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Shopping is very enjoyable activity. I think most of woman like shopping. Shopping can be a
short way to release stress. I heard some information that by shopping we can show our
identity and make us pride. It shown when we bought a lot of stuff. By shopping make you
feel that you are control of your life. But I have a question, Do you always have much money
for shopping? with the condition right now. I mean we are facing global economic crisis. And
I think we have more wisely to manage our financial.

I know for some people maybe shopping is a lifestyle. They were not satisfied when they
don't bought many things, especially luxury things. I remember "Confessions of a
Shopaholic" movie. This movie told a bout there is a woman, her name is Rebecca
Bloomwood . She is a journalist. Her job is writing articles about how to manage finances. He
spent his spare time with ... shopping. When it not suitable with what he wrote.shopping
therapy is the answer to all problems. However, recently Becky was pursued with all the bills.
She purchases all things using credit cards. and she can not not control it. She stuck with a lot
of bills. She knew he had to stop, but she could not do it. She tried to reduce spending, tried to
increase revenue, but nothing worked. The only solution is to buy something ... something for

I know there are financial expert around hubpages member. But I try to give something useful
for us. A little advice but I wish a big hope, it will useful for us. I know that shopping is fun
activity. But if not careful you could unknowingly be tempted and buy various goods that
does not necessarily needed. Well, here are some tips to make your stay in the right line and
be able to save money when shopping.

Read brochure
Every week a number of supermarkets are usually issued brochures or catalogs contain
various information products for sale including the prices in their stores. Then check each of
these brochures to see which supermarkets offer the things which attractive for many basic
needs that you need. Select one supermarket, because visiting several places it spend the gas
and your valuable time.

limiting visits
Doing shopping no more than once a week based on the needs list has been written. This is
useful for avoiding the impulse of shopping habits that waste a lot of money. If you suddenly
run out of certain foods before a week, go to the supermarket with enough money in your
hand. Thus, you can prevent yourselves from buying other goods that are not needed.

Shopping Alone
If possible, leave the husband and children at home when you go shopping. With more
people, the demand to buy things bigger than you go alone with your shopping list in your
hand and probably you may not have to refuse all the demands. If you are single, avoid going
shopping with many friends because the temptation to spend money will seem bigger.
The discount on sale is not necessarily the best purchase. Be careful with big discounts.
sometimes will make you buy more. Comparing each of the price of goods will make you get
the best offer. If necessary, and more practical use calculator feature on your mobile phone to
calculate and compare the price of various products.

Checking bonus
If you have a membership card of a supermarket, there are chances which you can get through
that status. Such as discounts or specific product from any bonus after reaches a certain
nominal spending. Do not forget to always check your bonus with the cashier when making a
payment. However, do not push yourself to reach that nominal if you do not really need it,
just to get the bonus.

How to control yourself when you were shopping
      Window-shop without money. Dopamine is a chemical substance in the brain that
       appears when you do something satisfactory, such as when shopping. Doing window-
       shop without carrying excessive cash or credit card / debit card. If you are still
       thinking about these things after two or three days, try to come back. This usually will
       reduce the sense of curiosity and the impulsive desire to buy new stuff.
      Pay with cash. Credit cards have the power to deceive people to think that they do not
       spend money. You can buy something, then forget that you just spend money, because
       the bill had just arrived at your house for weeks later. Meanwhile, when you buy
       goods with cash, a deeper impression.We can save about 12-18 percent every time
       shopping by cash payment.
      Change your attention. We can do that from the stores that usually makes you can
       not resist shopping. For example, you find it difficult not to shop when you arrive in a
       clothes shop, so limit yourself to spending the maximum amount of money or the
       amount of clothes.
      Map a store line. More halfway in the store you pass, more purchases outside of your
       plan to do. The desire to make a purchase suddenly rose to 10 percent when you pass
       all the halfway in the shop. Plan what you want to buy, including its location before
       you go shopping.
      Differentiate between what do we wants and what do we needs. When you are
       buying goods, ask yourself, do I have this kind of stuff at home? This decision make
       us more save in buying things.

I do not prohibit or restrict you for shopping. but it's better if we can be wise in the shopping
with the goal we can more efficient and doing the best in financial management.

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