Final Exam Review January 2012 by xiuliliaofz


									                   Final Exam Review: January 2012

Unit 2: Geopolitics

Definitions: Downward Levelling (“race to the bottom”), Economic
Globalization ppt. (MNCs, Free Trade, APEC, FTAA, Doha Round), GDP,
bailout, recession, 5 major causes of conflict (text), International
Alliances (NATO, ASEAN, AU, OAS, APEC), Country Groupings (text,
Venn diagram, Grouping Countries ppt., measures of global
involvement), World Leaders (ppt.),

Articles: The Occupy Protests, The Lens of Majority World

Movies: No Logo, Shake Hands with the Devil, Cuba – The Accidental
Revolution Parts 1 & 2

Unit 3: Population

Definitions: Demographics, 3 Stages of Population Growth, Absolute vs.
Relative measures, Demographic ppt. (population pyramids,
dependency load), Demographic Transition Model ppt. (stages, checks
on pop. growth), Ideas about population growth (optimistic vs.
pessimistic), birth dearth (and implications), Population Migration (4
categories, push & pull factors, brain drain, brain gain, remittances,
refugee, internally displaced person, consequence of immigration)

Movies: Youthful Population, Ageing Population, The Last Train Home,
Refugees of the Blue Planet, The Terminal

Unit 4: Water

Definitions: aquifer, wetlands, 3 types of fresh water pollution, fossil
water, E. coli, Walkerton outbreak

Article: Kashechewan Water Crisis (CBC News in Review), First Nations
Water Quality

Movies: Blue Gold, Kashechewan Water Crisis, Sharkwater

Exam Format:

Part A Multiple Choice (20 Marks)
Part B Fill in the Blank (35 Marks)
Part C Short Answer Questions (45 Marks)
TOTAL:                    100 Marks

Friday January 27, 2012
9:00 – 10:30 am
Room 301

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