Letter to Council by nashmusic


									                                                           Eddie Garcia
                                                          PO Box 120235
                                                        NASHVLLE TN 37212

March 2, 2012

To: Lawrence Massachusetts : City Council (Sent Via Cerified US MAIL)

Frank Moran                         Dan Rivera                          Richard Nunes
38 Dartmouth Street                 12 Jefferson Street                 200 Common Street
Lawrence, MA 01841                  Lawrence, MA 01843                  Lawrence, MA 01840

Roger Twomey                        Sandy Almonte                       US Attorney Carmen Ortiz
17 Leeds Terrace                    33 Woodland Street                  John J. Moakley US Courthouse
Lawrence, Ma 01843                  Lawrence, Ma 01841-2940             One Courthouse Way, Ste. 9200
                                                                        Boston, Ma 02210

Estela Reyes**                      Kendrys Vasquez**                   FBI                        Willy Lantigua
200 Common Street                   200 Common Street                   One Center Plaza           86 Boxford Street
Lawrence Ma 01840                   Lawrence Ma 01840                   Boston, MA 02108           Lawrence Ma 01843-2306

Oneida Aquino                       Eileen O’Connor Bernal              Marc Laplante
332 Broadway Street                 257 Mount Vernon Street             29 Durso Avenue
Lawrence, MA 01841                  Lawrence, MA 01843                  Lawrence Ma 01843

NOTE: Reyes and Vasquez FAILED to list a residential address on the city hall website

Re: William Lantigua and His Destruction of the City of Lawrence, Ma.

Dear Councilmembers:

For the record, the contents of this envelope and letter have been videotaped and witnessed by (2) people
(one of whom is a police officer) to ensure the recipient of the envelope does not lie about or fabricate
anything malicious about the letter being sent via US mail.

By now you have without a DOUBT come to know my name, Eddie Garcia. I grew up in our fair city. At one
time, this city was proud and had immigrants and natural born American citizens who cared about Lawrence
and dedicated their lives to keeping this great city prosperous and honest. I still believe that those (we)
citizens still care about Lawrence, but with people like Lantigua, they are in fear of being beat up, getting
unwarranted and illegal police attention or being taken away like the tyrants in 3rd world or Communist
countries do to their citizens.

With Willy Lantigua and his cronies taking the wheel, Lawrence has become a haven of crime, corruption, and
a multitude of questions regarding our laws and ethical obligations. Willy Lantigua has destroyed Lawrence
and all the generations of previous immigrants who cast tears, blood and sweat to put Lawrence, Ma on the
map as a sacred and honest city in the United States of America are in grave dismay at Willy’s third world
acts and disgraceful actions in Lawrence, Ma.
Each of you, who were elected, via legal or questionable means, has a duty to the law-abiding citizens of
Lawrence, Ma to uphold our laws. If you fail to do so and turn a blind eye, I, as a son of Lawrence Ma, will
spend whatever amount of money it needs to put you out of office or in jail if you partake in any illegal
action, voter registration, actual vote or motion that will further destroy Lawrence Ma. This applies to elected
officials or city employees.

Willy Lantigua has exploited Lawrence and has put our city on a course toward destruction and hell!

Jay Atkinson couldn’t have said or written it better than he did in his article. Lantigua has brought Tenares,
Dominican Republic and all its corruption and turmoil to a city in the United States of America and it is
shameful and a disgrace. To every person of Dominican Republic or Hispanic ethnicity, if YOU have any
degree of decency, YOU would LOUDLY denounce Willy Lantigua as a coward, as a disgrace and as a cheat.
We will welcome you in our country but live honestly and live by OUR laws.

We cannot condone that illicit activity or its cancer on a city in the United States of America.

So whether you were born in the USA or not, as a councilmember, ARE YOU WILLING to stand up for
the USA and say that our country comes first? Are you willing and capable of denouncing Willy
Lantigua in public?

Or are you siding with Willy Lantigua and his corrupt political ways and standard “MO” in the Dominican
Republic and endangering our US soil requiring the FBI and Homeland Security to investigate you and him for
threatening our national security. I will NOT hesitate to contact every former colleague in the US government
to investigate any illicit or illegal act in the city of Lawrence, Ma., that I PROMISE!

Since I don’t live in Lawrence, I don’t fear your antics or calling corrupt police officers or higher ups to pull
license plates or where we live or force city employees to trace license plates or give citations for garbage
cans or whatever it is that Lantigua tells his minions to do to scare and intimidate people.

You can answer me at the address below or write to the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune to Ms. Putnam at
gputnam@eagletribune.com. You could also post a comment on www.lantiguaformayor.info at your earliest
convenience for the English-speaking world to see.

Thanks for your cooperation and if you don’t or haven’t cooperated, trust that I will spend my money to
exposé you in your next election for city council or higher office. The media in the Lawrence, Ma “MSA” is not
that expensive. The citizens and voters of Lawrence, Ma. need to know NOW where you stand on protecting
Lawrence or are you protecting Willy Lantigua and his devious ways?


Eddie Garcia

Cc: Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, CNN, Boston Globe, USATODAY, New York Times,

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