be one of the most fair and yet powerful monetary control points dealing with any budget or deficit issue confronted by any legislative body. The fairness and honesty required in dealing systematically and in some more standardized approach with such issues by any elected official or body would be bound by the above provisions for holding abuse of power or unethical decision making as a cause for removal. 19. Reaffirm and strengthen the military’s role and relationship in all this such that freedoms and liberties under the Constitution are clearly maintained and supported. This done to preserve a special relationship and careful balance between the military, the people, and their government within a free society, and to assure any actions that go outside the bounds of granted authority shall be ultimately under control. 20. Set effective and appropriate term limits for every level of office. This done as a long time much needed change to support the tendency to break long-tenure based insider and corruption-based office holding. There is often a positive relationship between length in office and amount of potential for caving in to untoward influence or exercise of corruption. Term limits, while not popular with office holders, is a topic whose time has come. The time is now for the people to


reclaim their government and to hold as a singular high standard the desire that candidates run for office and then serve to provide a solid service to their country while in office, then leave before long-tenure creates fertile ground for malfeasance or blatantly bad choices. While this entire proposed set of required change is being more or less forced upon representatives by a new forceful constituency, this is the time to also include the positive purging effect that comes with term limits if overall elitism and corruption are to be throttled.

This set of new provisions should be founded in simplicity, spelled out in detail, and work fast to thwart any continued ruinous excessive spending or malfeasance in office now and in the future. Anything destructive of freedoms or ethics or aimed at incremental usurping of any authority outside the bounds of our great Constitution should be dealt with responsibly and swiftly by all others who do support and uphold this most functional and hallowed formative document. It is a rather well known principle that freedoms once diminished are most difficult if ever to re-attain by any people! A most serious effort is underway in America to move toward a centrist and more socialized system overall that endangers each and every freedom, and free people must step up to the job of thwarting and controlling such moves at any cost. Many of these areas listed above are needed now just to place firm brakes upon further abuses of promised changes cleverly disguised as appropriate change for the better, all the while costing ever too much for our futures. It is time to set the stage to clean up our government bodies! As this essay if being prepared, reliable polls show an overwhelming 57%+ of the American voting public wish to see the entire Congress fully replaced now! This does not include any questioning to explore the rapidly deteriorating support for the Executive Branch and parallel feelings about any desired replacement like the Congress. Even in the same poll, Congressional support is at the all-time low point of 37% approval rating, regardless of party! That is a true shame and almost scandalous to call them leaders at all! It is time to take decisive steps to rid practices and policies that lead us all down the road of such a deteriorated situation. To permit, or allow, or support people we do not trust, do not hold in approved favor, wish to replace, and who by and large hold us all in contempt when we speak out is ludicrous to the extreme when we expect them to make rational, informed, wise, and prudent decisions on a representative basis for us all. What has occurred over many years of public inattentiveness like a creeping form of cancer is that the American public caught up in their own wonderful lives come to believe that freedom and liberties enjoyed now have a high degree of anticipated permanence about them. Often the very existence of a concept like liberty becomes elusive and automatically assumed, even if ill defined, especially for those who have enjoyed it all of their lives! It is this very high level of assumed continued and expected presence of liberty and freedom that makes for their being far too often taken for granted by a silent hard-working productive population! The mere fact of so many concentrating such effort on being productive patriotic citizens that makes for a certain type of vulnerability since attention is stretched away from some political issues at hand.


Now, implementation has some special issues and will be very controversial, but once communication sets the stage for just the reduction in corruption, for the key changes in support of widely held concerns in operational style that legislative bodies have deteriorated into, and for reduction in elitism, many more will join to pressure and speak to forward such a finalized Bill that works for America! It will not be easy, but must be accomplished and soon! Implementation requires some elected representative or bound group of officials with selfless courage and conviction to introduce the perfected legislative version for consideration. Almost any organized constituency can rise up to seek introduction of such a Bill if certain assurances are made in advance about protecting that official in their own district. It would also most clearly be up to the people with open stated positions to remove at the next election any official who cannot support the tenets of such a targeted Bill aimed at saving America from itself. The people MUST stand up for the challenge and deliver on the force necessary to literally make each of their representatives buy-off on something so basic as apple pie in support of better safeguarded and functional leadership within an elected or appointed office. To not support and not to vote for approval will be adequate testimony to assure defeat and removal by the constituency! Again, it is also very imperative that any such representative bringing this new proposal forward in an effort to save America from itself be most fully protected by the constituency to assure that reprisals do not thwart the effort or underlying purpose in forwarding these finally evolved and stated principles. The person or persons doing such a brave and egalitarian service will either serve in good stead from a thankful constituency or be labeled for impudence followed with retaliation over time to wrongfully render them ineffective. An absolute essential in all this is to make sure each district constituency seek to literally place each elected official on notice that the Bill must be approved, and should their representative fail to approve and endorse the very basics contained therein, it shall be defined as cause for removal at the earliest possible time! To fail in supporting anti-corruption, anti-elitism, anti-insider benefits, and in supporting a closer relationship with that constituency is tantamount to being FOR such disruptive negatives thus warranting removal! These basics should automatically have wide appeal for all citizens regardless of party affiliation or personal beliefs since this process of saving America is an appeal to logic and to saving much in the way of waste in time, effort, funding, and corruption! This cry for universal banding together in the foundation approach to resolving such overriding issues is in reality not likely to be universal at all, but it must go forward and in so doing virtually every American is placed on much firmer ground to fight other issues ahead and to resolve the fact that under our Constitutional system we all win for a long time to come!! It is obvious that most such officials shall NOT like to see or hear any such proposed modifications within our “insider” political structure and operational systems, but nonetheless a brave heart backed totally and unequivocally by a well-banded constituency shall have done the ultimate selfless service for the country as a whole and for a long time to come as well. It MUST be made to be clearly universally known that anyone not supporting fully and rapidly such new provisions shall be rendered


themselves as ineffective and removed at the first election opportunity with no reservations from a well coordinated constituency capable of placing such crucial nationwide priorities above personal or localized desires. This whole concept should place all potential candidates on notice that to run for public service means just that, but now with even more of a mandate from we the people! Again, that constituency that spawned the Bill introduction must stand firmly for their brave and courageous representative to serve notice to all others in what shall be ahead for each dissenter. The absolute time to render improved methods of relating our government to us under a more effective and ethical/legal manner is upon us now! It is time to reclaim the near-sacred position of returning our representative system back to the people for the people whose consent must be granted before the existence for any act of being governed!

Epilogue for Extension: There are clearly more areas that should be addressed in detail while better organized and more solid housecleaning is underway. It would be difficult to arrange these under the suggested legislative mandate continued in this proposed listing, but all are nonetheless most urgent as well! Most of these have been listed and discussed far more eloquently than can be done here. One such location is in the popular book by Mark Levin entitled Liberty and Tyranny, spelling out in the last chapter a regular “manifesto” for action. Some are added in addition here to make for suggested expansion of this detailed list for rapid and thorough action. This is a suggested parallel listing to develop and institute outside the bounds of the above essay listing capable of being encapsulated with one proposed omnibus piece of legislative move, yet still is part and parcel to any saving of America from itself oriented set of laws and regulations. The list is as follows:    Set the stage for a considered and yet rapid set of repeal actions to diminish what are seen as most expensive, destructive, less than effective, and unpopular legislative changes recently set into or proposed for law. Deal with taxation issues to resolve the unfairness in progressive income tax and more as described in that book. On the environment, take actions to avoid the unparalleled granting of taxexempt status to all organizations, and avoid allowing environmental regulations be put into place that effectively really set industrial policy and diminish the nation’s standard of living. Limit the Judiciary power to prevent intervention into political and policy decisions, since the Constitution leaves this to the legislative branches. Take education largely out of the realm for Federal intervention, as it is primarily a state and local affair and mandate. Adopt English as at the primary national language and make for expected assimilation of immigrants, seal borders, and enforce current immigration laws. Contain, limit, and reform entitlement programs altogether, avoid creating more centrist entitlement areas like nationalized health coverage and more.

   


  

Ensure that all foreign policy decisions are made for the singular purpose of preserving and improving American society, and avoid all entanglements that may supplant American sovereignty. Oppose all efforts to denude the nation of its founding justification – that is, God-given unalienable, natural rights that the government can neither confer nor deny to individuals. Demand that all public servants, elected or appointed, at all times uphold the Constitution and justify their public acts under the Constitution, and that enforcement of all improprieties against public action by officials that are contrary to this basic principle shall be thoroughly addressed with gusto.

To further quote from Levin’s book, “conservatives are alarmed by the ascent of a soft tyranny and its acceptance by (so many). A free people living in a civil society, working in self-interested cooperation, and a government operating within the limits of its authority promote more prosperity, opportunity, and happiness for more people than any alternative. Conservatism (and government by and for the people) is the antidote to tyranny precisely because its principles are the founding principles.” It is time now to get back under the wise and well-founded guidance and protection of our Constitution in every way possible in pursuit of a freedom and liberty-based nation! It is time to reclaim by we the people the very government that has gravitated away from the basics! It is certainly time for every American who cares to stand up and be counted – this is more urgent now than since most catastrophic events that have been realized by our nation before! It is time to listen, to learn, to observe, to make critical decisions, and to join with other like-minded Americans to stave off what amounts to a multi-front, fullscale attack on our national liberties and freedoms like never before!!!

Essay Prepared and Written by Bob Popplewell, Loyal Patriot American Santo, Texas


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