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                                Permits to Work – Isolation OH&S (P03a)   Page 1 of 3

                       PERMITS TO WORK - Isolation OH&S (P03a)

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OH&S (P03a)                                                                      Issue 1
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                                    Permits to Work – Isolation OH&S (P03a)             Page 2 of 3

1.0     Purpose – To define the procedures to be followed when carrying out Isolation

2.0     Scope – All Isolation Activities by employees or contractors

3.0     Health & Safety

        Health & safety legislation requires that equipment is disconnected from all forms of
        energy before maintenance, repair, adjustment, or cleaning is attempted.

4.0     Activities / Instructions

        4.1 Forms of Energy
                   Electrical
                   Mechanical
                   High Pressure liquid, gas,
                   Vacuum
                   Heat / Cold
                   All isolation valves and switches must be capable of being locked in the off
                      position to prevent re-energising.
                   High-pressure systems must be depressurised before commencing work.
                   Vacuum must be released before commencing work.

        4.2      All isolation procedures must be controlled by a permit to work
        4.3      An assessment must be made of the hazards present and suitable precautions
                 identified and implemented before commencing work
        4.4      A permit to work must be issued for each activity only when all hazards have been
                 identified and all the required safety precautions are in place
        4.5      Isolation must only be carried out by suitably qualified and authorised personnel
        4.6      The permit can only be cancelled when all of the work has been completed and all
                 safety checks have been made

5.0     Identifying Hazards

        Hazards include:
            Deliberate / accidental reconnection of energy
            Stored energy (electrical, mechanical, pressure, vacuum)
            Insufficient information, instruction, supervision given to employees or

6.0     Precautions Required

               Only trained and authorised personnel may isolate equipment / installations and
                issue permits to work.
               The correct locks used and notices posted
               The Manager of the department and any other person affected by the isolation
                informed before the isolation takes place, as isolation before computer
                equipment is shut down correctly can seriously damage equipment or cause a
                loss of data.

OH&S (P03a)                                                                                    Issue 1
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                                    Permits to Work – Isolation OH&S (P03a)                 Page 3 of 3

               When isolating electrical equipment verification that the circuit is dead must be
                carried out before the permit is signed.
               Mechanical movement must be prevented by suitable clamps or locks, which
                can only be released by a key or tool.
               Flow of material / liquid or gas must be isolated by a lockable valve or the pipe
                disconnected and capped securely

7.0      Permit to work form

        7.1       An assessment must first be carried out to ascertain the:
                 Task
                 Hazards
                 Personnel
                 Precautions required

        7.2       Complete part A with details of:
                 The precise location
                 An accurate description of the work
                 A tick in the Isolation box
                 The start date and time
                 The expected finish date and time

        7.3       Complete part B inserting a tick in the relevant boxes for all the hazards listed.

        7.4       Complete part C by:
                  Inserting ticks in the relevant boxes for all the protective measures required
                 Identifying isolation points and inserting lock numbers in the appropriate boxes
                 Listing any Special Instructions / Precautions

        7.5       Complete part D only when all isolations and precautions required are in place.

                  Work may then commence.

                  Monitor precautions and system of work during task, if they are not working -
                  stop work immediately and revise work method.

        7.7 When the work has been completed and all the post work checks are complete part
            E may be completed and the area / equipment released for normal activities.

        The Safework Permit form must be completed for all these activities
        Procedures and guidance can be viewed by clicking on underlined text in the form or

OH&S (P03a)                                                                                        Issue 1

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