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									Interactive Read Aloud
1st Nine Weeks - 2nd Row

5-1.6 Analyze the details that support the expression of the main idea in a given literary text.
5-2.1 Summarize the central idea and supporting evidence of a given informational text.

5-1.4 Compare the economic and social effects of Reconstruction on different populations, including the move
from farms to factories and the change from the plantation system to sharecropping.
5-1.5 Explain the purpose and motivations behind the rise of discriminatory laws and groups and their
effect on the rights and opportunities of African Americans in different regions of the United States.
5-2.1 Explain how aspects of the natural environment—including the principal mountain ranges and rivers,
terrain, vegetation, and climate of the region—affected travel to the West and thus the settlement of that
5-2.2 Illustrate the effects of settlement on the environment of the West, including changes in the physical and
human systems.
5-2.3 Summarize how railroads affected development of the West, including their ease and inexpensiveness
for travelers and their impact on trade and the natural environment.

Book: Fly High: The Story of Bessie Coleman by: Louise Borden and Mary Kay Kroeger
Book Introduction: Today we will read and interesting type of biography about the first African American
female pilot Bessie Coleman. This biography is interesting because it is written as a series of poems that tells
us about major points in Bessie’s life. We will read the section that tells us about Bessie’s adult life.

Day 1 Questions:
Interactive Read Aloud Questions      Correlation to Standard                Testing as a Genre Item
 We will start reading about Bessie   5-2.1 Summarize the central idea       Based on the passage, (we read
where she has moved from her          and supporting evidence of a           together) what would be the most
childhood home in Texas to            given informational text.              appropriate title for that section?
Chicago so she can earn a decent      5-1.1 Analyze literary texts to            a. Bessie Coleman:
living and be somebody. She has a     draw conclusions and make                     America’s Favorite Pilot
job as a manicurist in Duncan’s       inferences.                                b. Bessie Coleman: From
Barbershop and starts to think                                                      Manicurist to Inspiring
about learning to fly.                                                              Pilot
                                                                                 c. Bessie Coleman Loves
Read “In the fall of 1919…” (Mid-                                                   Shopping and Flying in
book) to the end of “Off to                                                         France
France…”                                                                         d. Bessie Coleman: Stunt
We usually think of America as
the land of opportunity. At this                                             Test Strategy: Questions that ask
point in our story what would                                                you to locate the title or main idea
Bessie think of this statement?                                              usually require you to pick a broad
What details would support                                                   answer. This makes some answer
Bessie’s thinking?                                                           choices partially correct, but not
Turn and Talk                                                                big enough to give the whole
Let’s think of all of the reasons
you just provided. Which of these                                            5-2.1 Summarize the central idea
might have also been true for                                                and supporting evidence of a
white woman in 1919?                                                         given informational text.
Now let’s think about the
statement and how an African
American male would react?
On the next two pages we’ll learn      5-2.1 Summarize the central idea
how Bessie got ready for her trip      and supporting evidence of a
to France.                             given informational text.

Read “To make better wages…” to
the end of “On a November

The writer included many details
that were interesting. Of those
what 4 details did you hear that
would support this main idea:
“Bessie has many things to do
before she is ready to get to France
to learn to fly”?
Turn and Talk

Why might the author have
included the other details about her
nieces and nephews?
Reflect back over everything we      5-1.4 Analyze literary texts to
read today. What character trait     distinguish between direct and
does Bessie possess that will make indirect characterization.
her somebody?

Provide examples from the story to
support your character trait.
Turn and Talk
Read “June 15, 1921…” to the       5-1.1 Analyze literary texts to
end of “In Texas, Tennessee, and   draw conclusions and make
New York…”                         inferences.

Are there any parts in what I read
that make you feel Bessie is only
concerned about showing off her
accomplishments and getting
Are there parts that show she had a
real desire to help other people?
Explain why it fits in that
Turn back to “In the Fall of…”      5-1.10 Predict events in literary
and flip through the illustrations  texts on the basis of cause and
again.                              effect relationships.

If Martin Luther King had lived at
the time of Bessie, what parts of
Bessie’s life might have been
How would King’s influence have
changed things?
Turn and Talk
Give examples to support your
(Examples: Not having to work in
a segregated setting, flew a plane
sooner, would have been accepted
and not stereotyped – treated as
she was in France, she would have
had a broader influence, etc.)
Make book available to students
who wish to know about Bessie’s
early life and her later years.

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