PGW Inbound Container Procedure for International Business Partners by wanghonghx


									                 International Business Partners Procedures for
                           Container Shipping to PGW

PGW requests that all International Business Partners shipping containers to PGW follow the procedure
below. This will allow PGW to maintain the safety and security of our Supply Chain.

   1. Conduct the 7 point inspection of the empty container (Front wall, left side, right side, floor,
       ceiling/roof, inside/outside doors, outside/undercarriage.)
   2. Complete and sign the Container Inspection Checklist which should be included with the
       paperwork provided to PGW and our Import Broker.
   3. Load the container with product and verify that the contents match the product and quantities
       listed on the purchase order provided by PGW.
   4. Verify the integrity of the High Security Seal. Seal must meet or exceed current PAS/ISO 17712
       standards for High Security Seals.
   5. Document the seal number on the Bill of Lading.
   6. Affix the seal to the container.
   7. Verify that the seal is secure by tugging on it.
   8. If the seal is compromised en-route to the port, immediately notify your local Customs office
       along with .

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