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									Professional Development

      September 2011
            Table of Contents

Purpose and Philosophy …………………page 3

PD Committee ………….…………………..page 3

Individual PD Plans ………………………..page 4

PD Funds ………………………………………page 4

Professional Dues …………………………..page 5

Procedures ……………………………………page 5

Growth Incentives ………………………….page 7

Records ………………………………………..page 7

   PD Prior Approval ………….……Attachment A
   Pre-Payment ………………………Attachment B
   Expense Reimbursement………Attachment C
   PD Post Approval…………………Attachment D

The purpose of the professional development handbook is to provide the
professional staff of Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle Educational Service
District with a reference guide regarding professional development. The
handbook should answer most questions regarding professional
development procedures at COP. This document will be reviewed each
year and modified as needed by the PD Committee. When modifications
are made, the professional staff will be notified. Please refer to the master
contract for exact language regarding issues this document addresses.


Continued professional development is needed to improve staff expertise
and to deliver better services to the districts and children we service. A
professional development committee has been established by the master
agreement to coordinate professional development activities.

            Professional Development Committee

This committee consists of three professional staff representatives and
two administrators from COP. The major duties and functions of this
committee consist of the following:

1. Assist staff in developing growth activities.
2. Set policies that determine activities of PD plans and resolve concerns.
3. Establish parameters for PD plans.
4. Review, approve or assist in development of plans that propose an
   extra workday.
5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the COP professional development system.
6. Review plans and assist in their development when requested by staff.
      Individual Professional Development Plan

Each professional staff member is encouraged to submit a professional
development plan to the PD committee for approval. The plan can be
submitted to the professional development coordinator or any other PD
committee member. The plan should include the following:

                      be related to your field or job responsibilities
                      have goals that are both general and specific
                      include a method of evaluation
                      have a one to three year timeline of completion

Appropriate activities to include in your plan may include:
                    college courses
                    conferences and workshops
                    projects, case studies, and curriculum development
                    specialized procedures or instructional practices

New PD plans need to be updated and approved at least every three years.

      Individual Professional Development Funds

All staff who have an approved PD plan will have $1,000 placed in an
individual account to be used to support their planned activities. The
balance in this account may carry over from year to year but may not
exceed $3,000. For those staff members who have no approved plan,
$350 will be available each year, but all activities must have
administrative approval and no carry over is permitted.

Expenditures for food is limited to meals only.
Use of PD monies in the retirement year is to be prior to March and related
specifically to job duties.

   1. Staff is to consider the number of days student contact will be missed
      when deciding the importance of any particular activity requested.
      Rather than a set number of non-contact days, staff is to be reasonable
      in the amount of missed contacts with students. Staff should consider
      their absences, snowdays, meetings, and days of the week when
      considering attending professional development activities. The PD
      Committee considers reasonable as less than ten missed contact days
      with students.

   2. Staff is expected to share transportation and lodging when appropriate
      when attending PD in the same location. The expectation is that staff
      will use COP fleet cars when possible. A calendar in webcal is available
      for use to add and view your PD. Fleet vehicles are available by
      contacting Andy Johnson at COP.

                        Professional Dues

Up to $300 is available to each professional staff member to pay for:

                            professional dues (excluding union dues)
                            subscription to professional publications
                            certification

Please see your supervisor about questions you might have about
professional dues funds.
            Procedures to Access PD Funds

The PD committee has outlined the following procedures to access
individual PD accounts:

1. Complete and submit a PD Prior Approval Form

This form is submitted to the PD Coordinator for review prior to the
activity date. All activities must be related to the PD plan. If there are
questions regarding the request the PD Committee will review the request.
Upon approval of your request you will receive a PD Approval email. It is
your responsibility to notify your supervisor of the activity and if an
absence is necessary to attend an activity.

2. A Professional Development Registration Pre-Payment Form may
   be completed if you wish to have registration fees paid prior to
   your attendance.

Please attach a completed registration form so that the registration and
money are sent at the same time. Please submit this form at least three
weeks prior to the activity deadline if you wish pre-payment of fees.
Processing may take several days and checks are not written daily. Please
call the PD coordinator if you would like an exception to the above
deadline. Staff may elect to pay registration fees themselves and be
reimbursed after the activity.

3. Post Approval Form

Upon completion of the activity, you must submit a PD Post Approval
Form to the PD coordinator.

4. Expense Reimbursement Request Form

Upon completion of the activity please submit an Expense
Reimbursement Form as needed. Detailed receipts must be attached for
reimbursement. College courses will need grade verification and a
tuition bill to be processed.
                         Growth Incentives
Growth incentives shall be available to professional staff who satisfy the
following criteria:

1. Be at or above the MA or BA/BS + 45 level on the salary schedule.
2. Be at step 12 or above of credited service.
3. Have an approved Professional Development Plan.
4. Have completed 48 hours of professional development credit which is
   equal to 4 semester hours or 4.8 CEUs or a combination of semester
   hours, CEUs, and/or hours equal to 48 hours. (An equivalent Semester
   Credit Hour is defined as twelve (12) hours of instruction. Twelve (12) hours is
   equal to 1.2 CEUs)
5. Have 3 or more credited years between growth incentives. Once at step
   12 will have 3 years to earn credit to move to step 15.
6. All credits taken for this purpose shall be approved by the Professional
   Development Committee using criteria established by the PD
   Committee and deemed relevant to individual’s professional

Staff requesting a growth incentive must make application by August 1 to
be eligible for the incentive. Applications must include all documentation
of hours and credits and submitted to the coordinator of professional
development by August 1. The PD Committee will meet in early August to
make appropriate recommendations to the Superintendent. The
Superintendent has final approval on all growth incentives and lateral
moves on the pay scale as well as the additional paid day. The
Superintendent determines staff eligibility for any growth incentive.


The coordinator of professional development will keep a file on each staff
member of professional development activities. This file is unofficial and
may be incomplete. These files are kept for record keeping purposes only
and are unofficial. Staff should keep a record of their own PD activities
and include any professional development information they believe is
important in the office personnel file. At the beginning of each school
year a report will be available to each staff member outlining the past
years PD activities and the balance in their PD account for the coming

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