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					Package Style Offerings

                                                                                                                                      Innovative Packaging
                                                                                                                                                for Prepared

 Global Technical Support
 Service has become nearly as important as machinery in providing a total packaging               PRIMARY PACKAGING
 solution and SWF Companies’ Global Technical Support (GTS) group is                              SWF Companies - Tisma Division
                                                                                                  1099 Estes Avenue
 committed to providing world-class customer service. The Global Technical
                                                                                                  Elk Grove Village, Illinois 60007
 Support team provides a variety of services including: machine installation and start-           847.427.9525 | Fax 847.427.9550
 up assistance, 24/7 technical phone support (800-344-8951), 24-Hour service
 technician dispatch, comprehensive production audits, guaranteed performance
 programs and cross training for all SWF product lines.

 Asset Renewal Program                                                                            SECONDARY PACKAGING
                                                                                                  SWF Companies
 SWF equipment is built to last, and can often be rebuilt, upgraded and/or converted              1949 E. Manning Avenue
 to meet the challenges of today’s packaging applications. If your capital plans include          Reedley, California 93654
 sourcing new equipment to replace an aging SWF machine, consider the potential                   559.638.8484 | Fax 559.638.7478
 capital savings that can be afforded by SWF’s Asset Renewal Program.                             Toll Free USA: 800.344.8951

Automation For Prepared Foods                                                                                                                 Packaging Solutions
Our Company                                                          We Know Prepared Food Products                                           Horizontal / Vertical Cartoners &                                      Case Packing
When it comes to packaging, the single constant is change. Design,   Bags of frozen French fries, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen        Specialty Container Packaging                                          (Flexible Bag)
flexibility, speed, footprint – all are critical elements of this    dinners, waffles, pizzas, burritos, frozen vegetables, pie filling,      Operating Speed:                                                       Operating Speed:
changing marketplace.                                                spaghetti sauce, baby food, soup, canned pasta, macaroni and             • Up to 300 cartons per minute                                         • Varies per machine and application
                                                                                                     cheese, frozen juice and concentrates,   Product Types:                                                         Product Types:
Into this dynamic landscape steps SWF Companies. For almost 60                                       salsa and pickles are just some of the   • Frozen dinners, macaroni and cheese, pouches of sauces, etc.         • Bags, pouches of frozen French fries and vegetables, etc.
years, SWF has provided innovative packaging automation to                                           prepared food products that have         Features:                                                              Features:
customers in over 70 countries. As our marketplace has changed,                                                                               • Counter, volumetric and weighing infeeds                             • Flexible pack-patterns
                                                                                                     been or can be packaged by SWF
so has SWF. Beginning in 1995, SWF has acquired leading                                                                                       • Quick changeover times                                               • Stainless steel construction
                                                                                                     Companies. Needless to say, we know      • Stainless steel construction                                         • Rugged, low maintenance
packaging machinery manufacturers to build a broad line of                                           prepared foods!
complimentary primary and secondary solutions.                                                                                                • Unique product handling options                                      • Gentle product handling (picking and placing)
                                                                                                                                              Advantages:                                                            Advantages:
                                                                                                   Whether it is packing bags of frozen
SWF has two manufacturing facilities strategically located within                                                                             • Full servo machines                                                  • Easy integration with various case erectors and sealers
                                                                                                   French fries into a corrugated case        • Customization capabilities                                           • Small footprints
the United States, in Chicago IL and its headquarters in greater                                   (first done by SWF), frozen dinners
Fresno CA. Total manufacturing and assembly floor space exceeds                                                                               • Variety of carton and package types / sizes                          • Automatic case/tray positioning
                                                                     into a carton or loading 12 cans of soup into a tray, SWF has a          • Full washdown machines                                               • Ability to handle both large and small bags
200,000 square feet, providing ample capacity to fulfill sizable     solution for the toughest prepared food packaging applications and       Models Include:                                                        Models include:
project requirements.                                                the most simple.                                                         • TC 60, TC 400, TC 600 (among others)                                 • TL 100, DL 100, PL 200, DP 260C (among others)
With nearly 60 engineers and                                         With a long tradition of supplying leading prepared food producers
technical support staff dedicated                                    with high-quality secondary packaging solutions, our line of case
to providing cost-effective designs                                  packers, case / tray erectors and sealers, as well as our flexible
for the simplest to the very                                         “pick-and-place” case packers are ideally suited to meet the
complex packaging application,                                       packaging demands of today’s
SWF boasts resources that few can                                    prepared food producers.                                                                                                                                                                      DP 260C
match. Our primary and                                                                                                                                                                            TC 600                                                           Flat and Vertical
                                                                     Furthermore, the advanced                                                                                                    Servo Cartoner                                                   Case Packer of
secondary packaging automation                                       product handling capabilities of                                                                                             with Flexo-Tray®                                                 Flexible Bags
solutions are among the most sophisticated and through the           our “pick-and-place” case packers
support of our Fortune 500 parent, Dover Corporation, this           enables SWF to excel at case
dedication will not waver.                                           packing various food items
Service has become nearly as important as machinery in providing a   packaged in bags, pouches and                                            Case Packing                                                           Case/Tray Forming & Sealing
total packaging solution. Our Global Technical Support group         other primary packages.                                                  Operating Speed:                                                       Operating Speed:
provides 24-7 technical support, including training, set-up,                                                                                  • Up to 30 cases per minute                                            • Up to 70 cases / trays per minute
                                                                     When you also consider SWF’s primary packaging offerings via our         Product Types:                                                         Product Types:
maintenance and productivity analysis.                               line of horizontal / vertical cartoners and specialty container          • Glass and plastic bottles, canned goods, cartons, cups, etc.         • Various case and tray styles and sizes
We believe that the pace of change in our marketplace will           packaging equipment, SWF has one of the broadest equipment               Features:                                                              Features:
continue, thus creating great challenges and opportunities. Those    lines available and the proof is our extensive number of prepared        • Multi-tier stacking capabilities                                     • Easy case/tray blank loading
companies that embrace change will have the best chance to           food installations worldwide.                                            • Stainless steel construction                                         • Quick changeover times
                                                                                                                                              • Easy to load magazine blanks                                         • Rugged construction
flourish as a supplier partner to leading global companies.
                                                                                                                                              • Quick changeover times                                               • Portable
                                                                                                                                              Advantages:                                                            Advantages:
                                                                     Prepared Food                                                            • Washdown construction                                                • Small footprints
                                                                     Applications                                                             • Compact machine designs                                              • Flexibility (RSC, HSC, AFM, FOL and Bliss style cases)
                                                                     Primary Packaging:                                                       • Gentle product handling                                              • Ease of operation
                                                                     Cartons                                                                  • Unique product handling, including lane dividing and collating       • Economical
                                                                                                                                              Models Include:                                                        Models Include:
                                                                                                                                              • AS 100, CL 100, WP 100 (among others)                                • CE 201, BF 400V, TF 400V, CS 440 (among others)
                                                                     Secondary Packaging:
                                                                     • Display-style trays
                                                                     • Wraparound cases
                                                                     • HSC shipper cases
                                                                     • Bliss cases

                                                 CE 151                                                                                                                                           WP 100                                                    BF 400V
                                                 Compact                                                                                                                                          Compact                                                   Bliss Former
                                                 and Portable                                                                                                                                     Wraparound                                                with Optional HSC
                                                 Case Erector                                                                                                                                     Case Packer                                               Lidding Attachment

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