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									Online MLM Success Training
Achieving online MLM success is not hard if you only how to do it. The problem is that most MLM
businesses are still focused on the off line strategies such as trying to recruit your warm market.
While that strategy may work for some for most Network Marketers, that strategy is not working. If
you do not have large sphere of influence you will not be successful using that strategy.
The Internet will open up a whole other dimension to your prospecting and can greatly enhance your
chances to online MLM success.
That is what I want to talk to you about in this article.
First there are some basics that you have to understand in order to market effectively online.
1. You can not just pitch your idea
2. You need to have a system you can duplicate for your downline
Let's deal with number one, pitching your business online. You must understand that your MLM
business is unique in that you will have to educate people about it, and you must also understand that
people will either join your business or not based on YOU. Yes the most important ingredient is you.
This is because people will do business with someone they know like and trust. Can they trust you to
help them achieve success in this MLM business, if so why?
You see you are not just selling a business; you are in fact offering your prospects a business
partnership. You will be business partners. If you can understand that and you make that part of your
online MLM success strategy, you will do very well in your online marketing.
Just pitching you business like all the other Network marketers are doing is not going to lead to online
MLM success. Trust me on that! Every network marketer thinks they have the best business
opportunity in the world and it seems that they all shout it out at the first opportunity they get, and it
comes across as amateurish, needy and even annoying. It is like some people have giant billboard
hanging around their neck.
This is because most network marketers are simply not being trained by their upline in online MLM
marketing, so they are out there left to fend for themselves.
It is a process and you must first build a relationship, then down the road you can see if your
prospects are interested.
The second component and probably the most important, is finding a way for your downline to
duplicate your success online. This is a challenge in so many ways, because everyone is not at the
some skill level as far as being internet savvy. To a lot of people the Internet is still somewhat
unfamiliar territory, so in order for you to duplicate your efforts you will need to develop a system that
is easy for them to understand and easy to duplicate the strategies that you use.
The good news is that there are a few systems that take care of both the Internet Marketing side and
the duplication side. They normally charge you a monthly fee, for which you get access to up to date
Internet training, generic marketing websites and generic sales pages.
To achieve Online MLM success you should really consider using such an "Online MLM Marketing
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