Dos and Donts of PowerPoint Presentations by ewghwehws

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									   Do’s and Don’ts of
PowerPoint Presentations
                English 105
         Northern Arizona University
DO provide an overview page

 Slide Content
 Slide Design
 Presentation Strategies
               Slide Content
 Don’t put too much text on one slide. It’s
  overwhelming for your audience, and can lead to
  you reading the slides instead of presenting
  information and using the slide only as an aid. In
  general avoid using complete sentences. If
  there’s too much text, the audience will
  concentrate on reading the text rather than
  listening to you speak. And, they probably won’t
  even be able to read everything before you get
  done with that slide and move on to the next
             Slide Content
 Too much text
 Too little text

 DO focus on one topic per slide
                    Slide Design
   Consistency is the key!

       DON’T use multiple slide designs in one

       Why?
             Slide Design
• DO consider your audience
  – Choose an appropriate design
  – Choose appropriate colors
  – Choose appropriate visuals
             Slide Design
 Use animations
 Sparingly
 Only when you want your audience
 To focus
 On 1 point at a time
 And you’re going to expand on each point
 Before moving on to the next
                    Slide Design
 DO choose appropriate fonts & colors
     Tone of font
     Size & weight
     Colors are readable
     Be consistent
        Within one slide
        Across slides
       Presentation Strategies
   Read from slides
   Stare at screen

 DO
   Use slides only as an aid
   Make eye contact with the audience
     Presentation Strategies
 DO have a concluding slide

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