Array Word Problems by dandanhuanghuang


									Array Word Problems


Solve each problem using an array. Use the drawing
tools on your computer to design the array.

  1. Hilton had 9 trees. Each apple contained 3
     apples. How many apples does Hilton have in

  2. I have 6 garages. I have 2 trucks in each
     garage. How many trucks do I have in all?
3. Kyle has 3 cups of pencils. Each cup contains 3
   pencils. How many pencils does he have in all?

4. Chelsea arranged 18 desks. She put 3 desks in
   one column. How many rows did she arrange
   the desks in?
5. My family consists of three people. If each
   person gets three tacos for dinner, how many
   tacos were eaten in total?

6. Matt has 5 bags of chips. Each bag had 4 chips.
   How many chips does Matt have in all?
7. Chris has 4 barns. Each barn has 4 bales of hay.
   How many bales of hay does he have all

8. Mrs. Rader had four students for 5 periods.
   How many did she teach in one day?
9. Lyta eats 4 bars a week. How many bars does
   she eat in 8 weeks?

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