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									Fighting in northern Lebanon enters second day
      Almotamar.net Google - The fighting between the
      Lebanese troops and militants around a Palestinian
      refugee camp in northern Lebanon entered the second
      day on Monday, after the violence on the previous day left
      at least 48 people dead, Arabia TV reported.
      The report also quoted military official as saying that the
      soldiers have tightened their grip around the Nahr el-
      Bared camp in the northern city of Tripoli and were
      shelling positions of the Fatah al-Islam faction at the
      entrances of the camp.
      There is no immediate report on the latest casualties.
      Some 30,000 displaced Palestinians live at the camp, and
      under a 38-year-old deal, Lebanese police and soldiers do
      not enter Palestinian refugee camps.
      But according to unconfirmed report from well-informed
      sources, Prime Minister Fouad Senior is currently
      negotiating a break of the rule and seek to get into the
      camp to wipe out the Islamic militants.
Arabia TV reported on Sunday night that a total of 48
people, including 23 soldiers, 15 militants from the
radical Palestinian faction of Fatah al-Islam and 10
civilians, had been killed during the Sunday's fighting.
The army officer also confirmed the army's death toll to
The fighting started at dawn on Sunday after security
forces raided homes in the refugee camp to arrest
suspects in a bank robbery happened one day ago during
which four masked gunmen robbed a bank in the
northern town of Amioun and made off with 125, 000
U.S. dollars in cash.
Militants from the faction Fatah al-Islam then attacked
army posts at the refugee camp, where they are based.
The Nahr el-Bared camp has been under scrutiny since
two bus bombings in a Christian area in northern of
Beirut in February. Police had arrested a number of
members of the Islamic faction based in the camp in
connection with the twin bus bombings, which killed and
wounded at least 20 people.
Source: Xinhua

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