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					Unit 1
 Can you name some festivals in China?

Spring Festival           Lantern Festival

Tomb Sweeping Day         Dragon Boat Festival

Double Seventh Festival     Teacher’s Day

Middle Autumn Festival      National Day
Double Ninth Festival       Army Day
Choose one festival and say what it
celebrates, when it celebrate, what
people do on that day. Do you know
its origin?
            Time of
Festival   Year / date What it celebrate      What people do
                                             take time off
                        the founding of      work; travel to
National   October 1    the People’s         visit family or to
  Day                   Republic of          see other parts of
                        China in 1949        China; go

                        the end of winter,   give money in red
                        arrival of spring,   paper to children;
                        Lunar New Year,      see dragon
Spring     January /                         dances; eat fish,
                        reunion with
Festival   February                          prawns and
                        family and
                        elatives             dumplings; visit
                                             family members
                                     eat Zongzi; watch
           the fifth   the memory    dragon boat races;
Dragon     day of the of the beloved throw rice wrapped in
Boat       fifth month poet Qu Yuan reed leaves into water
Festival   in lunar    who died in   in memory of Qu Yuan;
           calendar    278 BC        put herbs on doorways
                                     for good health

Tomb-      April 4, 5,   honor the   visit family graves;
sweeping   or 6          dead
Day                                  fly kites
Can you name some foreign festivals?

Christmas    April Fool’s Day

Halloween    Thanksgiving Day

  Easter      Valentine's day
Every April when the
country is covered with
cherry flowers.

                          Japanese go out with
                          their friends or families,
                          sit under the trees, sing
                          and have a picnic.

       the Cherry Blossom Festival
Parades, dancing in the
streets day and night, loud
music and colourful clothing
of all kinds. The Brazilian
Carnival is one of the best-
known celebrations.
Easter is an important
religious and social festival in
Christian countries.
It celebrates the return of
Jesus for Christians and the
coming of spring.
                    Thanksgiving Day is an
                    American traditional holiday,
                    falling on the fourth
                    Thursday in November, to
                    commemorate the harvest.

The traditional food are
roasting turkey, corn
and pumpkin pies with
The Spring Festival
How did your family celebrate the
Spring Festival?
Listening & Skimming

How many festivals are mentioned in
the passage?

                    Festivals               Countries
Festivals             Obon                 Japan
 of the          the Day of the Dead      Mexico
  dead               Halloween          Western countries
Festivals to the Dragon Boat Festival     China
  honour          Columbus Day            USA
  people      Mahatma Gandhi Day           India
 Harvest      Thanksgiving festivals    European countries
 festivals   the Mid-autumn Festival     China/Japan
                the Spring Festival        China
   Spring          Carnival             Western countries
  festivals         Easter              Western countries
              Cherry Blossom Festival      Japan
 Careful reading        Answer the questions.

1.What did people celebrate in ancient
  times three times of the year?
2.What kind of things are done to celebrate
   the Obon Festival?
3. Why does Indian have a national festival
   on October 2?
4. How do Europeans celebrate Thanksgiving
5. Name three things people do at Spring
1.What did people celebrate in ancient times
  three times of the year ?
 a. The end of The cold weather;
 b. Planting in spring and harvest in autumn;
 c. When hunters could catch animals.

2. What kind of things are done to celebrate
   the Obon Festival?
  People should go to clean the graves, light
  incense, lamps and play music.
3. Why does Indian have a national festival on
    October 2?
    To honor Ganhdi who helped gain Indian’s
    independence from Britain.
4. How do Europeans celebrate Thanksgiving
   Decorate churches and town halls with flowers
   and fruits; people get together to have meals.
5. Name three things people do at Spring
   Eat dumplings, fish, meat; give children lucky
   money; visit family members.
Read the passage again. Finish
the following activities.
Use the information from the passage to answer
the questions.
1. What are festivals of the dead usually for?
   Festivals of the dead are usually for honouring
  or satisfying dead ancestors or others, who
  some people believe might return to help or
  harm living people.
2. What makes autumn festivals happy events?
   Autumn festivals are happy events because
   people are thankful that food is ready for
   winter and the hard farm work is finished.
3. What do people usually do at spring festivals?
  At spring festivals, people usually have dances,
  carnivals and other activities to celebrate the
  end of winter and the coming of spring.
4. What is one important reason to have
   festivals and celebrations?
   We can enjoy life / be proud of our customs /
   forget our work for a little while.
5. Compare the festivals of the dead in Mexico,
   Japan and China. What things are similar?
   What things are different?
   The Chinese, Japanese and Mexican festivals
   of the dead all have customs to honour the
   dead. The Chinese and Japanese go to clean
   their ancestors’ graves, and the Mexicans
   offer food, flowers and gifts to the dead.
   However, there are some differences. The
   Mexicans eat special food that looks like
   bones, something the Chinese and Japanese
   do not do.
Free talking    What do most festivals
                seem to have in common?

     being with family and friends

     remembering events or people
         My Favourite Festival
   What is your favourite festival? Why?
   When is it?
   What is the festival about?
   How long can yu have for holiday?
   What do you usually do in the festival?
Suggested expressions

I like … festival best. It is celebrated on …
to remember/ in memory of … It usually
lasts … days. People do …
1. Finish reading tasks in workbook,
   Page 44.
2. Revise the reading passage and
   learn the important words and

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