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					                                        National Association of Postal Supervisors
                                                   Minutes of Meeting
                                                    October 13, 2011

Meeting was called to order by Carolyn Williams at 7:05pm. Carolyn asked for a moment of silence for all sick and deceased NAPS
members. All attendees recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Roll Call of Officers: Kenny Franz, Michael LeCounte, and Pat Nolan were absent. All other officers were present.

Introduction of Guests: Allen Donelan past President of our branch; Dr. Vivian Perez-Gonzalez our District EAP Consultant, and all
retirees were acknowledged.

A motion was made by Pat Guyton to suspend the order of business to enable Dr. Perez-Gonzalez to address our members. Second
was made by Victor Lopez. Motion carried.

Dr. Vivian Perez-Gonzalez, our district EAP Consultant, explained a new program that offers coaching and consultation to EAS
employees. These EAP services are designed to assist EAS employees in addressing certain managerial issues. For instances,
motivating your workforce; helping your team meet its goals; coping with ongoing organizational change; enhancing your
communication skills; finding solutions for employee work performance and developing your leadership skills to meet the challenges
of a rapidly changing workforce. Vivian also explained about the coaching program which is a non clinical approach to assisting
leaders in maximizing their personal and professional potential. Vivian passed out information on various programs and took
questions from the membership. If anyone would like to get more information on these and all other programs offered through EAP,
please give Vivian a call at 305-594-2784. Carolyn thanked Vivian for coming to our meeting and her most informative presentation.

New Members- No new applications were received.

Minutes of Last Meeting- A motion was made by Stanley Gold to accept the minutes as printed. Second was made by Willie
Rodriguez. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report- Richard Gonzalez read all expenses incurred during the prior month. Balance on hand is $78,634.20. A motion
was made by Willie Rodriguez to approve the treasurer’s report as read. Second was made by Wayne Brown. Motion carried.

Correspondence –Thank you note was read from Vivian Bermudez and family; also a letter of thanks from the Alzheimer’s
Association to our branch for our donation received in memory of William Coble (Vivian Bermudez’ father).

Legislative Committee Report- Stanley stated that Congressman Issa’s Bill, HR 2309 passed in committee. This Bill will destroy
the USPS as we know it today. He stated that HR 1351 is the Bill that all the Florida Democrats have signed on as co-sponsors;
however some of the Republicans that have not signed on to HR 1351 told Stanley that if HR 1351 comes up for a vote they will
support it. Ann passed around a sheet from the Rally that took place on September 27 th. She will send the sheet asking support for
HR 1351 to Mario Diaz-Balart in hopes that he will vote on the Bill.

Old Business – Scholarship Committee – Wendy will serve as Chairperson of the committee. Wayne Brown, Pat Nolan, Mary
Bryant and Lorraine Jimenez will serve on this committee. They will meet this coming month and report back at the next meeting.

Carolyn stated that she will bring the information regarding our new meeting place location at the next meeting where a vote will be

New Business – Carolyn reported on the information that she received at the Training and President’s Meeting at Altamont Springs.
Louis Atkins was there and said that there will be no Pay for Performance (PFP) this year. However, it is still very important in case
there is a RIF to put in your goals. When there is a RIF and you and another person puts in for the same position, with all things being
equal such as seniority, then the last three pay for performance reviews are calculated. The person with the highest PFP score for the
last three years would get the position. Carolyn explained that this year we were operating without an Agreement. However, NAPS is
in negotiations now for our Agreement. Carolyn stated that Louis Atkins explained that these are really tough times to be going
through negotiations, however, NAPS retained an attorney to review all options and will try to negotiate a suitable Agreement for our
membership. Louis also stated that there will be more Area and District closings in the future as well as Plant and Station closings.
USPS Headquarters has gone to OPM and requested another VERA. There is also a proposal about hiring EAS that will retire and
have them work 2 days a week. Update your e-career profiles now!

Wendy stated that our web domain needs to be paid. A motion was made by Will Rodriguez to pay the fees for our web domain. A
second was made by Allen Donelan. Motion carried.
NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF POSTAL SUPERVISORS                                                                NON-PROFIT
PO BOX 520001                                                                                             US POSTAGE PAID
MIAMI FL 33152-0001                                                                                       MIAMI
RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 3883

Good of the Association- Carolyn stated that Jeff Fallick has set up a date for our next Consultative Meeting with Jeff Becker for
October 31, 2011. If anyone has any agenda items that they would like addressed, please submit them to Carolyn or Jeff Fallick. A
member asked that one item could be the bringing down of EAS on details from all other areas of the Country when we have qualified
EAS here that would love the opportunity of a higher level detail. These detailed employees are being put up in nice hotels, are paid
per-diem, and given postal vehicles to drive. If we are in such a budget deficit they (Area) are sure spending a lot of money when we
have qualified employees here. Another item is why bother posting for AD-HOC Positions and once an EAS gets that position; they
won’t be released by their higher level manager.

The door prize of $50.00 was won by Joan Meadors. The SPAC 50/50 was won by Ann Strickland. $132.00 was collected. Ann
received $66.00. $66.00 will go to SPAC.

A motion to adjourn was made by Richard Gonzalez. Second was made by Wendy Brown. Meeting ended at 8:35pm. Next meeting
will be on November 10, 2011.

Respectfully submitted,

Ann Strickland, Secretary

     Our Next Meeting is on Thursday, November 10, 2011, at the Intercontinental Hotel at 7:00 PM.

Don’t forget to check out the latest news on our branch web site which is If you want to be reminded of our
next meeting, please send Ann your email address ( and she will send you a friendly reminder of the next
        meeting. Do not send her a USPS email address please as she will not be sending anything to a USPS email address.
                            It’s easy if you just post it on your calendar to make sure you won’t forget!

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