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Burris, A. C. (2006 - 2010). A Five-Step Problem-Solving Process. Retrieved March 19, 2010, from, Inc.:

George Pólya. (2008). Retrieved March 19, 2010, from Mathematics Department,University of Idaho:

Working Definition of Problem Solving. (2010, March 9). Retrieved March 19, 2010, from The electric
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                                  CONTENT PAGE

No.   Item                                                           Page
1     Declaration
2     Collaboration Form
3     Acknowledgement
4     Task
            Polya’ s Problems Solving Model
            Routine and Non routine Problems
            Three non routine problems and solve it by using 2 or
             more types of problems solving strategies
            Three new similar problems and solve it by using the
             suggested strategy
5     Reflection
6     Bibliography
7     Appendix
8     Surat Akuan Penerimaan Tugasan
9     Borang maklumbalas tugasan pelajar

“I certify that the attached work is entirely my own, except where material quoted or
paraphrased is acknowledged in the text. I also certify that it has not been submitted in
any other unit or course.”

   Signed        :      ____________________

   Name          :      ____________________

   Date          :      ____________________

       I would like to acknowledge and extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following
persons who have made the completion of this assignment.

       First of all, I would like to thank our Basic Mathematics lecturer, Miss Ng Siew
Cheng who shows me and my classmates the way of completing this Basic
Mathematics assignment before we start our assignment and giving all the help and
support when I face any problems in this short coursework.

       Moreover, I would like to express my gratitude to my classmates. I really
thankful for their understanding and cooperation during the process we carry out the
Basic Mathematics assignment together. Without their guidance and persistent help, I
may not possible to complete this project assignment myself.

      Lastly, I would also want to thank my parents for their vital encouragement and
support as well giving much needed motivation during this coursework undergoes.

      Thank you.

       First of all, I am very glad that I can complete this assignment before the due
date. Actually I had faced a lot of problems when doing this Basic Mathematic

        At the time I received the task for the Basic Mathematic assignment, I was very
confused and worried whether I can complete the assignment and hand in the
assignment on time or not. It is because I not really understand the question given. Due
to this, I had taken time in understanding the question given. For me, the process to
complete this assignment was very difficult. I was not sure about the precise word to
use to construct my latter and it took me long time to do it. However, I felt so challenging
and excited because it seems like a task for my partner and I to learn something.

       In the process of completing the assignment, I had learnt a lots of things. After
completing the mathematic assignment, I had learnt how to collect, manage and use
information. I found information from several sources such as Internet and reference
books. I had learnt how to find the information from internet as I was a computer
illiterate before. Through this process of finding information, I realize that the information
that I get from internet can give me the extra knowledge about Polya’s Problem Solving
Method that I cannot find through the books. Besides, the process of completing the
assignment strengthens the relationship between my classmates and me as we discuss
about this topic together. By the time, I really appreciate the time with my classmates
because that relationship is priceless. Although I had faced some hardships when doing
this assignment, but my classmates willing to lend their hand in helping me, so I would
like to express my gratitude to them.

      Lastly, I want to say thank you to Miss Ng who is my Basic Mathematic lecturer,
for guiding us to make our assignment more complete and interesting

      Thank you.

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