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M & M’s Exercise
         Observe your M&M. Get to know
         Describe the M&M in your
          journal. Get as detailed as
         Put your M&M in with the others.
         Read your journal entry.
         Choose your M&M from the
         Did you know your M&M well
          enough to get it?
Types of Characters

  Protagonist: Main Character
  Antagonist: Character or force in conflict with
   the main character
  Round Character: Multi-faceted character
  Flat Character: One sided character
  Dynamic Character: Character that changes.
  Static Character: Character that stays the
Methods of
    Appearance
    Speech
    Thoughts and Feelings
    Action
    Other People’s Reactions
              Sample Resume
                               Juliet Capulet
                               Verona, Italy
Objective:     To marry Romeo and have a peaceful life despite our feuding families.
Appearance:    Thirteen year old, lovely girl from a wealthy family.
Speech:        Poetic, Iambic pentameter. Philosophic. “What’s in a name? That which
               we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
Action:        Rash: She wants to marry Romeo hours after they meet.
               Daring: She is willing to drink a potion that causes the appearance of death.
               In Love: She adores Romeo.
Thoughts &
Feelings:      She gives her thoughts aloud in monologues. She fears that Friar Lawrence
               may be poisoning her. She can’t wait to see Romeo. She mourns his
Reactions:     Romeo says she’s beautiful. He loves her above all others.
               Her nurse and mother think she should marry Paris.
               Her father thinks she’s impertinent.
               Paris wants to marry her.
Write a Character Resume

  Write a character resume about yourself.
  Choose one of the characters from the
   stories we have read and create a
   character resume of that character.

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